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Chris LoCurto


May 11, 2012

EntreLeadership Cattle Drive

It’s time for me to leave The EntreLeadership Tucson event and head to St George, Florida. I can say that this has been an absolutely amazing week. The people, the stories, the beauty…all incredible.


One of the coolest parts was going on a cattle drive/rodeo/bar b que/live band/dancing excursion. It was an absolute blast! It made me miss Tahoe. Well, all but the cattle drive. Along the way I met some new friends.

One of my favorites was Isaac. His heart is the biggest thing about him! And he can dance in his chair like nobody’s business!!


As we rode on the bus from the ranch, every few minutes Isaac would look over at me and wait for me to look at him and wave. Melted my heart!

I’m gonna miss this group, this place, and I already miss the beauty.

  • How cool is this?  And just makes me certain that an Entreleadership  is on my list of events to attend!  

  • both these images are looking so good on this location.

  • To save money on the Scentsy wax, I’d recommend buying them in a six-pack. You get one free that way, putting the average cost at $4 a bar.

  • You have a little over three days until your blog takes over Nashville for the Act at the Speed of Opportunity event. Now that you have cattle driving experience, we can not only occupy the front row, but we can wonder off from the heard and graze in our chairs and otherwise act like livestock, right? @ChrisLoCurto , Audience Wrangler. 

    • @Jonathan Henry @ChrisLoCurto Better be careful with this cowboy imagery…we may start demanding that you wear Wranglers and a Stetson…just sayin

    •  @Jonathan Henry  Jonathan! You are naughty!

  • Hey! Look who’s back!!  So glad that we were part of EntreLeadership through you sharing your pics.  We missed you tons!  Isaac is such an adorable little man.  It’s so great to know that the EntreLeadership community keeps growing and inspiring leaders.  We need to bring EntreLeadership to Minnesota!

    • @lilykreitinger Haha…Minnesota huh? Can you get a tan there? ;-)

      • Sure you can.  Someone asked what Summer is like in Minnesota. I said “It’s great. It’s the one DAY we go outside and have a picnic” :D

    • @lilykreitinger I vote for Washington state…but they could go to Minnesota right after Washington :)

    •  @lilykreitinger Hmmm! I missing such wonderful events here in India.

    •  @lilykreitinger What about Louisiana?

  • Sounds like a blast! BBQ is ALWAYS good :)
    Isaac is too cute in that picture! Why does he have a chair? …if it’s okay to ask…
    Hope a trip like that is some day in my future! :)

    • @Laura Johnson I couldn’t pronounce what he has.

      •  @ChrisLoCurto  @Laura  I can’t hear you, so I wouldn’t be able to tell if you were pronouncing it wrong ;)

        • @Laura Johnson @ChrisLoCurto @Laura So the real question is, could you spell it?

  • Sounds like it was an incredible week! Seems like you really connected with Isaac, based on what you said, and that great photo of you two!
    You were sorely missed this week by all of us here at your “home away from home”! Enjoy your weekend!

    •  @skottydog That is good to hear!! I missed you guys a ton. I just didn’t have the time in the day. I’m so glad you guys kept the conversation going so well. Thank you!!

      • @ChrisLoCurto yeah, I would imagine that wouldn’t have gone over too well…you checking Twitter feeds, and commenting on your blog while up on the stage or in small group sessions! Ha ha

        •  @skottydog  @ChrisLoCurto Actually, I’m in the air right now. Headed to Florida. :-)

        •  @skottydog It’s the only down time. :-)

        • @skottydog I think it would’ve been awesome… He shares some funny comment from a blog post on stage AHAHAHAHA

        •  @ChrisLoCurto  I had a picture of you wearing a cape… saving the world one leader at a time. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

        •  @ChrisLoCurto I suddenly pictured you wearing a cape, saving the world one leader at a time. Haaaaahaaahaaa!!

        •  @Skropp  @skottydog @ChrisLoCurto I think’s there potential here!  Do a live feed of a session via Ustream or Youtube.  Perhaps the lesson is on marketing with a focus on building a platform and the benefits of doing so for your business.  This way there’s a lesson for those who paid to be at Entre and it’s not just a free lesson for those who watch or us commenters.  Ustream has a a chat feature so people can comment, ask questions or just chat during the lesson.  Good tactic to promote Entre, too. What do you think, Chris?!!!

        •  @JoelFortner  @Skropp  @skottydog  @ChrisLoCurto Hey, we like FREE stuff! Next thing you know he’s going to charge us for commenting!

