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Candida is a fungus, which is a form of yeast, and a very small amount of it lives in your mouth and intestines. Its main job? Helping out with digestion and nutrient absorption.
But when overproduced, candida can break down the wall of the intestine and penetrate the bloodstream — releasing toxic by-products into your body and causing leaky gut.


In the evening, put a clear glass of water by your bed. First thing in the morning, before you eat or drink anything, and before you brush your teeth, for 6 days in a row, work up a dime-sized amount of saliva, and you spit in the glass.

And then…. watch!

You don’t have to stare it down, but you watch it for about 45 minutes, check it two or three times. If you have candida overgrowth, you will see one or more of the following:


1. Strings (legs) hanging down from the saliva.

2. Heavy-looking saliva at the bottom of the glass.

3. Cloudy specks suspended in the water.


Does that saliva sink to the bottom? And if it does, then hey, there’s more of them than you. You must address Candida. Does it grow legs? That means that Candida is an issue for you, it’s out of balance, we have to get it in balance. Or does it stay floating on top? If it stays floating on top, then you are fine and that’s not necessarily your issue.


Two things that could affect the accuracy of your test:
  1. Make sure that you are well hydrated. If not, it could give you a false positive. (About a liter of water, so 33-34 ounces, for every 50 pounds of body weight. That would keep you hydrated enough.)
  2. Don’t have any dairy 3 days prior to the start of the test, and through the 6 day testing period. Dairy can thicken your mucosal membrane, and give you a false positive.






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