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Chris LoCurto


April 22, 2014

Understanding Your Root System [Podcast]

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On the last Chris LoCurto Show episode, What You Have In Common With Wine, one of the things I discussed was the root system of grapes and how a strong root system makes a great wine.

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Your life equals your root system.

Your life and your decision making process comes from your root system. In LifePlan, I spend time tying what’s happened in a persons life to their root system – family, influences, leadership, friends, etc. Whatever has happened in your past shapes the decisions you make today.

You are the sum of your past & your influences.

The way your parents treated you links back to the way their parents treated them and cycles into how you treat your children or family or team. If abuse, either emotional or physical is in your past, a pattern forms. Chances are, if you were abused, you’ll pendulum swing to your children and won’t discipline or will allow your children to control you. This only perpetuates a cycle. Healthy boundaries and healthy control are the key. Finding that center is one of the most important things we can discover.

Even the best parents (with the best intentions) might do something that came from their parents that causes a bad belief system. They might say one specific thing over and over to their child, expecting and hoping that it helps their kid to grow up well or understand, but they way they said it creates a bad belief system in the child. How crazy is that?

When we carry over the bad processes or belief systems, we perpetuate the same exact root system.

Will you ever be perfect? No. The perspective of understanding why you do what you do is vital to going forward. Some of you have to put serious boundaries in your life. Boundaries is a great book (one that I talk about all the time) that goes very in-depth on this issue.

All of these things make up who you are and how you make your decisions. When you understand where they come from, then you can make better decisions.

Question: How does your root system affect your business?

Chris LoCurto


April 21, 2014

What Jesus Didn’t Say

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Easter is a time when we celebrate the fact that we have a risen savior. One who took on the world’s sin, received the world’s worst beating, died and rose again, all so we could have life everlasting if we so choose.

Listen, What Jesus Didn't Say,

I’m not telling you anything that you don’t know, but sometimes the reminder causes us to reflect on how jacked up we are, while giving us just a glimpse of the unfathomable Love of God.

And while we have so many stories of God’s Love throughout the Bible, there’s one that helps us to understand that sometimes, God doesn’t tell us everything.

After Jesus rose from the grave, there was a time that He was with the disciples when He gave them this instruction (in CLo speak), I want you guys to hang out in Jerusalem and I’ll send a guy who’s going to tell you some things. (all things)

When they encounter the Holy Spirit, it was some kind of party. So here’s my question: Why didn’t Jesus just tell them all the things the Holy Spirit would later tell them?

Let’s be honest here, Jesus is all God, right? Which means He already knows what the Holy Spirit is going to teach them, so why didn’t He just go ahead and teach them?

Well, I believe it’s because they weren’t ready to hear it. I don’t think they could digest at the time what they were about to learn.

In fact, I believe that had Jesus shared the info, that some of them might not have stuck around.
So why didn’t the Holy Spirit come that day? Again, I think it’s because the disciples themselves weren’t ready. But what do I know?

I think there are many times in our lives that we are frustrated because we just don’t have the answers. We know there’s vital information that can help/grow/bless us, but for some reason, God isn’t revealing it to us.

I know there are MANY times in my own life that I’ve felt this exact way. Only to later learn that I wasn’t ready for God to drop His Wisdom on me.

I did learn this though, be diligent in the pause. When I don’t feel like I have the answers I need, then I have to keep moving forward until I do. I have to trust that God is going to reveal His direction to me in His time, not necessarily my time.

This is incredibly tough to do! We are human, and we really want to know the answers now. That’s when I have to think, if He tells me now, perhaps I won’t stick around to receive the Blessing. Instead, I might run like scared little…disciple.

Question: Can you share a time that you had to wait for God’s direction?

Chris LoCurto


April 15, 2014

The Lies We Believe [Podcast]

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The lies that we’re told, the lies we tell ourselves, and the lies we believe hold us back.

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When you’re told specific lies from people you love, like parents or family, those words hold you back from becoming something greater or believing in yourself or becoming an entrepreneur or fill in the blank.

Why do people we love tell us lies? It’s usually pretty simple. Most of the time they’ve been beaten down and no longer believe in themselves because of lies they’ve been told. It’s not that they want to destroy you in the process of their concern or worry or “better” judgement, it’s a force of habit.