        •  @lilykreitinger  @ChrisLoCurto You should take a picture of Chris and super-impose a cape! haha :)

        •  @lilykreitinger I loved the picture of me as Superman that you sent me!!! If only I had all that hair. :-)

        •  @lilykreitinger  @JoelFortner  @Skropp  @skottydog hahaha….wait….that’s not a bad idea. 

        •  @Laura Johnson  @lilykreitinger And that she did! :-)

        •  @JoelFortner  @Skropp  @skottydog I love it! I need to look into that. 

        •  @ChrisLoCurto  @lilykreitinger I know!! She sent it to me :)  Too bad livefyre doesn’t have the capability to post pictures… ;)

        •  @ChrisLoCurto  @lilykreitingerI know!! She sent it to me :)  Too bad livefyre doesn’t have the capability to post pictures… ;)

        •  @JoelFortner Actually, I used to participate in a cool live video to twitter Q&A session in an online small business community. The community would post questions live via Twitter and a chat service, and the moderator would answer right then and there. It was really cool! Maybe that could be an upgrade to the live chat you guys do?? 

        • @ChrisLoCurto That will show you I have too much time on my hands lol

        •  @ChrisLoCurto  That’s true Chris! I have experienced the same.

    • @skottydog “home away from home” -like :)

    • @skottydog He was missed definitely. I like Lily’s idea of a chat room on the site so we can have discussions even when Chris is off saving the world one leader at a time….

      • @Skropp I have to look into that! I love that idea.

        • @ChrisLoCurto Look at it from a completely selfish point of view… Think of all the blog post ideas our convos will suggest to you :)

        • @Skropp True dat!!

        • @ChrisLoCurto Of course then some of us may do the same thing and we’ll end up with like 10 blog posts on the same subject in the same week, haha

        •  @ChrisLoCurto  @Skropp Next thing is to figure out how to get rid of  the comment spammers. They’re annoying!

        • @lilykreitinger @Skropp Are you talking about @JoelFortner?

        •  @ChrisLoCurto  @lilykreitinger  @Skropp I would never talk about Joel like that behind his back. :D

        • @ChrisLoCurto Haha I wasn’t thinking about @JoelFortner…but now that you bring it up…hahaha

        •  @ChrisLoCurto  @Skropp Here you go!

        •  @Skropp  @ChrisLoCurto AH MAN!!!!

        • @JoelFortner @ChrisLoCurto Dang, if we could only comment AND have fun! Haha

        •  @JoelFortner  @ChrisLoCurto  @Skropp There you got it! 

        •  @ChrisLoCurto  @lilykreitinger  @Skropp HaHa!!

        •  @lilykreitinger  @JoelFortner  @ChrisLoCurto  @Skropp  Chris, I don’t think you installed the plugin correctly.  Looks like Joel is still able to comment!  ha ha!!!  :^D

        • @skottydog @lilykreitinger @JoelFortner @ChrisLoCurto HAHAHA

        •  @Skropp  @ChrisLoCurto Works for me. 

        •  @Skropp  @JoelFortner  @ChrisLoCurto I know!! You guys are so stuffy!

        •  @skottydog  @lilykreitinger  @JoelFortner  @Skropp How does he keep getting in?!?! :-D

        • @ChrisLoCurto @JoelFortner Sooner or later we’ll learn to loosen up a bit…

        •  @lilykreitinger Oh heck ya!!! That is REALLY annoying!! We need a comment bouncer. 

      •  @Skropp  @skottydog Yes, but we need a feature to electronically kick the crap out of spammers!  

        • @skottydog Haha. Not just block or kick out…but kick the crap out of them haha love it

        •  @skottydog  @Skropp Scott, apparently you also post as “custom desk plates” and I post as “ipod accessories” 

        •  @skottydog  @Skropp And I hope wooden bedroom furniture, custom desk plates, dentistmanchester and ipod accessories don’t make the top 10 commentator list for May! HA HA HA!!!

        •  @lilykreitinger  I guess you’re going to have to make sure that doesn’t happen by doubling your number of comments ;) 

        • @lilykreitinger @skottydog I would be ROLLING ON THE FLOOR laughing if that happened!

        • @lilykreitinger @skottydog If either of those make the top 10 you do NOT get to take credit!! Haha

  • cabinart

    Trying to figure out the connection between an Arizona cattle-drive/BBQ/rodeo/live band/dance and Tahoe. Hmmm, must be the open country away from the congestion of the East coast.  Bet there are more twitches per capita on the right side of the Mississippi than on the left side.

