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Chris LoCurto


May 26, 2015

Start Living and Turn Your Hobby Into A Business with Cliff Ravenscraft

LifePlan part2 (1)

Our guest today is Cliff Ravenscraft…The Podcast Answer Man!

In 2005 Cliff started podcasting about the TV show Lost and has been on a huge growth trajectory ever since.

He shares with us how he turned his passion into a business and how he took the scary leap into entrepreneurism.

Here’s what all we cover:

  • How Cliff got into Podcasting
  • How he uses Podcasting to Build Relationships
  • Why he walked away from a $500k insurance agency gig
  • What the TV Show LOST has to do with podcasting
  • How he transitioned from hobby to full time career
  • What you need to know about following your passion
  • How Cliff lost 45 pounds
  • The 10,000 hour rule applied to Podcasting
  • The power of just starting
  • The biggest mistakes when starting to grow your platform
  • His advice to folks just starting out

This is a long podcast today!
For all you folks who have an 1+ hour commute…this is for you.

We cover a lot of ground.
Cliff shares his heart on so many great topics and it’s amazing!

Here’s the best way to follow Cliff:

And check out his “Podcasting A – Z” Course. It’s legit!

Chris LoCurto


May 21, 2015

Part 2 – LifePlan Journey: Before and After

LifePlan part2

We are jumping back into my interview with Trent, a recent LifePlan attendee.

If you listened to Part 1 of Trent’s journey you know that people pleasing and self worth were issues for him. Remember, this was BEFORE his LifePlan.

He confessed to having a hard time just coming on the podcast to talk about it due to his fear of not being good enough.

Well now we are ready for Part 2…the AFTER LifePlan episode.

I’d love to know your biggest take away from Trent’s LifePlan interview. Leave your comment below.

Chris LoCurto


May 18, 2015

LifePlan Journey: Before and After – Part 1

LifePlan Before (1)

Self doubt. Fear of failure. Not feeling good enough.

Have you experienced any of these in your life?

If so…todays interview will challenge and motivate you to step out in faith and move towards health.

I interview Trent, a recent LifePlan attendee, about his powerful story of being overwhelmed with self doubt and fear. In fact this is a 2 Part interview, a before and after.
I sat down with Trent BEFORE his LifePlan. I knew the change that was about to take place in his life and I wanted to hear him share some of his reservations and fears about LifePlan.

He walks us through his journey of making the decision to change and move in the direction of health. He shares the feelings and emotions that most of us try to hide.

This is a powerful interview!

I asked Trent if he would share his story on the podcast because I have a feeling that a lot of you are just like Trent.

You are living in fear and you don’t have to anymore.
You are wasting your life worrying about other peoples opinions.

Here’s what Trent and I cover on the show:

  • Not feeling good enough
  • Viewing people as better than you
  • Reaching the breaking point in life
  • Trent’s battle with people pleasing
  • Negatively influencing your children
  • Passing your root system to your kids
  • Being taken advantage of
  • Being controlled by parents
  • The possibility of change

Trent’s story is the reason why we do LifePlan.

If you go day after day not making good decision, not feeling good enough, not feeling worthy…

If someone has taught you that you are not good enough…IT”S A LIE.

You are not a mistake. You are good enough. In fact…it’s not about you…it’s about God.

Part 2 of Trent’s interview will be out on Thursday so be sure to check back this week. It’s the fun one!

And a special shout out to Trent – Brother, YOU ROCK! Thank you for stepping up and sharing your story. You are helping change lives!


Chris LoCurto


May 14, 2015

How Businesses Win At Sales

how businesses win at sales

Do you want to know how businesses win at sales?

It’s pretty simple…INTEGRITY. Not compromising just to make a buck.
Trust me, it will always come back to bite you.

I asked Joel to join me on the show to talk a little bit about our sales process and how he focuses on integrity when selling.

Here’s what Joel and I cover on the show:

  • How to have integrity when selling
  • Joel’s philosophy on servant selling
  • What you usually don’t find in sales people
  • How to guide the customer through serving
  • Sales techniques vs. Serving Techniques
  • How to help people trust you
  • What causes someone to break integrity?
  • Do you believe in what you’re selling?

I believe integrity is critical to growing your sales process. And as the leader it’s your job to instill integrity into the DNA of your company culture.


Question: How have you experienced a lack of integrity in business?

Chris LoCurto


May 12, 2015

Achieve Peak Performance Avoiding the Leadership HALT

Achieve Peak Performance Avoiding the Leadership HALT

I don’t care how mature you are in your personality style or how much emotional intelligence you have…

If you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired you are setting yourself up for failure.

The HALT acronym has been around for a while. It’s been used by the 12 Step community and counselors around the globe.

