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One Conference You Can’t Afford To Miss

I’m so stoked to announce registration is open for our Next-Level Leadership Live Event May 2-4 2016! Let me show you how to regain the excitement of running your business and leading your team, overcome people drama, and become a leader that ignites your team to produce more and take ownership of their responsibilities. Click […]

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How To Dramatically Transform Your Leadership in 3 Days

  Look, I absolutely get it. You started your business or took on a leadership role because you wanted the RESULTS of having a business and leading. Results like: Making good money so you can do what you want in life (i.e. provide for your family, live in a nice house, take vacations when you […]

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5 “Can’t Ignore” Keys To Business Growth

If you’ve run a business for more than a day, you know growing a company involves more than selling stuff.  Fast forward a year or two later when you’ve added team members, and you definitely know it involves more than that!  Hello, people drama. Hello, your to-do list that looks more like a book manuscript. […]

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