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March 14, 2017

How To Sell To Different Personality Styles And Close More Sales

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Here’s a great guest post by Joel Fortner, one of my key leaders, and fellow presenter at the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event May 11-13. 

selling, personality styles, personalities

When it comes to sales, it’s not about you; it’s about them.

The more you understand the personality style of the person you’re communicating with, the better you can to guide them to a decision that’s right for them.

Now, before I go on, let me quickly explain what I mean by “right for them”.

Zig Ziglar said it best when he said, “Selling is not something you do to someone, it’s something you do for someone.”

I couldn’t agree more. And the better I get at “servant selling,” the more enjoyable leading the sales process is, and the more people say “yes” to doing business with us.

A key to selling as something “you do for someone” is understanding personality styles.

And of all of the personality style tools out there, DISC is the best tool.

Why is DISC the best personality styles tool?

“Complexity is your enemy,” said Sir Richard Branson said. “Any fool can make something complicated. It’s hard to make something simple.”

We can’t implement what we don’t understand. DISC is easy to understand, remember, apply, and get your team onboard with.

For example, when you know someone is dominantly a High I (Interactive) and the attributes of a High I, you can lean in the their direction, and understand their needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

This helps you lead them in the sales process. If you can’t even remember their personality style, you can’t do this.

Here’s a short, 3-minute video from Chris on using DISC to improve communication if you want to learn a little more.

When you know the personality style you are selling to, you can change the way you give information to best serve the other person.

Here’s how to sell using DISC, by personality profile.

First off, here’s a 30,000 foot view description of each personality style.

It’s important to remember that everyone has all 4 levels, but normally, people have 1 or 2 “high” levels, such as a “high D”.

Also, people’s personality fluctuate between their “natural” and “adaptive.”

A simple way to think about this is people tend to be in their “natural” when their at time, and “adaptive” at work or when they know people are watching them.

understanding personality styles, selling to different personalities

Here’s a breakdown of what to factor in to selling to each personality type.

Selling to High Ds:

  • Give them info in sound bites. Short and sweet.
  • If written, give it in bullet points
  • Once a high D has bought…STOP SELLING THEM. STOP TALKING. Transition to the close.

Selling to High Is:

  • They are all about people.
  • Don’t go into the meeting giving them information right off the bat. Ask them how they are doing?
  • But don’t be fake! Be genuinely interested in them.
  • They won’t hear a ton of details so follow up with them in a more detailed email.
  • Keep the meeting fun and energetic.

Selling to High Ss:

  • This is the most difficult style to sell to because change is conflict for them. Most people give up on them because they take a looooong time to make a decision.
  • They’re always asking themselves, “how is this going to impact the team?”
  • Give them information. Teach them how your product, service will help the company AND team.
  • Understand it will take a lot of follow up. But the effort is worth it!

Selling to High Cs:

  • You have to have A LOT OF DETAIL to sell to high Cs. They don’t want salesmanship or hype.
  • They just want the facts. It doesn’t need to be exciting.
  • If they disagree with your facts…you lost the sale.
  • Be prepared.
  • Ask them, “Are there any questions?” This allows them to give information back to you so you can fill in more information.
  • And remember…DETAIL DETAIL DETAIL!!!

Learning to master selling to different personalities, and servant selling overall, takes years of practice and diligence.

If you study top performing sales people, they take immediate action when they learn new, useful information. That’s what I encourage you to do with this information! Take action today!

The next step is committing to mastery.

If you want to take the next step, and take your sales ability to the next level, check out the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event May 11-13 in Nashville, Tenn.

Growing a business isn’t as hard when you have a proven plan to get the vision, systems (including sales and marketing), and a united team in place and performing with more focus.

Early bird ticket pricing ends March 28, so don’t wait too long!

Go here to learn more about the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event and register today. 

Question: How do you think selling according to personality style can help you? 


Chris LoCurto


March 14, 2017

The Powerful, Repeatable Sales Process Critical To Your Leadership

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“When your business is who you are, every bit of you is tied up in the emotional decision-making process. It affects every part of your life.”

TODAY we are talking about sales and leadership. We’re talking about the fear of, “can I trust someone else with the revenue responsibility of this business?” I’ve been SO looking forward to this episode, and we’re going to cover what you can do right now in your business and role.

In this episode we walk through high-level sales strategy, and the nitty gritty details. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The #1 reason customers leave
  • How to build relationships and conquer objections in sales
  • What emotional buy lines in sales are, and how to use them
  • How to ask the right questions, and know when to close
  • How to determine if you have the right mindset for sales
  • Why selling doesn’t have to produce anxiety and stress
  • The fears holding back your business growth
  • What holds businesses back in sales, that has little to do with sales
  • Why 85% of business owners are stuck in their job

Thanks for listening folks!

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Chris LoCurto


March 8, 2017

How Feeling Responsible for Other’s Emotions Sabotages You and How Not To

feeling responsible for others emotions, self sabotage

Do you ever struggle with feeling responsible for how someone else feels about you or some situation  in their life?

If you have, you know the struggle of figuring out how to help them, if you even should help, and fear of guilt or feeling selfish if you don’t help, and the weight of taking on their emotions.

All of these responses come from your Root System.

The way to think about Root System is that you are the sum of what’s happened in your past and the influence you’ve allowed in.

We go super deep into this in 1-on-1 Next-Level Life events to help you understand how and why you respond and make the choices you make.

What I see a ton of with people who struggle with feeling responsible for other’s emotions is they come in struggling with depression, anxiety, guilt, or overwhelm, or all of these.

And time and time again, I discover they grew up with a parent who trained them to feel responsible for the parent’s emotions.

And the parent does that because of what’s in their Root System, most likely from their parents.

