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Chris LoCurto


August 5, 2014

Seeking God First [Podcast]

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Today we are talking about seeking God. Seeking God first.

This topic came up during one of our team devotions. The theme of our devo was Matthew 6:33: “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Seeking God First  |

What does this mean? How does it apply to you?

That’s the topic of todays show.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Team Devotionals
  • Matthew 6:33
  • Chris is old
  • Do the diligent really prosper?
  • What is worship?
  • “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar
  • You have to set aside time to spend with God
  • God doesn’t want fancy words…He wants your heart.
  • The more you seek God, the more your desires become His desires.

So…who’s all in? Leave your comment and let’s do this together.

Chris LoCurto


August 4, 2014

7 Signs You Self-Sabotage

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Self-sabotage is one of the greatest limiting factors to how successful you can be in business and life! And the crazy thing is, most people have absolutely no clue that they self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage is one of the most destructive patterns I see in LifePlan no matter who the person is, where they come from, what their background is, or what their work position is.

Self Sabotage

While so many people define self-sabotage as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and over-eating, there are a bunch of other ways we self-sabotage. Some are socially recognizable and judged according to a social scale, and others aren’t as easily understood.

This weekend I will be racing at Daytona for the first time. Daytona I tell you! And while that’s incredibly exciting, I can tell you that I started to self-sabotage myself with some pretty cruddy thinking. You see, this is only my second time back in the car this year. While you would think the old adage, “It’s like riding a bike…” would work here, it doesn’t. So let me update the adage for you – “It’s like riding a bike really crazy fast while fighting off other riders with 3 g-force turns and braking at 140 miles an hour…” yeah, that sounds about right.
So where did the self-sabotage come in? Well, I’m just a little competitive, and I know that everyone else has been to Daytona before, and they’ve all had a ton more seat time than me this year. Thus, I started in on myself with the, “You need to prepare yourself because these guys are all gonna be faster than you.”
I let that junk go on for about 15 minutes until I yelled at myself, “STOP IT!! You will do the best you can, and if you don’t place well, so what?! There will be many more after this.” And that folks, is what goes on inside so many of us day after day.

So here are a few ways that we tend to hurt ourselves by self-sabotage:

  • Procrastination – It is quite common for so many people to procrastinate when it comes to hard or difficult decisions. The thinking behind it usually comes down to two ways of thinking. First, if I don’t make a decision, maybe the whole problem/situation/scary opportunity will just go away. Obviously this is a false belief. Instead, what tends to happen is more problems stack up on top of the one we’re currently avoiding, and make it even tougher to handle. Second, We believe that it might just work itself out on its own. While there is a small chance that will happen, it’s definitely not the likely one.
  • Believing the lies - One of the greatest breakthrough tools I use in LifePlan is discovering the lies people have believed, that they’ve been told by family, friends, and even themselves. “You’re not good enough!” You’ll never succeed!” “You are a failure!” You don’t deserve…!” “You’re never right!” “You’re not worthy!” “It’s all your fault!” These are just a few lies that we believe. Unfortunately, so many horrible decisions can absolutely be traced back to the lies that we’ve been told, and told ourselves, that we chose to believe.
  • Blame shifting - Many times instead of taking responsibility for our own actions, we tried like crazy to shift the blame to other people or situations. For example, it’s not uncommon for people who are terrible at relationships, (Due to a lack of quality leading in relationships) to not take responsibility themselves no matter how much information shows them how they are struggling. Instead, they find every possible reason, no matter how untrue, to blame someone else for the reason they are struggling. This only results in an unrealistic view of one’s self, which hurts any attempt at personal growth.
  • Lack of HEALTHY boundaries - Notice I didn’t just say boundaries. Many people have boundaries, but since they aren’t healthy, they tend to be destructive. Today I am kicking off my 29th LifePlan already this year! WHEW! And I can tell you that in almost every LifePlan I’ve done period, I have suggested that the participant read the book Boundaries. It is by far one of the biggest issues we have in our lives, and again, it’s from a lack of proper leading in this area. When you don’t have healthy boundaries, you allow people to manipulate you, take advantage of you, and abuse you.
  • Feelings of not being “Good enough” – Lack of self-worth and self-esteem destroy us when we don’t have a strong sense that we ARE good enough. This belief system is usually passed on to us by parents who struggled with the same feelings, or by controlling and abusive parents. There is one thing you must must MUST know and that is you are good enough for God!!! You should NEVER try to get your self-worth or self-esteem from ANY person on this planet! Find it in the Father who knit you together. As I said in 10 Signs You’re Not Emotionally Strong, God loves you EXACTLY where you are, He just doesn’t want to keep you there. He has a much greater plan for your life!
  • Taking care of you last - One of the fastest ways for us to be destructive is to think that we have to put everyone else first. If you aren’t taking care of you first, then you will certainly become no good to anyone else. If you’re not finding ways to replenish you, then you’re going to wear yourself down. If you’re not finding ways to make yourself strong, then you’re going to cave in weak moments. Putting you last will only lead to greater weakness and bad decision-making.
  • Isolation - If you ask me what the greatest self-sabotage is, it’s isolation. In my mind, there is no greater destroyer to one’s self than to isolate with one’s own thoughts! If you have a good portion of your life filled with bad influence, lack of healthy boundaries, low self-esteem, then I can promise you that being alone with your own thoughts, which happen to be greatly effected by all of that crap, is a sure fire way to cause some serious damage to you! In isolation is where some of your worst decisions are made and beliefs are created. We weren’t made for isolation, we were created to commune. First with God, then with others. That order done continuously keeps us safe-er from self-sabotage in our own thoughts.

