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Every week, I share my insights on business, leadership and life through blog posts, the podcast and video lessons. Some of the top posts of all time are:

My Official Bio:

Formerly one of Dave Ramsey’s key leaders over 12 years, Chris served as the Vice President. Together, Chris and Dave developed and built EntreLeadership from their shared experiences.

Through their close relationship and Dave’s personal council, Chris has not only become an expert in teaching the EntreLeadership principles, but has lived and implemented them daily.

Chris is an accomplished speaker and has traveled extensively throughout the United States sharing his leadership principles and keys to business development. In addition to this, he was a mainstay at every EntreLeadership conference, providing business counseling to anyone wishing to tap into his vast skills. EntreLeadership attendees walked away with a sense of control and confidence after meeting with Chris.

Chris has now taken over 12 years of experience and is working with entrepreneurs and businesses one-on-one to help them grow in all areas though Business Coaching, Strategic Planning and Next-Level Life events. He also hosts The Chris LoCurto show (available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and SoundCloud) and teaches video lessons on a wide range of business topics at CLo.TV.

His personal passion is continuous improvement – personally and professionally – in any endeavor. He is a Formula Race Car driver and skier. A native of Lake Tahoe, California, Chris now makes his home in the rolling hills of Nashville, Tennessee.