The training shows up in comments like “You make me feel like…” and others.

This isn’t truth; it’s control. And it comes from toxic parts of that person’s Root System.

As children, we get nearly all of our self-worth from our parents, which compounds their influence on us.

Until we’re taught about Root System, we (especially as children) don’t stop and think, “Why is my parent influencing me to feel responsible for them? Why are they guilting me? Oh yeah! It’s because they have a Root System! Ah ha! Well, I won’t allow them to impact me this way now.”

next-level life, create a plan for your life

That kind of thinking simply doesn’t exist, so we allow the influence in, and it shapes the way we think and respond to other people in our life years down the road.

This can lead to anxiety and depression that’s paralyzing. The truth is you are not responsible for other’s emotions.

Here are 5 steps to stop feeling responsible for other’s emotions.

1. Stop seeking self-worth from people

Part of feeling responsible for other’s emotions is seeking self-worth from people. If you weren’t getting any self-worth from them, you wouldn’t be negatively impacted by guilt, feeling selfish if you don’t help, or their attempt to control you.

Imagine being in a place emotionally where their attempt to control or guilt you had no effect?

Where your self-worth comes from is key to getting to that place. My vote is always to get your self-worth from God. He’s the only worth-well that’s constantly full.

2. Learn to recognize toxic behavior

When you’re able to see someone’s attempt to control or guilt you, you can work to not allow it impact you.

3. Put a healthy boundary in place

Healthy boundaries are boundaries another person can’t crash over. The goal of a healthy boundary is to protect you from toxicity.

This step is usually the hardest to put in place because you have to, as we say, “go against your Root System”, and overcome your training to fear conflict, feel guilty or selfish, or feel like you’re hurting the other person by putting a healthy boundary in place.

But it’s an essential step.

4. Stop trying to help them

This usually shows up in giving them advice and “fixes”. You may have noticed your well-intentioned advice isn’t taken, and the actions you take to help them are never enough.

And you’re left feeling confused, frustrated, and feeling horrible about yourself.

That’s because the person who struggles with control doesn’t truly want your advice or help, or for you to solve their problem.

Instead, part of your healthy boundary is to listen, ask questions, and not offer advice. If they want to change or solve it, let them own that and do the work.

5. Remember your emotional health matters, too

It’s easy in relationships, especially with people who influence you to feel responsible for their emotions, to prioritize their well-being above your own.

When you factor in everything you’ve read above, I hope you see that’s an endless self-sabotaging cycle, and you will end up worse off.

Question: Have you put any of these steps, or others, to work in your life? How did it work out?

next-level life, create a plan for your life

Chris LoCurto


March 7, 2017

The Little Things That Create the Vast Gap Between First and Second Place

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“However your family turns out, whatever happens with your business, your organization, or your team…at the end of it all, whether you have produced a disaster or a masterpiece, it will have been created one small brushstroke at a time. So sweat the small stuff. Seriously.

Today I have on the show my good friend Andy Andrews. Andy is a bestselling novelist, speaker, and consultant for the world’s largest organizations. He has spoken at the request of four different United States presidents. Andy is the author of multiple New York Times bestsellers, including The Traveler’s Gift and The Noticer.

We dive into why people are so offended all of the time, the difference between the “the truth” and “what sounds true,” the little things that create the vast gap between first and second place, and challenging conventional wisdom.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The cure for a society that has become constantly offended by something or someone
  • How to use the question “Why?” to multiply the success of any endeavor (and the exact moments at which you should ask it)
  • How to identify the smallest details that ensure the greatest success
  • I ask, “If you could go back in time, what would you tell a young Andy?”
  • How to gain ground in the huge wide world that is beyond you
  • How to know what you don’t know

Listen here:



Thanks for listening folks!

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Chris LoCurto


March 3, 2017

85% of Business Owners Are Stuck In Their Job

how to grow business, scale business model

Do you worry about your business never being able to run without you?

I learned the other day the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 85% of U.S. businesses depend on the owner to run the day-to-day operations.

So chances are that if you own a business, you’re in the 85%, and to top it all, there’s no clear plan for changing it.

I’ve met and helped thousands of business owners in the last two decades, and I know that even though most of them enjoy working and growing a business, they also want the results of owning a business.

Results like more flexibility in their daily schedule, time for family, hobbies, and vacations, and solid personal income.

I’ve known countless owners who don’t make anywhere close to what they pay their team members!

It’s something few owners want to share publicly, but it’s incredibly common.

And they’re caught in a crazy cycle of not knowing exactly how to scale their business so it’s not dependent on them, and being too busy to learn how or implement change, so they stay stuck.

I’ve been there, I know what it’s like to wonder if you can lead a team to success and grow a business without feeling like you’re climbing a new mountain every single day.

I know what it’s like to struggle in growing a business and wondering if it’s going to be an EVERY…DAY…FIGHT!

The good news is I’ve discovered systems to make every team successful and every business profitable. 

My team and I have taken that very information, and have helped thousands of leaders to do the same while creating team buy-in, greater revenues, and considerably less conflict along the way.

Now here’s the thing…the problem isn’t your leadership, the problem is that you haven’t been taught HOW to overcome these obstacles and make the changes stick.

We have an event that teaches a 3-part system on how to grow your business by scaling it correctly, lead your team more effectively, and fuel growth with proven marketing and sales processes.

It’s called the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event.

The first part is where we teach you how to lead each team member to greater productivity and performance, how to move each team member from unhealthy conflict to unity, and how you can boost each team member’s productivity by learning how they are NATURALLY motivated.

The second part is where we focus on you as a leader by teaching you how high performing leaders accomplish their highest priorities, maintain mental strength, and scale their business with excellence.

