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  • Finding the Life & Business You Really Want

    Finding the Life & Business You Really Want

Forgiving Yourself and Living Under Grace

Forgiving yourself is hard. I imagine that most of us have a hard time doing it. Sometimes it’s just easier to accept the forgiveness of other people and never deal with our own emotions and feelings. It just doesn’t feel “right” to forgive ourself. [cue LifePlan] On today’s show Keith joins us and talks about […]

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Culture: How To Lead Change

How do you lead change when the folks around you are tuff to lead or work with? How do you influence company culture when the leadership doesn’t value it? That’s the topic of The Chris LoCurto Show today. If you are in a company where the culture is less than ideal…this resource is for you. […]

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How Do You Handle Criticism?

Chances are there is a ton of criticism in your life. Todays show is especially on how to handle that criticism. And I try some great coffee from Dillanos: Monserrate. Use Coupon Code: CLOTRIBE for 15% off your next order. Coffee from today’s show: MONSERRATE 12 OZ.

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