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Chris LoCurto


January 20, 2014

How to Create a KRA (Key Results Area)

January 20, 2014 | By | 34 Comments">34 Comments

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Key Results Areas are all about increasing productivity on your team because everyone knows what winning looks like in their role.

The major goal of a key results area is to improve communication…

If you’re not using KRAs, you and your team members are flying blind and being reactive instead of proactive.

What’s a Key Results Area:

A KRA is a list of the most important tasks you do every day to win. It’s a job description on steroids.

A good KRA includes the ongoing responsibilities of the position, and the purpose and benefits of performing those responsibilities.

Tasks and activities that focus on one or more specific areas are grouped together.

Whatever is expected must be in writing, reviewed, agreed upon, and signed by both the employee and the leader so there’s no confusion when something isn’t getting done.

Here are several Sample KRAs to help you get started.

Click Here to See Sample KRA’s

KRA, Key Results Area, Sample KRA,

Click here for three sample KRA’s


How To Develop a KRA:

The KRA should outline three to six major areas, with four to five bullets under each area drilling down on specific tasks.

  • Set aside an hour to the evaluate how you are currently spending your time and write down a list of things you do (or should be doing).
  • Ask yourself, “What makes my position essential to the success of the company?” What are you working on everyday to reach your mission and goals?
  • Make sure each key results area is specific, measurable, actionable, and essential. If you don’t do it, no one else will. If you do it, you’ll win and the company will succeed.
  • Ask yourself, “Are there tasks or areas that can be delegated?” Delegation increases your productivity.
  • Review your key result areas frequently, and make sure your goals align with your daily tasks.
  • If you need help creating your KRAs, inquire about our 1 hour KRA training. We can quickly help you develop KRAs for your entire team.


Question: How important are KRAs to your team members winning?


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  • berna

    pls help me with developing kra on Research development

  • Ciragi Silini

    Hi Chirs;

    I’m currently working in a Multinational company, and my desigantion is banking & treasury manager. I do so many detailled activities, daily , ocasionally & monthly, and all are important. Few days my boss asked me to send him the KRA for the annual review, thm i could not find a way to describe all im doing in order is understabdable. I can i group these activicties?

  • RollyBrown02789

    Excellent comments , Just to add my thoughts , if someone needs a a form , my business filled a sample version here

  • Ramajayam Sivaprakash

    I am a manager in sales to handed the govt sectors how to fox my kra

  • Mel

    Good afternoon Chris
    I was just appointed to the post of front office supervisor and was asked to get my KRA ready but it’s all new for me and am lost. Could you please help me

    • Hi Mel! I work on Chris’ team. Sign up above to get the KRA Samples and you’ll also receive lots of helpful resources to help create your KRA. Congrats on your new job!

  • Judy Gardose

    Hi Chris, I am a technical leader of our company. our boss asking me to make a KRA and KPI, could you help me or email me a sample of KRA and KPI?

    • Hi Judy! I work with Chris. You can get KRA samples above. Are you just making a KRA for you or is this something you’re doing across the company?

  • Thanks for the sample KRA charts. I can see how this would be valuable & help me to be more effective with my time. I’m looking forward to trying this out!

  • evy

    i am Quality Assurance in Ceramics Company, How KRA can help my work? thankz.

  • aral

    hi my position is high school administrative officer, since i am just a detailed employee in my present school i was assigned at the registrar office doing the following: receives request for tor or f137 and release the same, i also review the information encoded then i bring it to the principal for signature. i also answer queries of stakeholders on matters related to school credentials and advised them for any legal matters i.e. what to do to correct name in the birth certificate, secure second copy of diploma, cav of schools document, i also screen transacting people before they can proceed to the principal. based on the following pls. help me formulate kra, we have this new assessment tool being implemented this semester. Here are the following column titles: MFOs KRA, Objectives, timeline, weight per kra, performance indicators (quality, efficiency, timeless), actual results ratings and last column score. thank you aida

  • Dustin

    Chris –

    What would a KRA for the President of a company look like?

  • Ken Trupke

    Chris, two questions for you and the CLoTribe:

    1) How do you incorporate company values into KRA’s?

    Would you have “Be Friendly, Agile, and Innovative in all aspects of your work” as a KRA or would you reference them as part of the Position Summary above the list of KRAs?

    2) How do you use the KRAs during the dreaded annual performance review?

    Do you take notes on the KRA sheet during the meeting or create a separate Evaluation From listing the KRAs and commenting/evaluating performance of each?


    • I’ll be answering this on an upcoming podcast Ken!

      • Ken Trupke

        Cool! Definitely looking forward to it. Thanks, Chris!

  • Chris, can you possibly post some sample KRA’s to give folks some idea of their depth and focus? Sometimes it’s easier to do new things like this if we can kind of copy the rhythm, with our own information.

    • There should be a link in the middle of this post that takes you to the KRAs. Thanks Debra!

  • Chris, this is great info. After hearing you talk about KRA’s so often this is the clarity I needed to take action on creating them for my team and I. Thank you.

  • I’m planning on doing a KRA for myself in my solopreneurship. I know that this will help me to focus on what needs to be done. I may even develop a couple different KRAs, one for each aspect of the business. Then, when it comes time to hire, I have some things lined out already to help me during the hiring process.

    • Ken Trupke

      Great idea, Joshua!
      Kind of spin-off of Michael Gerber’s E-Myth idea of building a complete org chart even though your name goes in all the boxes at first.

      • Thanks, Ken. I haven’t read that yet, but I’ll add it to my list!

        Joshua Rivers

    • Fantastic idea Josh! That’s exactly what it’s for.

  • Sherry Carver

    Thanks Chris — this is great information as I have my goals, now I need to define where I want to be — I will use your 5 tips every month to re-evaluate

  • Frank

    How would you adapt this for coaches and athletes? I can draw some parallels, but wanted to get your take or other peoples’ ideas on this one.

    • Hey Frank, I will answer this as well on an upcoming podcast!

  • James Roberson

    KRA’s are one of the things I’m working toward writing and implementing. However, after seeing your samples I realize that the

    job descriptions I’ve worked up may be too detailed and more
    a KRA. Which explains why I was having
    difficulty wrapping my mind around how I would make the KRA’s. So, I think I’ll take a
    little broader look at the job descriptions and see about making some

    • hahaha…did that work out?

      • Yes? Unfortunately I’m still on the “in progress stage.” This got pushed to my back burner just a bit. However, it is back on the front burner now. We actually discussed it during our team meeting Tuesday. I gave everyone a “draft” of the job descriptions and asked for feedback on the descriptions as well as what they think would be good KRA’s. Looking forward to getting some ideas back.

        • I would love for you to comment here on how it goes for folks to see. Thanks James!

  • Jennifer

    Hi Chris, thanks for going over KRA. I just started my 4th year in my business and I have put the KRA’s in place. The most frustrating part is that every time I finally get people in place, something happens and I get sucked back into production instead of working on sales and marketing. It’s discouraging. Any wisdom you can offer? Thanks! The cookie lady, Duluth. MN

    • Hey Cookie Lady!

      I’m assuming that’s because you lose someone and have to replace them? If the issue is a revolving door, I would focus on the why.

      If it’s wages, then what’s being lost in the process by having to rehire all the time. Could you pay more for a more solid person who will stay?

      If it’s growth in the business, what are we not anticipating and filling roles to be prepared? We need to budget people as well as money so we don’t fall behind.

      Whatever it is, (It’s difficult without sitting down and getting more info) focus on WHY it’s happening and come up with a plan to be ahead of the game.

      I hope this makes sense.

      • Jennifer Young

        Hi Chris, yes it does. Thank you.