These are just a few ways we can be destructive to ourselves. And being free from the self-sabotaging behavior is one of the greatest testimonies we receive from our LifePlan attendees. If you relate to any of these, it’s time for your OWN LifePlan! Click here now and get started on your way to the greatest freedom and strength that you’ve known!


Question: How do you self-sabotage?

Chris LoCurto


July 29, 2014

Sales Techniques using DISC [Podcast]

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Everyone is in sales!

The way to sell properly is to understand who you are selling to.

When you know the personality style you are selling to then you can change the way you give information.

Use these sales techniques to gain the advantage.


Show Notes:

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Selling with DISC

Click here to download the “Bonus – Sales Techniques using DISC” mentioned in the Podcast.


Selling to High D’s:

  • Give them info in soudbites. Short and sweet.
  • What is it you are trying to sell? Give it to them in bullet points.
  • Don’t give them a ton of info not in bullets.
  • Once a high D has bought…STOP SELLING THEM. STOP TALKING.

Selling to High I’s:

  • Remember they are all about people.
  • Don’t go into the meeting giving them information right off the bat. Ask them how they are doing?
  • But don’t be fake! Be genuinely interested in them.
  • They wont hear a ton of details so follow up with them in a more detailed email.
  • If you keep the meeting fun and energetic then you will get the sale.

Selling to High S’s:

  • This is the most difficult style to sell to. Most people give up on them.
  • They are always asking themselves “how is this going to impact the team?”.
  • It takes them a long time to make the decision.
  • Give them information. Teach them how your product, service will help the company, team.
  • If you communicate to them how the organization will benefit, understand it will take a lot of follow up. But the effort is worth it!

Selling to High C’s:

  • You have to have A LOT OF DETAIL to sell to high C’s. They don’t want salesmanship or hype.
  • They just want the facts. It doesn’t need to be exciting.
  • If they disagree with your facts…you lost the sale.
  • Be prepared.
  • Ask them, “Are there any questions?”.
  • This allows them to give information back to you so you can fill in more information.
  • And remember…DETAIL DETAIL DETAIL!!!

Click here to download the “Bonus – Sales Techniques using DISC” mentioned in the Podcast.


Chris LoCurto


July 28, 2014

5 Ways To Work As Unto The Lord

For years I worked in the logistics industry. It wasn’t something I loved, but I was really good at. On top of that, the nature of the logistics biz kind of drove me nuts. It wasn’t uncommon for me to wake up at 2am, work for a bit to solve an emergency, go back to bed, then head into work to solve other emergencies.

