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Chris LoCurto


November 30, 2012

Business And Leadership Means Giving

November 30, 2012 | By | 12 Comments">12 Comments

In a little bit, our whole company is heading out to support local ministries. Some are going to set up The Manger at GraceWorks, which is provides gifts for families in need.

Some are going to Second Harvest Food Bank which provides families in need of food. Some are going to the Salvation Army, which I’m pretty sure you’re aware of.

Each year we do so much to give with our business to change lives. But throughout the year, we also take many opportunities to go into the community and help those in the greatest need. Why? Because that’s what it’s really all about. Taking care of God’s children.

Last year, GraceWorks shared with us that we, as a team, did months worth of work in just four hours. That’s pretty cool in my book!

If you haven’t taken the chance to do this with your team, I can promise you it’s life changing! Not only for those who will receive the blessings from these incredible organizations, but your team will be blessed beyond measure.

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  • Jana Botkin

    I remember your video of this day from last year. It looked so fun and made me feel left out – you all ever need a California artist at your company??

  • Carol Dublin

    We at GraceWorks cannot say thank you enough for such incredible service from Lampo! We have such a small staff and are stretched so thin, especially this time of year, that to have so many gazelle-intense volunteers serving is just overwhelming. It enables us to keep our focus on serving our clients better. What a HUGE blessing!

    And Chris, it was so great to see you yesterday – thank you!

  • Tim Hardesty

    Am I off base, or is Dave Ramsey being a little hippocritical today. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey.
    In this article by Chris Locurto, a VP at the Dave Ramsey organization, he describes how the Dave Ramsey organization is
    shutting down this afternoon to allows it’s 350 employees to go do service in the community. This is good, and sounds like a version of corporate giving. However, I have also heard Dave Ramsey say that he could not find any biblical evidence that supports corporate tithing, and that tithing should come from the individual. I am lumping giving and tithing together.
    I believe a companies should be focused on providing the best product or service. Period. It is the individual’s responsibility to support the social causes they believe in with their own time, talent and treasure. When a company get’s involved in supporting social causes, it detracts from from their primary purpose. The company should distribute it’s profits to it’s employees or customers directly, then let them decide on what social cause they should support as an individual.

    • Jana Botkin

      Tim, I wouldn’t interpret Dave’s generosity with his company’s time and employees as hypocritical. His point about no basis for corporate giving is that it isn’t a requirement. This doesn’t make it bad – just optional. As a generous man with a generous reputation he is proving his generosity once again and providing his employees with the experience of generosity. (phew – think I could use that g-word one more time??)

  • Lily Kreitinger

    This is so awesome! It keeps individuals, families and organizations from navel-gazing. When you see that others have really a tough life, you stop whining about your own.

    My husband and I went to the worst part of downtown Detroit many years ago to spend one morning with the “Peanut Butter and Jelly” ministry, serving hot meals to homeless families. We were heartbroken to see the whole family line up so each member could get a little and they could all put it together for their meal of the day.

    The company I work for currently has been recognized in our area as one of the most active with volunteering and charity work and we just closed the campaign for the year raising 200K for our partner charities. Today many of us turned in greeting cards for injured service members who will spend the holidays in the hospital. Last night I asked my daughter to help decorate these cards because these folks are hurting. She got it and started drawing Christmas trees on it. Then she looked at me and said “I’m going to write I love you on them and sign my name. They need someone the cheer them up and we’re going to be the ones to do it, Mom”.

    If we’re all like 4-year-olds we will start turning this world into a much better place.

    • Carol Dublin

      Lily – this is so awesome! We do need to be like 4-year-olds and change the world!

  • Todd Liles

    We make it a rule to give as a family, and to give as a company. I know that we are not called to give as a company, but I feel like it returns blessings that always more than the time or money that is given.

    How many of you have had your life changed because someone gave? I can personally testify to the power of a giving spirit. My life was changed at 13 because of a caring person:

    Thanks for pointing towards a good cause.

  • Matt McWilliams

    Another reason why Lampo is such an awesome place to work.

    You are right on. As a team, my wife and I have rarely been closer than when we served the homeless downtown in the freezing cold or working at a youth camp for a week, or other times we have served. The same is true of any team.

    • Todd Liles

      Good for you Matt.

  • Tammy Helfrich

    I love it, Chris! We often take groups from our office to Feed My Starving Children. Have a great day of serving.

    • Todd Liles

      Awesome Tammy!