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Chris LoCurto


October 25, 2016

How Smart Leaders Motivate Their Team

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As a leader, you’ve got to make your team successful. That’s your job, that’s your role, period.

You have to look at every team member and employee as a responsibility to you, and a responsibility you have to God. You have a responsibility to train them, treat them well, and lead them well.

For today’s Q&A we dive into this question:

“I am a full time band teacher, and have a part time job with 6 staff who don’t get paid enough, how do I not feel guilty about delegating to these people who are almost volunteers when you look at their paychecks? I don’t want them to burn out and leave.”

For those of you listening, this is just as vitally important to those who have well paid staff. 

Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode:

  • How to motivate your team
  • How to properly delegate
  • How to successfully reward employees
  • The process of teaching and training your team members to be leaders


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