There’s a reason for that…it’s an effective framework to help avoid the pitfalls that keep you from achieving and maintaining your highest level of performance.

Hungry – we’ve all experienced this one!
Anger – usually a symptom of a bigger issue.
Lonely – When you are depressed and alone…watch out!
Tired – Have you ever snapped at somebody when you didn’t get your 8 hours? (Or is that just me?)

Throw in a bit of conflict at work or home and HALT will put the emergency break on your performance. You aren’t going anywhere.

The same goes for your team. Are you allowing your family or team to sabotage their performance by walking the HALT line?

Today’s show will help you maintain your focus and peak state by drawing insight from this simple acronym.


Chris LoCurto


May 6, 2015

Curing Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Losing Weight with Dr. Josh Axe


We have special guest, Dr. Josh Axe on the show today.

This guy has authored 3 books…with another book in the works.

He’s been featured on Dr. Oz and has worked with elite Olympic athletes!

Get ready for some insane info…a pen and paper would be recommended.

Here’s a taste of what we talk about:

  • How sugar is more addictive than cocaine.
  • The number one cause of disease.
  • How to get rid of inflammation.
  • Why you should stay away from fruit juice.
  • The ideal amount of sugar you SHOULD get.
  • The basics of the ketogenic diet.
  • Is paleo the right diet for everyone.
  • How your body burns energy.
  • Burning body fat for weight loss.
  • Acidic vs. Alkaline
  • The common pitfalls of the paleo diet.
  • The truth about fat.

This is just a preview of all the good stuff Dr. Axe shares with us today.

If you’d like more info about Dr. Axe visit his website:

He’s giving away an amazing eBook for free right now so check it out.

Also, you can check him out on facebook:

Or follow him over on twitter:


Chris LoCurto


May 5, 2015

7 Enemies of Success


So…how old are you?

Serious…what’s your age?

Well the average age a person lives here in the west is 79 years.
That’s it. Hmm…

Now take that average and subtract the number of years you’ve lived…how much you got now?

If you’re like me you’ve got about 34 years left. #realitycheck

This reality should change the way you work, deal with people, views of God, etc.

We gots to hustle!

You have to start looking at the things that keep you from being successful and eliminate them FAST!

Today’s show runs through 7 enemies of your success and I want this episode to jump start you on your road to accelerated greatness.


Chris LoCurto


April 30, 2015

How You Can Stop Procrastinating Right Now

April 30, 2015 | By | 3 Comments">3 Comments

how to stop procrastinating


We all procrastinate in some way. It effects each of us in… “unique” ways.
The way I have been able to overcome procrastination is through a concious effort to fight it.
All day err’y day.
I want to shed some light on the reality of procrastination.
The day to day wood shed of fighting against it.
Here’s my journey with fighting procrastination…
Here’s what I want you to understand…
When you give in to procrastination you are sacrificing your long term pleasure/health/goal for short term pleasure/temporary satisfaction.
Now why would anyone do something like this?
There is a long list of reasons why people procrastinate including:
  • Fear
    • Fear of failure
    • Fear of what others think
    • Fear of being defined by failures
    • Fear of proving the negative voices in your life to be correct
    • Fear of being not good enough
    • Fear of pain
      • Most likely you associate that thing you are avoiding with pain instead of pleasure. It may be painful but…you know you should do it – that’s why you’re procrastinating. You naturally hate pain. We avoid it at all costs. Even to the extend of sacrificing our long term health for temporary pleasure.
  • Perfectionism
    • If I can’t to it perfectly, I shouldn’t do it
  • Guilt
    • I don’t deserve to be able to do this
    • I’ll be selfish if I take care of me
    • It’s my responsibility to put other first
  • Lack of motivation
    • What is this going to do for me?
    • How can this benefit me?
    • I don’t have enough information
    • I don’t know if I’ll get the return for the investment
There is another thing, busyness. When you find everything in the world to do, other than the important things that might actually change your life and get you to a happier and healthier place.

Check out the podcast today and let me know what you think God is calling you to do.


Chris LoCurto


April 22, 2015

How To Tell if a Leader is Lying with Vanessa Van Edwards

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vanessa van edwards how to tell if a leader is lying

Our guest today is Vanessa Van Edwards who is a published author and behavioral investigator.

She is a Huffington Post columnist and her courses and research has been featured on CNN, Forbes, Business Week and the Wall Street Journal. 

As a published Penguin author, Vanessa regularly speaks and appears in the media to talk about her research. 

And I loved having her on the show…we geeked out a bit on body language.

Here’s what we cover on the podcast:

  • What exactly a “behavioral investigator” is.

  • How Vanessa got into behavioral science.