I knew this wasn’t where I wanted to spend the rest of my career. But every time I tried to get out, I felt like God was closing the door. He didn’t want me to leave. I wasn’t being freed up to go on to something else.

Work as unto the Lord

After about a year and a half with a certain company I had a shocking conversation with one of my team members. She was struggling a lot with God. She made it pretty obvious to everyone. In fact she would always say she didn’t believe in God.
One day I asked her why she didn’t believe. She told me a story about her son-in-law and how he had killed her grandson years ago. She went on to say with tears in her eyes, “…there’s no way there could be a god who would allow for something like that to happen”.

We continued talking one-on-one for about two hours and her tears soon turned to joy as she rededicated her life to the Lord. Why did she do that? What happened during that two hour conversation?
Well, she had come to an understanding that while all things may not make sense to us, God still has a plan, and He wants us to put our faith in that plan. Ok, there was a lot more to it than that.

You have to know that God has a reason and a purpose for everything in your life.

Shortly after that conversation the craziest thing happen, I headed back to my office and heard my phone ringing. It was a team member who used to work for me who told me there was a company that wanted to hire me. He asked me if I had a resume I could send over. So I did, and guess what…I was hired in just a few days.
Random coincidence I’m sure!  : )
Not hardly! I wholeheartedly believe God kept me at the previous organization so one day I would have that conversation. Now obviously there were other things that happened while I worked there, both good and bad, but I know that God kept me there for that specific reason.

God loves his children so much that he’s perfectly fine with keeping me in an industry I disliked so that I would have a conversation that guided one of His kids back to Him. Having that perspective kind of makes you feel silly when you catch yourself complaining. And the moment after I talked with her, He moved me on.

So here’s five ways to make sure you are doing your work as unto the Lord.

1. Understand that this is God’s story…not ours.
If you are caught up thinking that this is your story, you couldn’t be further from the truth. This is God’s story, and He’s allowed us to be a part of it. If He wants to use you in a situation so He may change one of His children’s lives, He may do just that.
Doesn’t mean you can’t fight Him on it.
Doesn’t mean you can’t run away.
But if you’re not feeling freed up from a job, there must be a greater reason why God has you there in the first place.

Ask God to bring to fruition whatever it is He is wanting to do with you.

2. God has a plan for you…regardless of your environment.
It’s difficult to work with people who don’t have a lot of integrity. It’s difficult to work with people who create a bad work atmosphere. Maybe there’s gossip or backstabbing. You have to understand that no matter what else is going on in other’s lives, God still has a plan for you.
Here’s Jeremiah 29:11in the Message:

I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”

So if that’s true, and you are in a work environment that is not ideal, it doesn’t mean that you stop working hard for God. Just because other people are that way doesn’t mean you mess yourself up in the process and stop doing a great job.

3. Don’t bring yourself down to the level of others.
When the folks around you are not working their hardest, it can wear you down. If your work ethic slips to the level of those around you, guess what? You make yourself considerably less marketable. I want you to focus on being marketable. That means making yourself even more valuable as if you are going to another company. Ask the question, “How can I make myself even greater in situations where most people don’t care?”.
If you focus on making yourself more marketable to other businesses, when the time is right, not only will God move you on, but you might even get a better position at your current organization.

4. Focus on how you can bless others around you.
How can you be a witness to those around you? If people are struggling or not giving their all, if they are gossiping or backstabbing, you should still be a light. You should still be a witness to them. Not only a witness to a better work ethic, but also for Christ. They should be able to see you live in Christ even if you don’t say it with your mouth.

St. Francis of Assissi said, “Preach the gospel at all times, when necessary, use words.

5. Talk to God.
No matter where you are or what you’re doing, prayer is literally a game changer. Prayer is not about how fancy you can be with your words. If you are using nine dollar words with God…He’s not impressed.  In fact, He wants you to talk to Him as children do. You are His child, and prayer should never stop.