Is it possible that some people are just selfish? Of course. But any great parent, friend, sibling or teacher understand that “you can’t do…” or “you won’t become…” is a great way to destroy someone. Who knowingly shares that kind of stuff? The kind of person that’s already self-sabotaged and destroyed themselves.

What happens to the person that is told the lies? They begin to believe the lies and make up their own, unfortunately repeating the cycle of self-sabotage.

Stop believing the lies! Here’s what I want you to do:

  • Make a list of all the lies you’ve been told and believed.
  • After you’ve got the list, put initials beside the lies. Did you tell yourself? Did someone tell you? You’ll start to see a pattern develop.
  • Start a new list. This is a list of truths. Write all of the truths in your life out. God loves you. You are important. You are good enough. You are going to be something.
  • Start putting up boundaries between yourself and the people that are telling you those lies. Don’t go and attack them, don’t go crazy. They don’t understand it. You might pass on this podcast episode though.

Start focusing on you, stop telling yourself lies and put boundaries in place. If you’ve got junk in your past that you need to work through, do it. Don’t procrastinate. Pick up a copy of Boundaries or contact me about setting up a LifePlan.


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 Question: What are the lies you’ve been told and the lies you’ve believed? What are the truths? 

Chris LoCurto


April 14, 2014

It’s Ok To Fail!

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Failure is inevitable! You’re going to fail! And the great thing is, it’s absostinkinlutely ok!

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In LifePlan, StratPlan, and coaching, the fear of failure is one of the biggest issues I face with so many clients. Whether it’s a team member or a leader, a large portion of our population is afraid of failing.

It’s not good enough for me to say it’s ok to fail, because those who are afraid have been taught that it’s NOT ok. They’ve been taught by parents, teachers or leaders that failure is unacceptable and in many situations, punishable.

In StrengthsFinder 2.0, author Tom Rath talks about how most parents, when seeing their child’s report card of all A’s and one D, would totally focus on the D. Why? Because we aren’t failures here in the United States. Even if it’s not the child’s strong suit.

In other words, if their child was an incredibly talented artist but was struggling in english, instead of pushing toward their talent, they would focus more on the weakness.

That is beyond ridiculous! Failure is one of the greatest teachers. Without it, we have to trust that we know everything to be successful in every situation. The truth is, we don’t!

“But Chris, artists struggle! Where would my child get a job as an artist to support their family?” Uhhhhh…as one of the incredibly well paid graphic artists that so many businesses are in need of?!

When I see leaders who carry the same broken belief system of no failure, I usually find it’s because they have been held to the same impossible standard by someone in their past as well.

Here are some thoughts from some highly successful folks, who’ve had a great number of failures:

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement. ~ C. S. Lewis

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying. ~ Michael Jordan

Those who live life in fear of failure spend life failing to live. ~ Chris LoCurto

Ok, I had to throw that last one in there. The sooner you embrace the reality that you will not leave this life without many failures, the sooner you can embrace the lessons that go with the failures.

Question: What lessons have you learned from failing? 

Chris LoCurto


April 8, 2014

What You Have In Common With Wine [Podcast]

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Today’s episode is part viticulture and part LifePlan lesson. I think you’re going to enjoy it…especially if you like wine!

In this podcast I’ll explain:

  • How wine grapes are grown and how this relates to you and your business
  • What makes a great farmer and how that farmer harvests a perfect grape
  • The process of destroying perfect grapes to make great wine
  • How farming and the process of wine making relates to you and your business

Every great business has seasons and there is a cycle or a process to growth. There are times to take advantage of the sun, the shade, creating boundaries and making sure things are set up correctly to grow. My own businesses have had moments of destruction to create something new, next thing you know, we grow. For me, I see that as God preparing us.

Just like the wine, there are seasons of aging in a barrel, mellowing out and giving us extra flavor. We can’t discount the destructive times. In those times, we’re becoming more intense. If we don’t look back with our teams and celebrate what we’ve come through or what we’ve done, we don’t understand that it’s a season we’ve grown out of.

Question: Have you come out of a hard season of life or business that made you stronger?