  • The importance of understanding body language

  • How controlling your body language can make you the most memorable person in the room

  • The trends she see’s in leaders body language (and how to spot if they’re lying)
  • What sales people need to focus on with communication and body language


You’ll definitely want to check out Vanessa over at

You can also follow her at twitter: @vvanedwards

Bonus: She also have some killer courses on

Question: Are you aware of other people’s body language?

Chris LoCurto


April 16, 2015

How Your Decisions Hurt You

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how your decisions hurt you

First things first…if you are “thinking” about getting more info about LifePlan… we are almost completely booked. Do it right now.

Here’s how…

If you’re on your phone then TEXT: LIFEPLAN to 33444 to find out more about LifePlan.

But you are reading this right now… so just click the big blue button below.

Inquire About LifePlan

This episode of The Chris LoCurto Show focuses on your decisions and choices and how they could be hurting you.

Joel and I work through the idea that you can choose health…if you want.

But so often we choose just the opposite.
*cue Root System Rant*

Understanding your root system and boundaries is a BIG DEAL!

This is hard work – it’s not easy. Especially when it involves family.

Today’s show will help bring you clarity and equip you to start moving in the direction of health.

Chris LoCurto


April 14, 2015

KRA: The What, The Why, and The How of Key Results Area

April 14, 2015 | By | One Comment">One Comment

KRA: Key Results Area

Click Here to Download Sample KRAs

The episode is all about KRAs.

If you need help creating yours or your companies then this will help.

We cover what exactly KRAs are designed to do.

We talk about why they are important.

And how to go about getting company buy-in for Key Results Areas when you don’t have them in place.

This show is riddled with examples.

We want to give you all the tools and info you need to crush it in life and business.
That’s why we create these sample KRAs that will give you a great template for creating yours.
Click Here to Download Sample KRAs

Let us know if you need help!

Chris LoCurto


April 7, 2015

Inside StratPlan

Inside StratPlan

I’ve got a special episode of The Chris LoCurto Show!

If you’ve ever wondered what all goes on during a StratPlan –  this is the podcast for you.

It’s a little glimpse of what takes place when a company spends 3 days working on their business.  The mindset shift is powerful!

Kent Equipment was recently down for a StratPlan and I mic’d the room during lunch one day. I asked them questions about their StratPlan and I thought you would enjoy hearing their responses.

The results that Kent Equipment got from StratPlan have been incredible. They left with a crystal clear vision on how to reach the next level. They were pretty excited!

It was an honor to be a part of this event and I hope you can hear their stories and experiences and apply them to your organization.

If you are not sure how your company will get to the next level this year, schedule a call with Joel this week to get moving in the right direction.

StratPlan gets proven results. The track record speaks for itself. Visit the StratPlan page for more info.


Chris LoCurto


April 2, 2015

A Leadership Transition Plan

A Leadership Transition Plan

Transitioning a new leader into your team can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be.

On the show today I give strategies for successfully managing this process.

Check this one out if…

  • You’re bringing a new leader onto your team.
  • You’re wondering if you should bring in a new leader.
  • You’re trying to replace a leader who recently left.


Chris LoCurto


April 1, 2015

How To Make Better Decisions

how to make better decisions

There’s over 20,000 google searches each month for phrases dealing with making decisions.

Here’s a few examples of searches:

  • How to make a decision
  • Decision making skills
  • Making good choices
  • Effective decision making

Obviously, people need some help with making decisions. Or making the “right” decision.  It feels like there’s a fear of making the wrong decision.

And the information that’s out there as resources for making decisions is boarder line insulting; “write your decision down on a piece of paper, think about each option…”.  Seriously?!

No one searches for “how do I make a wrong decision?”.

Here’s what I’ve found is usually the issue with people who struggle to make decisions or folks who worry about making the right decisions: Root System. (surprise, surprise)

Since you aren’t here for a LifePlan in person here’s what I would suggest you do:

Start here:  Understanding Your Root System

And then here: What’s Holding You Back?

These two episodes will give you a good foundation to understand the info in this podcast and how having perspective on your past and influencers will help you make better decision today.

Once you know how your root system influences your decision making you can move on to processing and analyzing your decisions in a healthy way.

This will become second nature and you will begin to trust yourself more.

But for this you need greater perspective.

How do you get greater perspective?  Through questions.

For questions to be answered in the greatest way you need other people.

Surround yourself with other people.

On one of  my old podcast episodes I interviewed Jim Collins and I asked him about decision making.

He said, “Companies or individuals aren’t great because of one decision but rather many good decisions over time.”

If you are like me you’re probably thinking, “well how do I make consistently good decisions?”.

Collins said, for that you need to , “trust the right people”.