And finally, we focus on growing your business by showing you how to market and attract more people who are JUST LIKE your best customers today, win more customers in less time and with less hassle, and keep more people coming back to do business with you.

You’ll leave the event with greater communication to get the highest productivity, greater leadership skills to lead your team more confidently, and repeatable systems to drive greater, more predictable growth.

You’ll be on the path of growing a business, not a lifelong job, and bust out of the 85% of owners who are stuck in their business.

So if you’re ready to go from stress, failure, and lack of confidence in your leadership, to team unity, focus, and successful growth in your business, register today for the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event right now!


Chris LoCurto


March 2, 2017

5 Steps To Overcome Guardedness and Live More Authentically

how to not be guarded, live authentically, authenticity

Are you fully open or vulnerable with your family or friends?

If you’re not, guess what? You’re pretty darn normal, and there are reasons for that.

But have you ever worked on figuring out why you’re not more open, and what holds you back?

Oftentimes, people blame the other person in the relationship.

Perhaps you’ve thought or said something like…

“I’d be more open, if they’d be.”

“If they treated me better, I’d open up.”

“Anytime I try to be open, they respond in a way I don’t like…they try to fix it, tell me to get over it, or I end up hurt.”

If you’re guilty of any of these, brace yourself because here comes the painful part.

Do you see how there’s no personal ownership or responsibility in any of these statements?

When we take a victim stance or blame someone else, we eliminate any chance of changing the situation, and we stay stuck in it.

We put it all on the other person, and because we “can’t change them” or “they just won’t change,” we build up walls and become guarded to protect ourselves.

next-level life, create a plan for your life

And when we guard, other people will, too, and now we have two people cycling against each other, instead of pouring into each other.

This destroys relationships.

Here are 5 steps to overcome guardedness and live more authentically and free. 

1. Pray for God to change you, and the relationship. 

I firmly believe that God changes us from the inside out, and heals relationships, especially when we’re diligent and ask for His help.

Pray for His peace and help, and surrender it to Him.

2. Start with you.

Diligence starts with learning to be more open, and discovering all of the pieces in your Root System that are causing you to guard and protect.

This is something we go super deep into in every Next-Level Life event, and is truly the key to any type of life change that lasts.

For right now though, it’s critical to understand personal responsibility is where to begin.

3.  Gain perspective from the other person to understand more. 

Ask questions to understand why they respond to you like they do, and ask questions to learn how you contribute to their guardedness.

Now here’s the thing. It’s super important to not be defensive or frustrated when they share.

Responses like these also come from your Root System, and until you’re able to overcome them, do your best to manage them.

Caution: If you’re talking to a very toxic person (i.e. controlling, abusive, very negative and judgmental), this step will be very difficult because the other person won’t be healthy enough to have a conversation like this.

If that’s the case, healthy boundaries are a must, as well as pouring into your relationship with God.

4. Be honest about how you feel. 

Right now you may be thinking, “But wait a second, Chris, this takes being vulnerable! I can’t do this step!”

You’re right, it does mean being open and vulnerable, but note that it’s not step 1 or 2.

If steps 2 and 3 go well, you’ll feel more open to share because you’ll have better perspective about why they respond like they do, and how you influence them.

Perspective provides understanding, and understanding is power.

5. Love them. 

When we understand each other better, we respond with more patience, acceptance, and grace, and judgement and frustration get sidelined.

That’s when our more authentic self comes out, and we can be more free to love well.

Love is the key. Love will end two people cycling against each other because when the other person feels loved, over time, they’ll love you better.

And when you both feel loved, unified, and trusting, you have little reason to guard and protect.

Depending on what’s going on today in your relationships, this step may feel like the last thing you want to do, but in relationships, someone must go first to change things.

Someone must lead toward healing, and remain committed to reversing the cycle of guardedness.

With God’s help, you can do this!

Question: Has guardedness held you back from having greater relationships? Comment below!

If you’d like to learn how Next-Level Life could benefit your life, click here. 


Chris LoCurto


February 28, 2017

4 Examples of Everyday Leadership in Action – Part II

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“I’m here to become a better father, husband, and leader.”

Today we are continuing the conversation from 4 Examples of Everyday Leadership in Action on how leaders are dealing with setting direction, focus, task saturation and stress in business and leadership every day.  We have three VERY special guests on the show today. Our clients and friends are giving their perspective as CEOs, Presidents, and entrepreneurs on walking out next-level leadership.

This episode is all about our clients who have been with us for years, giving you the unscripted answers and stories on how they’re leading their team members to success. We dive into:

  • How they have solved task saturation in their leadership roles
  • Shot gun approach vs. focus in leadership
  • How to finish what you start as a team
  • Mental, physical, and spiritual health as a leader
  • How to manage overwhelm

 Listen here:

Learn what these leaders are implementing everyday in their business, making DNA in their culture. Register for the Next-Level Leadership Live Event here:


Thanks for listening folks!

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Chris LoCurto


February 23, 2017

The Secret To Overcoming Fear Of Failure (And The Root Cause)

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fear of failure, overcome fear

Have you ever noticed that success in business, life, and leadership has so much to do with overcoming fear of failure?

Perhaps you know people or maybe you are someone who grew up in a “suck it up” or “failure isn’t an option” home.

Or you’ve experienced failures in the past, and family or friends responded in a way that left you feeling not good enough.

Failure isn’t the problem though. Failure is a part of life.

It’s the fear of failure that jacks a person up, and it’s a lack of perspective on WHY it’s jacking you up and where it came from in your life that holds you back.

One place it can come from is a parent who always gave you a reason to not do something.

“Don’t do that, Paul, or you’ll get hurt.”