Pray without ceasing. That means you are talking to God all day long. The same way you talk to anyone else around you. So when you’re in a job or industry you don’t like, talk to God and let Him know how you feel. He cares. Ask Him what He wants from you. Ask Him what you’re suppose to do. Ask Him how to be better at what you’re doing. Ask Him for direction, guidance, and even ask Him to bless you. There’s no harm in any of that.

But remember, don’t stop talking to Him just because you’re not happy with where you’re working. The more time you spend with Him, the greater chance He is going to let you in on the incredible plan He has you in.

How have you seen God at work in your life, and the lives of others?

Chris LoCurto


July 23, 2014

10 Signs You’re Not Emotionally Strong – Part 2 [Podcast]

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Today we’re diving into Part 2 of the 10 Signs You’re Not Emotionally Strong and have recapped all 10 of the signs. If you missed the last Chris LoCurto Show, listen here:

What does it mean to be emotionally strong? Other peoples actions can’t tear you down or affect you or stress you out. You don’t have problems making decisions and you’re content with life. You’re happy and everything in your world is going well. Even if there are struggles or problems, you’re able to get through decision making processes and be strong.

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10 Signs That You’re Not Emotionally Strong

  • If you’re believing the lies people tell you or have told you. If you’re acknowledging the voices that tell you you’re not good enough, whether internal or external, your emotional strength is being attacked. God loves you exactly where you are, He just doesn’t want to keep you there, he wants to make you better. If you’re in the worst time of your life, God loves you and you’re good enough. Check out this past podcast that dives into the lies we believe -
  • If you’re self-sabotaging. Self-sabotage not only interferes with your goals but makes you your own worst enemy. Sometimes it occurs because of a lack of self-esteem or because you’re believing the lies you’re telling yourself or have been told.
  • If you’re codependent. Codependency happens when you’re relying on another relationship and that relationship becomes more important than you as an individual. If you’re focusing on taking care of someone in a way that puts you second, you’re codependent. Low self-esteem makes you believe you’re not good enough so you focus on someone else to make them great. They may not even want that attention. In some instances, it becomes manipulation from the person receiving your attention.
  • If stress is destroying you emotionally, physically or spiritually. If you’re down or not creative or not wanting to move forward, you’ve got to get to the root of the stress. What’s causing you to not sleep or feel overwhelmed?
  • If you’re not living life and doing what you want. When you’re struggling with emotional strength, your life is not your own. You don’t take trips or take risks. You’re not living life to the fullest. What’s holding you back? What’s keeping you from living your life?
  • If you always have to be right. If you’re the type of person who can’t take constructive criticism and insists on being right (even when you’re wrong), this is a place where you’re lacking emotional strength. When someone is leading or guiding you and you’re reply to their advice is “I’ve already done that, tried that, I already know that, etc.”, start listening. Evaluate what they’re telling you and ask yourself if they’re trying to help or hurt you with the advice or criticism. If their goal is to tear you down, get them out of your life. If their goal is to help you, listen. Don’t get defensive because you’re struggling or have fear.
  • If you’re in denial. If you’re not able to look at yourself and see the areas you’re struggling in, you’re probably in denial. What are you doing wrong? When I realized I wasn’t giving quality communication, I had to be honest with myself and admit it was an area I struggle in. Be honest with YOU!
  • If you’re always wanting attention. If you’re always needing to capture someones attention or promising more than you can deliver, you’re probably struggling with proving your value to others. If your focus is getting attention because it means you are important, stop.
  • If you’re being a victim. Victim thinking comes in a few forms – either the world is against you or you truly believe everything is your fault. Either side is a sign that emotionally you’re not healthy. You need to be truthful about situations. Being a victim does nothing but destroy you.
  • If you’re unable to love or be loved. When you’re unable to love others because people have hurt you, you’re living in fear. You’re unable to put in solid and healthy, emotional boundaries. You have to have boundaries, not walls, that keep people who take advantage of you at a distance. Walls isolate you. Boundaries is a great book (one that I talk about all the time) that goes very in-depth on this issue. When you can’t love yourself and take care of you, no matter what, God never stops loving you. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, it’s called grace. 

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