Who exactly are the right people? Well it’s the folks who share your values. Hopefully it’s your team, your family, etc.

You should be sharing your core values with your team so you can have alignment.  Thats how this plays into decision making.

Here’s an example of the way I want this to work for you:

You are a leader of a team and you have a big decision to make. It’s one that could potentially “make” the quarter for you. Or break it!

You and the team are in the conference room.

You know your root system and how this will play into your decision making and leading this group.

You know your personality style and those of your team.

You know how they will think and process.

You have done a good job of sharing your values with your team, you know their values and what drives them.

This has created respect and trust for where you are leading them. They want the same thing you want.

You are now surrounded by “the right people” as Collins put it.

Now you begin to dive into gaining perspective through questions.


In reality you are surrounded by people who make statement.

In fact, it’s your default to make statements.

The problem with statements is that they are usually based on limited perspective and shallow information. Rarely has your statement been researched in depth.

Go ahead and jump into todays podcast to learn how to start asking questions and learn to start making better decisions today.

Chris LoCurto


March 31, 2015

Are You Addicted to Busyness?

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are you addicted to busyness

According to a recent study, most people can’t be by themselves for longer than 15 minutes without getting bored. (cue Netflix) We are a society of people who must be busy.

We want to feel important.

So what is busyness?  “Lively but meaningless activity.”

Basically, it’s anything that you do that doesn’t support your goals and values.

Speaking of goals…how are yours going? Remember the stuff you wrote down a few months ago? Busyness is anything that keeps you from working on them.

Your daily activities – Do they support those goals?

Here are a few signs you may be addicted to busyness:

  • Constantly checking social media status updates, instagram pics, twitter feed, rince and repeat
  • Every free minute you have your phone out
  • You feel like you are always running but never accomplishing anything
  • Check your email 1000 times a day
  • Do you have time for the people around you?
  • Feel anxious and stressed
  • Get bored easy
  • Go from event to event
  • Watch Netflixs constantly

So what are you really avoiding when you try to stay busy?

We dive into that question today on the show. There’s a need for everyone to feel important, to stay busy because we equate “busyness” to self worth.

If you feel like you are on a hamster wheel and missing out on life give todays episode a listen and jump of the wheel!

Question: What is your biggest temptation with busyness?


Chris LoCurto


March 26, 2015

Forgiving Yourself and Living Under Grace

March 26, 2015 | By | 18 Comments">18 Comments

Forgiving Yourself and Living Under Grace

Forgiving yourself is hard. I imagine that most of us have a hard time doing it.

Sometimes it’s just easier to accept the forgiveness of other people and never deal with our own emotions and feelings. It just doesn’t feel “right” to forgive ourself. [cue LifePlan]

On today’s show Keith joins us and talks about an inspiring movie he recently watched and how it embodied the kind of grace and forgiveness we all should strive for.

The movie is, Fat,Sick & Nearly Dead, by Joe Cross and I bet a few of you have seen it.
For those of you who haven’t, here’s a preview:

If you’ve seen the movie, what were your thoughts?


Chris LoCurto


March 25, 2015

Culture: How To Lead Change

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Culture How To Lead Change

How do you lead change when the folks around you are tuff to lead or work with?
How do you influence company culture when the leadership doesn’t value it?
That’s the topic of The Chris LoCurto Show today.

If you are in a company where the culture is less than ideal…this resource is for you.

Today’s topic was a question by Nick, an AskChris caller.

Nick has a new leader that has a completely different personality style than the previous leader in that role. It sounds like it’s creating some conflict in the organization which includes some “culture shock”.

And it’s leading to some gossip among the staff.

How can Nick influence his new leader and help create a stronger culture? Give this episode a listen to find out.


And…go to and leave any questions you have and we will do our best to answer them on the show.

Chris LoCurto


March 24, 2015

How Do You Handle Criticism?

March 24, 2015 | By | One Comment">One Comment

How Do You Handle Criticism?

Chances are there is a ton of criticism in your life. Todays show is especially on how to handle that criticism.

And I try some great coffee from Dillanos: Monserrate.

Use Coupon Code: CLOTRIBE for 15% off your next order.

Coffee from today’s show:

Chris LoCurto


March 17, 2015

How To Become A Leadership Coach

March 17, 2015 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

how to become a leadership coach, executive coach

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Hi Folks!

I’ve got Keith on the show with me today and we are talking about how you can become a leadership coach.

Keith asks me all your questions about becoming a leadership or business coach.

I talk a little about my journey and steps that I think you can take if you are wanting to take your career in that direction.

If you are thinking about becoming a coach – this episode is for you!


Question: Are you trying to become a coach? Why?

Chris LoCurto


March 12, 2015