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4 Examples Of Everyday Leadership In Action

Listen Now: You can Subscribe in iTunes ! Your growth as a leader starts right now, and requires you to show up everyday.  Today we are talking about how leaders are dealing with mistakes from team members, failure, personality styles, and values every day.  We have three VERY special guests on the show today. Our clients and […]

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The Confident Leader FREE Video Series!

Leaders NEVER have a lack of stuff on their plate…It’s easy to become stretched too thin, frustrated with communication, and overwhelmed by tasks. I know how hard it can be to lead a team to success. Learn how to build a stronger, more successful team. For FREE. Get access to our new Confident Leader Free Video […]

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A Huge Life Change Takes Perspective, Not Magic

Listen Now: You can Subscribe in iTunes ! Can people change? People weigh in on this topic in everyday conversation, and so many conclude people can’t… To grow, to have a stronger life, change must happen. It is absolutely up to you to change yourself if you want a better, stronger life. It’s not easy. Getting great […]

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