Another place it comes from is how people responded to you when you failed.

“Paul, you’re such an idiot! Don’t you know better than to do that!”

Or maybe failure just wasn’t an option for you. Excellence was expected, and if you didn’t perform, disappointment instantly set in.

Any of these scenarios can train you to fear failure.

The thing is, failure is one of the greatest teachers. Without it, we have to trust that we know everything to be successful in every situation. The truth is, we don’t!

When I see leaders who carry the same broken belief system of “no failure allowed”, I usually find it’s because they have been held to the same impossible standard by someone in their past as well.

Experiences like these leave a giant deposit in what I call your Root System.

Your Root System

What’s Root System?

We are all the sum of what’s happened in our past, and the influence we’ve allowed in. That makes up the Root System, and that’s from where we make every decision.

We go super deep into discovering your Root System in our 1-on-1 Next-Level Life event.

And that includes decisions like fearing failure. Yep, fear is a choice.

The tough truth to face is that all influence is allowed in.

next-level life, create a plan for your life

It doesn’t get locked into our brain unless we let it. Until we choose to believe it, it’s just a suggestion.

For me, knowing I have a say about the influence I allow in, who I spend time with, and that we can learn how to be less fearful is freeing!

This means success is rooted in the quality of our decisions, and great decisions are made with great perspective.

Gaining Perspective

Here are 9 questions to ask yourself to gain perspective and overcome fear of failure.


You have to ask why. Why this, why that, why? Dig, dig, dig. Get as much information as you can. Talk to as many people as you can. Talk to your leaders, talk to your team.

Get great, clear perspective. How much time do I have to gain perspective? Go ballistic. Gather as much information as you can.


What am I afraid of in making this decision? Where’s my fear here? What is causing me to worry? What is causing me concern?

Do I have enough perspective on that? Do I have enough information on what it looks like when it does work out, and when it doesn’t work out?

Look at everything that’s causing you to be afraid of making the decision.


Is somebody pushing me? Is somebody pressuring me? Is a situation pressuring me? Am I making the decision because of fear?


Start removing things from the table.

Those would be elements that you can say, “if this is going to be the outcome, then ‘no’ is the answer. I’m not going to do this.” Start removing those pieces.

Start removing excuses. For example:

Excuse: “I don’t know if we can get this done in this time frame.”

Challenge it: Why not? Are there things holding you up, or is this more important than other things?


Questions to ask to determine the impact: How is this going to impact my team? How is this going to impact our revenues? Is this going to have a negative effect? If it failed miserably, could put a huge dent in our finances?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these, yank it off the table, period. If the answer is no, the outcome can be controlled. This is a variable situation.


How long will I, or my team, have to live with this decision? What’s the impact of that? Is that acceptable?


What happens if we don’t? Is everything going to be okay? Is everything going to be copacetic, same as always? Or is that going to impact us in a negative way?

What if we don’t pull the trigger on this bad boy? Does that, all of a sudden, cut opportunities out from underneath us? Look at that possibility.


What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen?

What’s the likelihood of it? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “it’s unlikely” 10 being “yeah, it will abso-stinkin-lutely happen”, determine the possibility of worst case scenario.


How do I feel about this process? What is your gut saying? If you have done all of these things and if you still feel weird in your stomach about making this decision, then pull back.

Do not make the decision. Hold off.

I believe it’s one of a couple of things. It could be God, very possibly.

It could be that you are questioning whether or not you did get all the great information, or it could be that you’re questioning whether or not you trust the information.

Usually, it’s either a spiritual gut check, or it’s a “I don’t think I did my due diligence.”

As long as you go back and make sure you do your due diligence, and it’s still there, it is my belief, the world according to Chris, that its going to be a spiritual issue. Pull back, don’t do it.

Do this yourself, and what you’ll find is every big decision that you make going forward, whether it be business or life, you will have a new force-of-habit thinking.

Ask these questions to make sure you get to absolute clarity, so you make the strongest decisions possible, not fear-based decisions.

next-level life, create a plan for your life

Question: Is fear of failure holding you back from making strong decisions?


Chris LoCurto


February 21, 2017

4 Examples Of Everyday Leadership In Action

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Your growth as a leader starts right now, and requires you to show up everyday. 

Today we are talking about how leaders are dealing with mistakes from team members, failure, personality styles, and values every day.  We have three VERY special guests on the show today. Our clients and friends are giving their perspective as CEOs, Presidents, and entrepreneurs on walking out next-level leadership.

This episode is all about our clients who have been with us for years, giving you the unscripted answers and stories on how they’re leading their team members to success. We dive into:

  • How to lead by personality style
  • Vulnerability in leadership
  • How to handle team member mistakes
  • Addressing failure and its impacts in business
  • Leading and hiring based on values and motivators

To hear about greater performance using personality styles, listen here:

[jump to 5:00, 11:00]

To hear about handling team member mistakes, listen here:

[jump to 37:00]

To hear about their experiences with vulnerability on their leadership team, listen here:

[jump to 15:00]

To hear about dealing with failure, listen here:

[jump to 22:50]

Learn what these leaders are implementing everyday in their business, making DNA in their culture. Register for the Next-Level Leadership Live Event here:


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Chris LoCurto


February 7, 2017

The Confident Leader FREE Video Series!

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Leaders NEVER have a lack of stuff on their plate…It’s easy to become stretched too thin, frustrated with communication, and overwhelmed by tasks.

I know how hard it can be to lead a team to success.

Learn how to build a stronger, more successful team. For FREE. Get access to our new Confident Leader Free Video Series on the 3 Core Strategies to Becoming a More Focused, Effective Leader.