    •  @cabinart Hahaha…I bet people don’t realize we know how to do rodeo in NorCal. :-) Don’t you have it down there? 

      • @ChrisLoCurto @cabinart Man I LOVE NorCal! One of my good friends lives in Sac and I went to Tahoe for spring break once :) Beautiful!! There’s some true cowboys in NorCal!

      • cabinart

         @ChrisLoCurto @Skropp Lots of cowboys in Central Calif. especially in the foothills where I am. Had annual roping event 2 weeks ago, and then a rodeo this weekend, competing for people’s attendance at the art fair where I’ll have a booth. Or maybe the rodeo types wouldn’t be inclined to attend the art festival. (I learned about the smell of beer at the Woodlake Rodeo back in jr. high when the band would march in the parade and then get sunburned to death watching the rodeo afterward.)

        • @cabinart @Skropp HAHAHA…yeah, that was my youth as well!!

        • @cabinart @ChrisLoCurto Nothin like a good rodeo….

  • Chris Johnston

    Great post. Thanks for sharing Isaac.  He someday will be a great man.

  • First off, Thank GOODNESS for a new post. I was starting to get the shakes, becoming irritable and losing sleep at night…(by the way, what are the symptoms of addiction withdrawals? Just curious…)
    Second, Isaac sounds totally awesome! Must be one of the coolest perks of the job, meeting such awesome people all over the country!
    Third, if you ever want to go on a cattle drive, let me know. I grew up on a cattle ranch and my parents still own it…could work something out ;)

    •  @Skropp Hahaha….I think that’s an acceptable addiction!!! And yes, Isaac was an amazing perk. I wanted to steal him but I don’t know how far I would have gotten. :-)
      You may get a call on that cattle drive someday my friend! Where is it? 

      • @ChrisLoCurto Whenever you want I’ll set it up. It’s in Central Washington State.

        •  @Skropp  @ChrisLoCurto Ummmmm……I like cattle.  #Justsayin

        • @JoelFortner @ChrisLoCurto Me too, especially on the grill :)

        •  @Skropp  @JoelFortner  @ChrisLoCurto Ok, we all go on a cattle drive…and then eat them. Who’s in? 

        • @ChrisLoCurto @JoelFortner On the Sieverkropp Ranch it’s not uncommon to finish off the day with a BBQ…or we could go out and call in and shoot some coyotes…

        • Or deer hunting if it’s the right time of year….or all of the above…as the song goes, “Thank God I’m a country boy!”

    • @Skropp.
      I thought I was the only one having withdrawals!

      • @skottydog You thought so???????? ;)

        •  @Laura Johnson  not really!   But I have to admit, I did check my inbox a couple of times this week and think something was wrong or Chris inadvertently got banished to the “junk folder”!

      • @skottydog Nope… Got depressed every morning when there wasn’t an email in my inbox telling me there was a new post haha

        • @Skropp IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE LOVED!!! :-D

        • @ChrisLoCurto It’s like I’ve told you before, the great info you give, as well as the awesome follow up insight from all the other commenters helps me not dwell on the crap of life and focus on making my future better…and THAT is priceless

        •  @Skropp  @skottydog So we all ran to Twitter to keep each other company… :D

        • @lilykreitinger @skottydog And now we’re all friends there too… What a clever way to get us all following each other…he’s always a step ahead!

        •  @ChrisLoCurto  I spent the week constantly refreshing your home page from various locations expecting a post. I’m guessing I contributed to vastly improving your SEO ranking by making it appear you had a huge spike in traffic, so I need an address to send the invoice for my services please. :)

        •  @Jonathan Henry I think it was in January when Chris didn’t post for like a week or something.  I had a couple of people ask me if he was okay!!!  You know you’re building a solid platform when………..

        •  @Skropp  @skottydog Aaron and Jana were so bored that they started comments on my blog… HA HA HA!!!!

        •  @lilykreitinger  @Skropp  @skottydog I don’t have twitter so I missed out :(  Sad.

        •  @Jonathan Henry BAH!!!! So that’s how I get those numbers?!

        •  @Jonathan Henry  @ChrisLoCurto LOL Jonathan – I was so refreshing too there for a few days before I realized that there was an Entre event going on. LOL That’s too funny.

        •  @lilykreitinger  @Skropp  @skottydog LOL LILY!!! That’s not true….I started commenting on your blog cus you write great stuff too! (Actually figured out how to get your posts to my inbox…hehe) 

      •  @skottydog  Nope, you’re in good company.  : )

      •  @skottydog Nope, I was too man! Thought I was the only one. Phew. :)