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  • Finding the Life & Business You Really Want

    Finding the Life & Business You Really Want

Stop Worrying About Other People’s Opinions

So today we are talking about something that comes up quite a bit in our LifePlan sessions – Worrying about other people’s opinions. Are you looking to other people for affirmation and approval? Are you finding your self worth in this? A lot of folks are and it can be crippling to your life. I constantly […]

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Your Go-To Marketing Strategy for the Holidays

Hey Folks! It’s Joel Fortner from the Chris LoCurto Team taking over the mic for today’s podcast. On this episode we are talking about your marketing strategy for the holidays…and beyond. There is a framework that I teach people about marketing that allows you to have a consistent and steady flow of customers all year […]

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Question and Answer – Team Members Calling In Sick

We’ve got a fun topic for today’s show: How do you handle employees who keep calling in sick? This listener question came to us from Bill who is a manager of about 15 folks. Here’s his situation: “…about every 2 weeks an employee is consistently calling out sick, at what point do I say “that’s it, […]

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