Here’s what I’ll cover in the video series:

  • Framework to proper delegation that actually works
  • Proven processes to get tasks off your plate as a leader
  • The answer to one of leadership’s greatest frustrations
  • How to communicate effectively with the Personality Styles on your team
  • How to make your team successful
  • How to stop tasks from “boomeranging” back to you as a leader
  • Formulas and strategies used by highly successful leaders to gain time and make money

Go here to register for the FREE Video Series!

See you on Video One!



Chris LoCurto


February 7, 2017

A Huge Life Change Takes Perspective, Not Magic

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Can people change?

People weigh in on this topic in everyday conversation, and so many conclude people can’t… To grow, to have a stronger life, change must happen. It is absolutely up to you to change yourself if you want a better, stronger life.

It’s not easy. Getting great perspective on life isn’t easy either.

So many friends and family member have well meaning advice…but true perspective is what allows people to change. It is what brings freedom. Our guest today shares how she worked past her habits and feeling like she was never going to get it right. Here’s how to gain phenomenal perspective on challenges in life, and learn what is keeping you from her authentic self. Listen here:

Keep scrolling for the partial interview transcript. 

Was there any nervousness coming in?

I had a huge bundle of nerves coming into my Next-Level Life event. I was absolutely afraid of judgement, afraid of what was going to come out of it, am I going to be told that I’m doing everything wrong? As soon as I walked in the door I could not have felt more welcome, more at ease. immediately all the nerves went away. I experience absolutely no judgement – I felt free to share things I have never shared before with anyone in my life. It was so freeing to put everything out on the table.

I felt completely safe. That is the perfect word for it. I feel like I could share absolutely anything and we could look at the why. I felt like it was better than home.

What have you discovered when looking at other people after your Next-Level Life event?

As I’ve been launched into my Next-Level Life, it’s been entirely different. I’ve had huge life challenges come my way. I could feel my old habits there, they didn’t go away, but I was able to stop and assess the situation and really think about why was I feeling this way. Sometimes all it takes is two seconds to look at what’s going on, and it changes the outcome drastically. I feel like every day I get closer to that authentic version of me.

There is the authentic version of us, and then the one that we put on for others – the one that lives believing lies about us and others.

I was an “I” person going into the event, everything was focused around me. My focus has completely changed. Coming out of the process, I start every day a completely different way. The action plan I have has made a change in how I approach things … I can manage things now, because I’m not focused on me all the time – I’m changing the way I live my life.

What were the biggest revelations?

An hour into my event….we had the salvation conversation. It tied into every other piece of my event: truths, lies, my focus in life…all of it.

When tough times happened before, how did you respond? How do you respond to tough times now?

Before, I had a terrible habit of folding into myself. When tough times happened I thought that the world was against me, my problem solving was useless, I wasted huge amounts of time feeling bad about myself, I felt like I was never going to get it right…

Afterwards it is an absolute 180. When the tough times come, I actually hold onto that joy that I experienced during the event. The challenge in front of me is just that, a challenge. I can overcome, and I will be stronger for it. That has been my experience since my event.

“Life is not hard stuff and you get happy in between, life is joy and celebration, and having a focus. The challenges are just part of the trip.”

Facing things that are negative about yourself are never easy. I’m a high I (DISC Profile) so I’m scared of judgement, it was tough to take a look at the things I’m doing. It was hard to see how selfish I was being. If you had asked me that, I would never have seen it but realizing that, now I can change it.

There’s nothing in life that compares to being able to change.

It’s so easy to look at someone and say, “look, there’s so selfish…” and judge them. That selfishness is just what we call the “surface-level response.” Many many many times it is an act of protection. Being selfish is an act of trying to find worth, feel better about you because of things that have happened in your past. We’re all selfish at times, we all choose to be selfish and have selfish tendencies. It’s important to look at why we behave that way. 

How did you discover where you were getting your worth?

I was 100% getting my worth from other people. I would look to someone else to tell me I was okay, I needed someone else to tell me I was “good” to feel “good.” During the event, I found my worth is in God and I found that God loves me. I don’t need to find worth in anyone else. That shift has made the biggest difference in my life.

What is the most empowering thing you learned?

It was at the very very end, you sate me down and said, “so we’ve laid out this plan, what is going to get in your way?” I thought and thought, and the only thing that is going to keep me from my authentic self and all we discovered…is me. That in itself is empowering, that no one else has control over what happens in my life.

I’m the only thing in my way, I CAN do anything.

We look at suffering as a bad thing. We think that if we suffer, we need to get out of it as soon as possible…How do you see suffering now?

I didn’t like it, I wanted life to be roses and rainbows. I’ve gone through challenging things and now I’m so grateful for them. I anticipate going through more, I want to become that richer, deeper, more experienced person.

Life is short. Why would you want to live it in a way where you know you can be better? Take the next step. I wouldn’t want to hold off one more minute thinking about the way I was living then compared to living now.

Here’s what you can do this week:

Learn more about Next-Level Life, or talk to us and see if it’s going to be an incredible fit for YOU.


Thanks for listening folks!

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January 31, 2017

What Toxic Culture Looks Like, And How To Avoid It

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podcast live call in Q&A most recent (14)

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Terrible customer service can be incredibly frustrating. This week we had a taste of it at the office. Here’s why it matters in your leadership…

Today we are talking about customer service. Here’s the phone call we experienced at our office this week, listen here:

[jump to 4:45]

It takes a lot to get me upset… this phone call did it pretty quick.

For me, caring more about money, making a sale, than serving God’s kids is a spiritual issue.

There comes a time in your role as a leader where you have to take responsibility for your company’s actions. Don’t be surprised if you lose business when you treat the actual business…like business! Instead, you have to treat your customers like they are actually the ones contributing to your 401K. Treat your customers like they’re the ones who are putting the food on your table.

