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Dealing with Burnout, Surviving a Lousy Leader and Growth

Subscribe in iTunes  “Tuck your cape back in your pants, you’re not superman.” We’re PUMPED about starting Live Call-in Q&A for #AskChris on the podcast! Welcome to the first episode. We have a great episode for you today folks… We have three fantastic podcast listeners that bring questions I get asked all the time. We get straight to […]

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What is Really Holding You Back?

Subscribe in iTunes “All I got to do is work hard and then everything’s going to show up, right? Then it doesn’t.” Be honest…how many “life hacks” are you trying implement this week? How many lists, habits and resources do you invest in monthly? Timeout.  There are plenty of tools out there to fix “the problem” […]

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5 Strategies the Strongest Decision Makers Use Every Day

Subscribe in iTunes “Many people, and you see this a lot with the younger folks, have not been trained to think for themselves. Listen! I’m calling out my own generation too.” We are launching a live Q&A show!! You get to call in and have a conversation with me, so if you have questions that you want […]

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