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Chris LoCurto


June 6, 2017

2 Critical Steps To Ditch Your Bad Habits

2 Critical Steps to Ditch Your Bad Habits

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Ditch your bad habits and learn from your past.

One of the best ways to make stronger decisions for your future is by learning from your past.

When I lead someone through Next-Level Life, we spend several hours going over Core Impacts in their life to see how they got to where they are today.

Core Impacts are key events from your past that help you gain perspective on where you’re at and where you’re going. Core Impact isn’t just a continuation of an event, it’s something that changed the direction of your life.

When we make decisions based on habits of the past, we lose out on some of the great moments or greatest changes in our lives.

Learn your Core Impacts, gain perspective on your past, and ditch your bad habits. Listen here:


Root System

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Question: How have you changed your bad habits?

What force-of-habit thinking is holding you back? If you want to dig deeper and gain perspective on your life and discover how to move past your Core Impacts and have a stronger life, click here: Next-Level Life.

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