Yes, there are times that the customer is wrong. I believe that. The customer might not always be right, but the customer should be honored. To continually mistreat customers and then wonder why you’re losing business, is ridiculous.

After listening to the phone call, do you see the culture that’s inside of this business? For me, culture comes down to two things: actions and attitudes. What you teach, what you lead, the integrity you teach…it becomes DNA in a business.

You have to ask yourself this question: “Is money worth having this kind of culture, DNA, in your business?”

If you want to be successful in creating a phenomenal culture… you must define it.

Here’s what you can do this week:

  1. Write down what you want your culture to look like. Define it! What actions do you want when it comes to: working, clients and customer service, team members, leadership? Integrity? Culture?
  2. Ask yourself the questions first, then bring others in and see their feedback. Ask if you measure up as a business to what you wrote down.

Thanks for listening folks!

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January 24, 2017

The 3 Skills Successful Entrepreneurs Share

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“The three skills entrepreneurs and leader need to master: productivity, discipline, and focus.”

Serving entrepreneurs with free, valuable and consistent content. When I hear these words, I think of my friend John Lee Dumas, host of the EOFire podcast. John is on the podcast and today we’re talking about what makes entrepreneurs and leaders successful… what sets them apart.

In this episode we walk through how to get to success through mastering productivity, discipline, and focus. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The Pomodoro technique
  • “How to win tomorrow, today”
  • The importance of having a vision for your time to utilize it
  • What’s in the Mastery Journal for you
  • A framework for new habits that WILL work
  • How to get an accountability partner that won’t let you fail
  • Masters in Training



To master productivity, discipline and focus in 100 days, go check out The Mastery Journal at

Freedom Journal

John and I’s episode on EOFire


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January 17, 2017

3 Lies Leaders Believe

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“Today we are talking about 3 lies leaders tell themselves daily…”

If you’re anything like me, these are things I’ve struggled with in the past…so many leaders get caught up in these lies. We’ll cover three of the biggest lies many leaders tell themselves, why, and what you can do about it TODAY in your leadership.

     1. “Leading people is like leading me”

Do you tend to hire people with personality styles that match up to you?

If you’re hiring just like you, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Each personality style brings incredible strengths to a team, and you’re missing out if everyone on your team is just like you!

On the other hand, if you have different personality styles on the team then I am going to guess that you may struggle with leading them according to their personality styles.

As a leader, it can be so frustrating to not understand why your team isn’t doing what you’re asking of them…or continually falling short in an area or role. If you find yourself in this place as a leader, stop and ask, “how am I leading them to success? Am I leading them based on their personality style? Is what I’m asking them going against their personality style?”

Asking the right questions is crucial, and I’ll dive into all the specifics of this lesson at the Next-Level Leadership Live Event.

Leading well, is leading your team in the way they receive information. If you need a crash course on Personality Styles, get the tools you need here.

If you want a successful team, you must lead them based on their personality style, not how you want to be led.

     2. “How I act and react, is how my team acts and reacts”

Many leaders believe everyone should respond to a situation the way they do. In leading, you must act and react in a way that is beneficial to them. Communication looks very different for high D’s than it does for high S’s. Your team needs to hear information in a way that will move them forward…sometimes for high D’s, it’s a two-by-four over the head.

You can’t just sit back and ask, “why are they not where I need them to be?” You have to be asking the question, “is this exactly the role they need to be in?” Put a plan together to make your team member successful, and they will get to where you need them to be.

     3. “How I hear and understand things as a leader, is how my team hears things.”

Years ago, I had an event coordinator working for me that was fantastic. Why? Because she thought the way I did. I just knew if I gave her information, she would make it happen. So I promoted her, and brought in another person to fill her role. I would say to my new hire, “hey, go do this thing.” She would leave and come back asking, “What exactly is it you wanted me to do?” She would go out again and then come back…”So, what did you want me to do?”

I could not understand why it was such a challenge. To figure out what was going on, I decided to go with this team member and see where the issue was happening.

I quickly found out, I was the problem.

I kept trying to lead her the same way as I did her predecessor. I kept assuming she would be able to do exactly as I was asking without giving any information…and that was my mistake. I went back and poured through her DISC profile, and saw everything I was doing to set her up for failure. I was expecting her to be the same, and not leading her in her strengths. She needed far more details. I also quickly figured out that her predecessor would always get it done, but with a trail of destruction in her wake. Highly detailed personalities need to be led in a completely different way.

The keys are understanding how each individual hears things, understands concepts, acts, reacts, and how they need to be led in their personality style. There are no hacks to this. You need to learn how to lead each person individually. It will make you a better leader.

To take this content a step further and apply it to your leadership and business everyday…learn the tools you need to lead your team confidently, scale your business the right way, and get out from under your daily tasks to become the strongest leader for you team, register for the Next-Level Leadership Live Event.

Here’s something you can do today, RIGHT now

Think about someone on your team that you’re struggling to lead…

  1. Sit down with their personality profile.
  2. Read through all the information and see if it leans in the direction of the role you have them in.
  3. See how they see leaders, projects, how they approach you.

And lastly…ask yourself, “what have I not led them well in?”


Next-Level Leadership Live Event

If you need a crash course on Personality Styles, get the tools you need here.

Thanks for listening folks!

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January 10, 2017

How To Lead Yourself, Starting with Mindset

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how to lead yourself, starting with mindset

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“Your personal life and your business life are intertwined..who you are directly impacts what you do in business.”

Your success in leadership starts with growing you, and it starts with what you’re telling yourself right now.

