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You Had a Personal Breakthrough, Now What?

Subscribe on iTunes It’s important to understand why you do what you do. You must have vision to see the direction you’re going. But what do you do after you breakthrough and see it, and find yourself in the same job, with the same people…? Today’s podcast guest called in and shared: “Leading up to that point […]

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How to Lead in a Change-Resistant Culture

Subscribe on iTunes “You’re going to have to come up with their ideas.” Ever felt like fixing bad culture in a business is an uphill, almost impossible, battle? It is when there are cynics and naysayers resisting change. I was talking with Jim Collins years ago, and his definition of a cynic is… A hopeful person who’s tired of being let […]

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5 Steps to Become The Strongest Leader for Your Team

  “If people don’t know where they’re going, they only give you half of their productivity. When they don’t know what the business is doing, they come in and do their “j-o-b” with no desire to grow or learn more.” We have two incredible interviews on the show today! These leaders have called in with […]

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