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How to Make Strong Decisions As A Leadership Team

Listen Now: You can Subscribe in iTunes ! The conversations and habits that could be holding your leadership team, and business back. On today’s show, we are discussing how to make quality decisions as a leadership team, and move past the #1 thing that holds leadership teams back from perspective. The #1 thing that holds leadership teams back, […]

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5 Ways To Lead Yourself Better

Are you a leader at work, in your family, or in your social circles? If you are, you may have learned that to lead others well, the person you must know the best is yourself. John Maxwell calls it the Mirror Principle because if your self-perception is wrong or distorted, your efforts and decisions will […]

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The Proven Process To Begin Controlling Your Time And Balancing Your Life

Do you feel stuck in your leadership, and spread too thin? Let me tell you a story about my friend Magnus. When Magnus was promoted to Vice President of his company, he basically didn’t know what to do from 8am to 5pm. He lacked direction in his new leadership role, and didn’t know how to […]

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