Our guest on the show today is a best-selling author, speaker, life coach, marathon runner, and host of the fantastic podcast, “Life Is A Marathon.” Bruce Van Horn is not only an inspiring coach, he is also a friend of mine.

Today Bruce and I dive into what it he calls, “ReStorying,” for individuals and leaders.

We’re constantly narrating a story in our lives.

                  E         +         R        =         O

             [Event]        [Response]     [Outcomes]

It’s not the events of our lives that determine the outcomes, it’s the responses to those events. We tell ourselves stories around these events.

It’s so easy to play the victim. It takes strength and courage to look at the same event and tells the truth, in a way that moves us forward.

In this episode we walk through ReStorying. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How story shows up in business, leadership, and decision-making
  • What ReStorying has to do with casting vision
  • How to inspire others
  • How to train your mind against negativity and criticism
  • How to build positive experiences into your life
  • The steps to overcoming the hardships you’ve experience
  • How ReStorying helps our focus as leaders

Bruce Van Horn’s Twitter Feed
Life Is A Marathon Podcast

Thanks for listening folks!

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Chris LoCurto


January 3, 2017

The Game-Changing Power of Good To Great

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We were in a “life is good, but life isn’t great place.”

“Like everyone walking around we have stuff we’ve been through. We’ve had counselors over the years and learned and healed from it but not completely….”

Next-Level Life was the thing between us being 75% healed, and getting to a full understanding, clarity, and a rock-solid foundation for our family.

Before Next-Level Life, we were in a “life is good, but life isn’t great place.” We navigated through a lot of wounds but we were in a season of our life and marriage that I knew there was more. There was more freedom God desired for us, and things we didn’t want to pass on to our children.

Listen to Brent and Sarah’s full story here:

Q: What are some things you discovered prior to your Next-Level Life Event that were holding you back?

Sarah: I was a very big people pleaser, I would apologize for any little thing in my life. Very quickly you helped me to realize that it wasn’t my responsibility to make others happy, and that I wasn’t the problem. Next-Level Life has given me so much freedom to be more. I’m much more confident in our marriage, in sharing my opinion without worry it will offend or inconvenience him.

I can stand up and speak for myself in a confident way now, and it has brought a lot of health to our marriage and my family….Now I’m free to be me. Now I’m finally able to embrace who God has created me to be and really love who he’s created. and think, “Wow, I”m glad I get to be me today.”

Before my event, I didn’t really know me or love me because i was trying to be somebody else for someone else.

Brent: There are many things I struggle with… and Next-Level Life highlighted the bottom of the pool and why those things occurred… why I would self sabotage. I need context and the why before I can understand something – getting that was game-changing.

Next-Level Life is a start to a journey, and a reset, truth being unleashed in your life. I can now move forward with some really awesome intentionality.

You don’t just come to Next-Level Life and take a magic pill and everything’s fixed, you now have the tools to walk forward and fix it.

Listen to the full episode here:

Chris LoCurto


December 23, 2016

Announcing the Winner of our ‘Guess The Lessons’ Contest

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Congratulations to Candice LePorte Emden on winning the “Guess The Lessons” Facebook contest to win 50% off a Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event ticket!

candice lePorte, chris locurto, next-level leadership live event

Candice LePorte won the “Guess The Lessons” Facebook contest, and won a VIP ticket for 50% off to the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event in Nashville, Tenn., May 11-13, 2017.


Her entry (go to my Facebook page to see it) was the closest guess to the topics for an upcoming free video lesson series, and has been crowned the winner! Woot Woot!

Thanks to everyone who participated! We loved seeing your submissions!

Here’s the contest picture posted on my Facebook page. In case you’re wondering (admit it, you are) LHD stands for Love, Hate, Delegate; C stands for Culture; D stands for Delegation; and PS stands for Personality Styles.


Be on the lookout for the free video lesson series in the near future!

If you’re interested in joining Candice, a whole bunch of other leaders, and my team and me at the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event in May, click here to register!


Chris LoCurto


December 21, 2016

How To Scale Your Business with Excellence [Blog]

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Nearly every company coming in for StratPlan, and almost every leader coming in through our Next-Level Mastermind group asks me these questions, “Chris, how can I scale? I want to grow, What do I do next?”

In this post, I’m going to share some of the same keys to scaling with excellence I’ve coached leaders on for years.

1. A Mindset of Gaining Perspective 

I’m talking about your growth as a leader…as an individual. To have successful growth, you must take time to gain quality perspective on the How and Why.

So many leaders want to go after a new project, and then try to backfill what they don’t have. BEFORE you chase off after your next great opportunity, dive into the how and the why of what you’re doing.

Every 6 months we are re-casting vision to plan out our next 90 days, 6 months, and 12 months. We have a system we use as a leadership team every single time.

Our focus in on how many things we can get done with the time we currently have. There are so many ways to go after a new growth project…but you need to push yourself to go after it the right way. 

Live in the process of gaining perspective on your true capacity of resources. Focus in on your capacity of resources as a leader, in your business, and as a team.

There are plenty of next, great ideas. You have to know how to implement, and know if that’s where your focus should be.

Ask yourself: Is this the smartest thing to be focusing on right now? Can we do this with excellence?

If either answer is a no, then it’s not the smart thing to do.

**Warning to leaders and entrepreneurs: don’t fall into the trap of scaling or creating out of boredom. This will get you into so much trouble, if you are not answering the right questions.

2. Keep Energy In The Moneymaker 

The main thing that causes leaders to fail in new ventures: Pulling energy away from the moneymaker.

Shifting all your energy to a new project tends to cause the thing that’s gotten you where you are to fail. Why?…

Because almost every single time a leader pulls their energy to where they want to go “now,” they pull energy away from what’s making them money.

