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Chris LoCurto


January 2, 2012

A Resolution Of A Different Kind

January 2, 2012 | By | 38 Comments">38 Comments

IT’S 2012!!!! And it’s already time again to make resolutions … if you do that sort of thing. Dang, the years are flying by! If you haven’t noticed it, then you must be like 10 years old. The older we get, the shorter the years seem to get.

We have a tradition here at Dave Ramsey‘s office during Christmas. We take the last devotional before the holiday and have team members randomly get up and share holiday traditions, good or bad, as well as what they are thankful for. Believe me, we went from laughing our tails off to crying and back again.

There were stories of interesting relatives who celebrate Christmas Eve in a funeral home—there’s a lot more to that story—to families missing their loved ones in the military who won’t make it home this year to share the holiday. There were tales of long trips in the car with rambunctious kids to praying for family members in the hospital.

One that really spoke to me was from one of our younger team members, Luke LeFevre. He talked about how precious time is and even quoted Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  “The nights are long but the years are short.” And then, Richard Speight stood up. Richard is 70 and has had an amazing life—one that has been filled with both love and trials. Richard is always happy to share his trials in hopes that they will help someone.

Richard said he didn’t know if everyone really understood what Luke was saying. The years are short. And when you get to be his age, you understand just how short they are. Now, looking back on his life, he’s come to know what is important and what really isn’t.

There are certain things that he spent so much time trying to attain, he said, when he should have spent more time focusing on loving his family well. The things that seemed so important when he was young really don’t matter. Later in life, you realize you didn’t spend enough time doing the things that really count.

So that’s what I want you to think about for a resolution. Yes, I want you to get your finances in order. Yes, I want you to get super healthy and take better care of yourself. But I also want you to take a hard look at the brass ring you’re reaching for. Thirty years from now, will it have mattered; or will you be staring at it wishing you could trade it for the brass rings you already had but didn’t know it? Just a thought.

Question: What’s your resolution for this year?


  • Laura Johnson

    My resolution for this year has a little something to do with completely changing my life:
    My goal is to find a job where I can learn/grow, make a difference, and support my family. Also, I am focusing on strengthening greater and prioritizing my marriage more than I ever have before. And most importantly, growing intimately in my relationship with Christ–the value of salvation/forgiveness is often not fully understood. Oh, and I’m hoping to finish a book I’m working on.
    Thanks for the inspiring post :)

  • Misty Gilbert

    I normally take the last week of the year and spend some time in reflections on my “resolutions” for the current year, what I achieved, what I didn’t achieve, what I want to change and how I plan to do that. This year because of industry changes in my field, I have been on overload and not done that to the degree I normally do. I don’t even have my 2012 Resolutions posted yet. However, I will share what this years theme is to be:

    theme: renew
    ~ my focus to aspire to lead a quiet life
    ~ my strength physically and overall health
    ~ an even greater dedicated purpose in serving the Lord and study of His Word
    ~ my mission to not work 6 days a week
    ~ learn more about myself and make needed improvements that flow with being renewed

    What is your’s Chris?

  • Loren Pinilis

    This is a great point. Think of the long, long term. Not just the enjoyment of our family – but the legacy we will leave to them. And even past that, how our Christ-driven efforts can change eternity.

    • Chris LoCurto

      Preach it!

  • ginasmom

    This post is very timely!
    I’ve gone back to the drawing table, due to a couple changes/thoughts in the last two weeks or so (nothing bad though), and partly due to wanting to focus even more on the important stuff in life (family). It’s so unlike me to be two days…gulp! 2 days into the new year, and not have all this completed, notarized, and locked up safely away. But i’ve decided to give my self some grace and not be too harsh on myself, so thats probably the only resolution that’s ready. Back to the drawing table!

    • Chris LoCurto

      Great resolution. Who says it has to be done by the 1st? It’s your life, just have a plan, and I know you will.

    • Misty Gilbert

      I am with you ginasmom! I normally have all this in place by the 1st…not a chance of it this year!

      • ginasmom

        Do you think it has anything to do with being a leap year? J Don’t stress though, I’m sure we’ll get it done!

        • Misty Gilbert

          hmmmm, hadn’t thought of that one! Maybe we just need to take a leap!!! LOL! I’m working on it…I enjoy the process, it just seems a little more complicated this year for me. I agree, no stress though.

  • http://www.SevenPillarsOfSuccess.Net Louise Thaxton

    I am like the world’s champion New Year’s Resolution maker – this year I decided to focus on three words instead – #1 – Margin – #2 Discipline #3 Write – and those words will direct me through my goals. And it is because I felt my days were slipping away too fast that I needed “margin” in my life. Happy New Year’s to you and all your terrific followers!

  • Kreitinger_trainer

    I will set goals instead of resolutions. One of the goals for this year is to post to my blog weekly and provide meaningful and inspiring content on leadership, living debt-free, making informed choices in parenting, seeking purpose at work and living the life God has called us to live. It’s a tall order, but I think it’s doable.

    • Chris LoCurto

      It absolutely is!! If you check your goals on a consistent basis, you’ll make it happen.

  • Chris

    Sometime in the future, you will have to share Richard Speight’s story in detail.

