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  • Finding the Life & Business You Really Want

    Finding the Life & Business You Really Want

Do The Work – Start Your Business

Do you want to start a business? Are you currently trying to start a business? If you are wanting to be an entrepreneur…fear will be whispering in your ear. “I’m afraid of getting clients.” “I’m afraid of getting started.” The list of whispers is endless. I hear this a lot from entrepreneurs that I work […]

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How To Develop A Company Vision

Subscribe to the podcast: You probably know that if your team doesn’t know where there are going…they lose interest. They get bored. Where there is no vision the people start to fall apart. It’s your job as the leader to set that vision. If your not the one setting the vision then it’s your job […]

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How To Have A Transparent Team

Subscribe to the podcast:   Do you want to create champions on your team? It starts with you and it starts with honesty and transparency. Most folks either think their team is very transparent of not transparent at all. I unpack some of the truth around having open and honest teams and why this is […]

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