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February 7, 2017

A Huge Life Change Takes Perspective, Not Magic

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Can people change?

People weigh in on this topic in everyday conversation, and so many conclude people can’t… To grow, to have a stronger life, change must happen. It is absolutely up to you to change yourself if you want a better, stronger life.

It’s not easy. Getting great perspective on life isn’t easy either.

So many friends and family member have well meaning advice…but true perspective is what allows people to change. It is what brings freedom. Our guest today shares how she worked past her habits and feeling like she was never going to get it right. Here’s how to gain phenomenal perspective on challenges in life, and learn what is keeping you from her authentic self. Listen here:

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Was there any nervousness coming in?

I had a huge bundle of nerves coming into my Next-Level Life event. I was absolutely afraid of judgement, afraid of what was going to come out of it, am I going to be told that I’m doing everything wrong? As soon as I walked in the door I could not have felt more welcome, more at ease. immediately all the nerves went away. I experience absolutely no judgement – I felt free to share things I have never shared before with anyone in my life. It was so freeing to put everything out on the table.

I felt completely safe. That is the perfect word for it. I feel like I could share absolutely anything and we could look at the why. I felt like it was better than home.

What have you discovered when looking at other people after your Next-Level Life event?

As I’ve been launched into my Next-Level Life, it’s been entirely different. I’ve had huge life challenges come my way. I could feel my old habits there, they didn’t go away, but I was able to stop and assess the situation and really think about why was I feeling this way. Sometimes all it takes is two seconds to look at what’s going on, and it changes the outcome drastically. I feel like every day I get closer to that authentic version of me.

There is the authentic version of us, and then the one that we put on for others – the one that lives believing lies about us and others.

I was an “I” person going into the event, everything was focused around me. My focus has completely changed. Coming out of the process, I start every day a completely different way. The action plan I have has made a change in how I approach things … I can manage things now, because I’m not focused on me all the time – I’m changing the way I live my life.

What were the biggest revelations?

An hour into my event….we had the salvation conversation. It tied into every other piece of my event: truths, lies, my focus in life…all of it.

When tough times happened before, how did you respond? How do you respond to tough times now?

Before, I had a terrible habit of folding into myself. When tough times happened I thought that the world was against me, my problem solving was useless, I wasted huge amounts of time feeling bad about myself, I felt like I was never going to get it right…

Afterwards it is an absolute 180. When the tough times come, I actually hold onto that joy that I experienced during the event. The challenge in front of me is just that, a challenge. I can overcome, and I will be stronger for it. That has been my experience since my event.

“Life is not hard stuff and you get happy in between, life is joy and celebration, and having a focus. The challenges are just part of the trip.”

Facing things that are negative about yourself are never easy. I’m a high I (DISC Profile) so I’m scared of judgement, it was tough to take a look at the things I’m doing. It was hard to see how selfish I was being. If you had asked me that, I would never have seen it but realizing that, now I can change it.

There’s nothing in life that compares to being able to change.

It’s so easy to look at someone and say, “look, there’s so selfish…” and judge them. That selfishness is just what we call the “surface-level response.” Many many many times it is an act of protection. Being selfish is an act of trying to find worth, feel better about you because of things that have happened in your past. We’re all selfish at times, we all choose to be selfish and have selfish tendencies. It’s important to look at why we behave that way. 

How did you discover where you were getting your worth?

I was 100% getting my worth from other people. I would look to someone else to tell me I was okay, I needed someone else to tell me I was “good” to feel “good.” During the event, I found my worth is in God and I found that God loves me. I don’t need to find worth in anyone else. That shift has made the biggest difference in my life.

What is the most empowering thing you learned?

It was at the very very end, you sate me down and said, “so we’ve laid out this plan, what is going to get in your way?” I thought and thought, and the only thing that is going to keep me from my authentic self and all we discovered…is me. That in itself is empowering, that no one else has control over what happens in my life.

I’m the only thing in my way, I CAN do anything.

We look at suffering as a bad thing. We think that if we suffer, we need to get out of it as soon as possible…How do you see suffering now?

I didn’t like it, I wanted life to be roses and rainbows. I’ve gone through challenging things and now I’m so grateful for them. I anticipate going through more, I want to become that richer, deeper, more experienced person.

Life is short. Why would you want to live it in a way where you know you can be better? Take the next step. I wouldn’t want to hold off one more minute thinking about the way I was living then compared to living now.

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