    As for resolutions, we’re more into creating a plan. Resolutions sound temporary and I’ve been burned out on the word goals for years. A plan just feels so much more thought out. So we’re putting finishing touches on our long term, intermediate and short term plans with the action steps we believe will make the plans come to fruition.

    • Chris LoCurto

      BAM! That’s the way to do it!

  • Joel Fortner

    We’re fine tuning goals today! I owe you a report later. :)

    • Chris LoCurto

      Haha…the report later needs to be a goal. :-)

  • Jen McDonough

    Bravo Chris!!
    My brass rings I am reaching for are many.
    I will lose 61 pounds by 12/31/11. I will have my 2nd book published by this summer. I will become a good/great speaker by giving 10 presentations at least and leading at least 2 classes by 12/31/11. We are striving to become debt free and hope to hit paying off our 2nd mortgage by 12/31/11 (will put us around the $170-$180 mark of paying of debt in a little over 3 1/2 years).
    Most importantly, like training for my Ironman event, this will be done with not only God leading me each day, but WITH my family. It is easy to do think if I just wait until tomorrow to finish this THEN I will focus on my family. Nope, now this gal, I am finding ways much like training to include my kids and husband on this great endeavor. It means my progress may be slowed down a bit in getting there, but more importantly it will be much more enriching for all of my family when we get to the finish line.
    Live beyond awesome and thanks for posting!!

    • Chris LoCurto

      GOOD…NIGHT!!! I love it Jen!!! This is awesome!!

    • Misty Gilbert

      Keep us posted Jen McDonough on your process so we may strengthen and encourage you!

  • Scott Maderer

    This really hits home, it also ties into the interview John conducted on the EntreeLeadership podcast with Simon Sinek, about starting with the WHY. I think if you start with the why it helps you not go off track into the What’s that derail us so often. WHY do you want the job? If the why is “more money for more stuff” that isn’t what I’d call a meaningful why. But if the why is “to provide for my family, without sacrificing time with my family” now that’s a why I can live with.


    • Chris LoCurto

      Amen Scott. Good stuff!!

  • Bob

    Ah, and don’t forget that this is a short year, the world is scheduled to end this time on December 21, 2012.

    • Chris LoCurto

      HAHAHA!!!! Oh yeah. ☺

  • Bob

    Are we getting old Chris?

    Yeah, like the year my dad bought a Christmas tree that was too tall for the front room… he sawed the top two feet or so off to make it fit :).

    I am not sure if they are a resolution, a goal, or just something I want to do… I’ll just say I plan to do them, how about that? I am going to be taking two classes, and I plan to (or at least try to) pass the certifications associated with them. They are hard and a bit pricey certifications, and I might not pass on the first try…

    • Chris LoCurto

      Hahaha…I’m so not getting old Bob! ;-) What are the steps you need to take to insure you pass those two tests?

      • Bob

        Well, taking the classes is the first step then some study on my own a bit. Then take the test and see what is there. With a bit of luck I will pass on the first try. Nothing is 100% with this kind of test, I could study for a year and still fail it two or three times. Sometimes it just comes down the the mix of the radom questions.

  • Adam

    I would like to be a healthier and better me.

    • Chris LoCurto

      Excellent Adam. What would it take to make that happen? What are the monthly/weekly/daily steps?

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    On a lighter side, I would love to finish atleast 2 half marathons this year. (With 4 as the cap)

    Also, I intend to write techicles articles/ research publication in our professional journal. (Atleast 2 this year)

    Achieving this would be great (atleast in my view)

    • Chris LoCurto

      You can! What are the steps necessary?

      • Uma Maheswaran S

        Chris! I need to be more consistent at running early in the morning everyday. (In my experience, I struggle to maintain this consistency). I am developing the discipline to run daily and stick to it.
        Secondly, I need to focus my writing towards publishing a reasearch article. Often, when I sit to write, my mind wanders like a vagabond/ nomad. Now, I need to concentrate and narrow down towards achieving my goal.
        I think these seps will do the magic for me.

        Subject: [closblog] Re: A Resolution Of A Different Kind

        • Chris LoCurto

          BAH!!! I understand the mind wandering thing!

  • Marc Pekny

    I, too, will give the goal setting vs “resolutions” a try for both personal and professional items. As much as I dislike metrics at work, setting up some that actually mean something should help.

    The days vs years going by so fast hit me between the eyes a few months ago when my oldes child turned 10. Where did THAT time go?


    • Chris LoCurto

      Isn’t it crazy? It really makes you reflect on what’s important.

      • Marcpekny


        Merry Christmas and Happy new year. I look forward to the EntreLeadership podcasts!! Thank you for doing them.

        • Chris LoCurto

          It’s my pleasure. I’m stoked people are getting so much out of them!!

  • Leighton Hart

    That’s so good. I definitely don’t want to look back and see that I’ve chased the wrong things or failed to see the gifts around me.

    I spent some time thinking about this stuff this morning. I didn’t do resolutions this year…I came up short in all the stuff I resolved to do last year. But I think I can see dramatic results in my writing if I commit to giving it the time, so I simply decided to write more this year.

    Not sure if that’s a resolution or just a decision.

    • Chris LoCurto

      I think it’s both Leighton. Now just put some specific measurable goals with it and you will rock it!