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Chris LoCurto


April 1, 2015

How To Make Better Decisions

how to make better decisions

There’s over 20,000 google searches each month for phrases dealing with making decisions.

Here’s a few examples of searches:

  • How to make a decision
  • Decision making skills
  • Making good choices
  • Effective decision making

Obviously, people need some help with making decisions. Or making the “right” decision.  It feels like there’s a fear of making the wrong decision.

And the information that’s out there as resources for making decisions is boarder line insulting; “write your decision down on a piece of paper, think about each option…”.  Seriously?!

No one searches for “how do I make a wrong decision?”.

Here’s what I’ve found is usually the issue with people who struggle to make decisions or folks who worry about making the right decisions: Root System. (surprise, surprise)

Since you aren’t here for a LifePlan in person here’s what I would suggest you do:

Start here:  Understanding Your Root System

And then here: What’s Holding You Back?

These two episodes will give you a good foundation to understand the info in this podcast and how having perspective on your past and influencers will help you make better decision today.

Once you know how your root system influences your decision making you can move on to processing and analyzing your decisions in a healthy way.

This will become second nature and you will begin to trust yourself more.

But for this you need greater perspective.

How do you get greater perspective?  Through questions.

For questions to be answered in the greatest way you need other people.

Surround yourself with other people.

On one of  my old podcast episodes I interviewed Jim Collins and I asked him about decision making.

He said, “Companies or individuals aren’t great because of one decision but rather many good decisions over time.”

If you are like me you’re probably thinking, “well how do I make consistently good decisions?”.

Collins said, for that you need to , “trust the right people”.

Who exactly are the right people? Well it’s the folks who share your values. Hopefully it’s your team, your family, etc.

You should be sharing your core values with your team so you can have alignment.  Thats how this plays into decision making.

Here’s an example of the way I want this to work for you:

You are a leader of a team and you have a big decision to make. It’s one that could potentially “make” the quarter for you. Or break it!

You and the team are in the conference room.

You know your root system and how this will play into your decision making and leading this group.

You know your personality style and those of your team.

You know how they will think and process.

You have done a good job of sharing your values with your team, you know their values and what drives them.

This has created respect and trust for where you are leading them. They want the same thing you want.

You are now surrounded by “the right people” as Collins put it.

Now you begin to dive into gaining perspective through questions.


In reality you are surrounded by people who make statement.

In fact, it’s your default to make statements.

The problem with statements is that they are usually based on limited perspective and shallow information. Rarely has your statement been researched in depth.

Go ahead and jump into todays podcast to learn how to start asking questions and learn to start making better decisions today.

  • Joy Davis

    I realized I highly appreciate input from others as well, to help me make decisions. Its so hard to find good people. Thank you for episode.