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  • Finding the Life & Business You Really Want

    Finding the Life & Business You Really Want

10 Warning Signs of Toxic People

I see it everyday…great people that are allowing a toxic person to control them, abuse them,  and manipulate them. This is serious folks. Reality is that quite a few people listening to the podcast and reading this are either in a toxic relationship or are actually toxic themselves. So while we’re on the subject of […]

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Leadership, Org Charts, and Expanding Your Business | AskChris

Today we have a couple of AskChris questions from Brian and Jay. If you have a question you want me to answer on the show go to /askChris. Leadership is often misunderstood. A title doesn’t make you a leader and “title-leadership” can destroy a company. Brian called in to tell us about a big leadership […]

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8 Ways to Avoid Burnout

  Have you ever discovered that you’re burnt out from work? From life? Well…where is that coming from? Is it because you’ve been overworked for too long? Maybe you’ve been overstressed for too long? (Keep in mind this could be work stress, family stress, and relationship stress.) In order to avoid burnout there’s a few […]

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