After energy, the next thing that goes is team moral. Why?

Now there’s a lack of vision and direction. When a team does not have vision and leadership, they lose moral and focus, and you lose revenue.

To go more in-depth and hear how we keep energy in our business, listen here: Ep. 206: The 3 Keys to Scaling Your Business with Excellence.

90% of the time, the thing that’s been making you money is what will fund your new venture!

Some leaders even tell me, “I want to build this up, then only spend a couple days in the business.”

Guess what? It will. not. work.

If you’re not going to be the energy, you need to create energy inside the business.

3. Install Champions

One of the ways to create and keep energy in your business is to install a champion over the process. Someone who can lead the team, knows how to grow a specific area, and loves focusing on that area.

If they can lead it to success, you can remove SOME of you, and focus in another area.

Keep energy in multiple areas to grow the things that make money, that change lives.

I don’t care if it’s an old venture or a new venture, you have to have the energy, you have to have the vision, and you have to have champions in place.

If you can do this and lead effectively, you will not lose. Even if the new area loses, you have not damaged your current money making process that has gotten you to where you are.

If you’re wanting to grow or scale your business, or add a whole new product line or service, you must put champions in place. As a leader you can’t be in the day-to-day tasks heading up the processes, you need champions in place for that. Then you must lead your champions.

Listen here for my full rant: Ep. 206: The 3 keys to Scaling Your Business with Excellence.

These are just 3 of the key pieces of scaling with excellence that I’ll teach on at the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event, May 11-13, 2017 in Nashville, TN.

Want the full lesson? Go here.

At the event, I teach leaders how to get out from under their daily tasks so they can lead leaders, and grow their businesses and team.

Whether they are a leader, entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter. I want you to be leading leaders, I want you to be getting out from under the 17,000 tasks you have to do in a day – that’s ridiculous, that’s not your role.

You have to get tasks off your plate and start leading leaders.

If you are thinking about scaling, get your butt to this event. If you want to know how to grow your leadership, your sales and marketing…get to this event. Whether you’re a leader or a business owner, we’re going to be deep diving on how to build a stronger, more successful businesses and teams.

This event doesn’t just change your business, leadership, and team, it will change your life.

Hurry, for only a couple of weeks you can get our generous holiday deal and save hundreds! Don’t miss out! Get your Leadership Event tickets now:


Chris LoCurto


December 20, 2016

Vision Casting, Strategy, and Your Calling

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On today’s episode we dive into high-level leadership strategy, and walk through what purpose is in life and work. Steve calls in and asks about how to discover your purpose in a new role and job situation, leadership strategies, and working with leaders and entrepreneurs.

Here’s what we walk through in this episode:

  • What God says about your core purpose in life, AND work
  • How to find a clear path to dollars as a leader
  • The right mindset for strategic planning
  • How to have effective leadership retreats
  • Vision casting
  • How to find and set company direction


Next-Level Leadership Live Event is going to be a jam packed 3 days looking at making you, your team and your business successful in every area with new perspective. Hurry, our Christmas Early Bird ends soon! Get your tickets now:



Chris LoCurto


December 15, 2016

Registration Now Open for Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event, Discount Ends Soon

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Chris LoCurto, leadership event, next level leadership live event

I’m so excited to announce registration is now open for our Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event!

This is our biggest leadership event of the year, and will be here in Nashville, Tenn., from Thurs., May 11th through Sat., May 13th.

Save those dates!

Go here to learn more and get your tickets!

Also, don’t miss out on getting the lowest ticket prices possible, and save $200 off a full price ticket until Dec. 31. Our gift to you!

Here’s the awesome lineup of lessons you’ll learn to take your leadership and team performance to the next level:

  • How To Lead Each Team Member to Greater Productivity and Performance
  • Understanding How Personality Styles Contribute To Conflict
  • How To Intrinsically Motivate Your Team
  • How High Performing Leaders Accomplish Their Highest Priorities
  • How Healthy Leaders Maintain Mental Strength
  • Scaling Your Business With Excellence
  • Creating a Healthy, High-Converting Sales Culture
  • A Sales Team’s Dream Framework
  • How To Discover, and Market To Your Top Converting Clients

CLICK HERE for all the details.

Imagine this…


3 days full of teaching/break out session/Q&A time …


Connecting with other leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs…


Enjoying the top floor of Sheraton Nashville Downtown Hotel where the Next-Level Leader’s Gala will be held…


Chowing down on some fantastic food…


Enjoying the Next-Level Leader’s Dinner and Live Coaching session with me and Joel Fortner…


Session breaks…


Learning from some of our amazing clients about how they’re putting to practice what you’re going to learn.

Get your tickets here.

And be sure to spread the word to anyone you want to come with you. There are a limited number of tickets available, so make it happen ASAP.

CLICK HERE for all details, FAQs, and hotel info.

I’m going to unpack more than 25 years of leadership and business experience growing and running multi-million dollar businesses from scratch.

These are the same strategies and processes I’ve taught to THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs and leaders over the years and to my high-end mastermind clients today.

The Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event won’t be another live event where you’re given a blank notebook and a pen and the host wings it for 3 days.

I’ve broken down the core methods and strategies I’ve used for over two decades to build unified, loyal, and highly productive teams.

I want to share the wisdom God has blessed me with with as many people as possible because this stuff really works!

If you want to take your leadership to the next level, then I invite you to join me at our upcoming Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event May 11-13, 2017 in Nashville, Tenn.

Reserve your seat now, and once you’ve moved forward with that decision behind you, you can check out your bonuses, and start planning your trip in May!

If you have any questions, feel free to email my team at

Thanks, and I can’t wait to see you in May!

Go here to learn all about and register for the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event!