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Chris LoCurto


March 18, 2013

Leadership: What Are You Doing?

March 18, 2013 | By | 62 Comments">62 Comments

Leadership has never been obtained through osmosis…as far as I can tell. It takes you doing something to gain the leadership wisdom needed to lead people.


This week I am in Colorado feeding my mind and, if you’ve seen some of the pics I sent out, my soul as well. I’m attending a conference to add some tools to my leadership tool belt.

Early on in my leadership career I learned the power of not sitting on my backside waiting for God to fill me with ideas of how to take my team to the next level of their success.

The more I filled me with great information, the more I could turn around and pour that information back into my team.

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to do the same. Find great events, conferences, workshops, etc. to grow you in what you are doing, or where you are headed.

Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do or where to go, be looking for ways to grow you! Here are just a few areas to focus on:

  • Servant Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Motivation
  • Goal Setting
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring

And then be sure to do one of the most important things you can between each lesson – BRAIN DUMP! As I teach I always make sure that people understand the importance of getting out on paper what they just learned, as fast as they can.

This is for two main reasons:

  1. You do not want to leave the event on a high, knowing that you just learned a ton, only to forget it all next week.This happens when you THINK you’ll retain it all.
  2. If it’s an event that has more than one teaching segment, then you’re about to fill your brain with a ton more stuff. So be sure to get out what you can so you can fill it again.

Pick how many times a year you can grow you with an outside of your company event. Then, put it on the calendar! Don’t…wait!

Question: What are you doing to grow YOUR leadership?

  • I made the decision to join “The Master’s Coaching” program with Building Champions this year – which involves 4 events – along with coaching from a master coach – the main reason? To develop my leadership skills!

  • Part of growing my leadership includes hanging out with leaders – like here on your blog (and other great blogs), at my office, and wherever I can. Reading great leadership material helps. And practice, practice, practice.

  • Just call us personal development junkies. Pei and I love live events where the presenters are down-to-earth, relatable, and approachable.

    Since we attend quite a few events throughout the year, (we just came back from a Darren Hardy event in CA and are headed to Nashville to see Dan Miller and Michael Hyatt) we give ourselves a timeline for reviewing and acting on the the new ideas and information. It we don’t look at the new info for 14-21 days, into the recycle bin it goes.

    This helps us keep clutter down tremendously in our home and keep us from getting the stressed-out feeling of “I really need to look that over”.

  • LOVE conferences – and yes, I am a big note taker or I won’t remember anything. Read constantly – and highlight – listen to podcasts, read blogs, write my own blog – sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the incoming information from all these sources, including the comments – and then I realize it’s all in the name of getting stronger as a leader.

    Thankfully, I’ve encouraged my team to attend the EntreLeadership 1-Day, the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast and the Global Leadership Summit as a team, and then we discuss and figure out how to use the information we learned. Helps us all grow.

  • I finally started meeting with a mentor. He is an amazing guy.

    It is helping in every area of my life including leadership.

    I also finally started meeting with a great group of guys and a few individuals. Just talking through things is helping me put ideas into action. It’s kind of fun :)

  • Reading ALL of the John Maxwell books and practicing everything I learn plus sharing it will my team so we can all learn it together! lol!

  • Love this post! This is something I work quite a bit on, but I am always looking for more resources. I am constantly reading, but you are right, conferences can make a huge difference. My wife and I are actually planning on trying to attend both Start conference and the Entreleadership 1 day when they come to Austin. Hopefully, we can fit both into the schedule. I know they are coming up fast!

  • Laura Johnson

    I am trying to narrow options down. As Jon said, we have so many resources with the Internet, podcasts, etc. it’s hard for me to decide which one(s) to prioritize next!

    • well, you’ve got the EntreLeadership box checked…thats a good start…

  • 1. Podcasts are vitally important to a rural artist working alone. I can’t fathom the depths of my own ignorance without the likes of Chris’s podcasts, Michael Hyatt, and many others.

    2. Even if I never return to the notes I wrote or reread the “brain dump”, the very act of writing helps cement the ideas.

    3. Today was the first time I have seen Instagram and now I have zillions of questions about those photos. WHERE is that fabulous brick building???

    • So true Jana! Just writing helps us remember. Teaching is one more step that is beneficial!

    • Steve Pate

      I’m right there with you on podcast and the rural areas. Love the list.

      • haha, you are kinda rural Steve… but you’re closer to a “big city” (well, eastern WA big city) than I am, haha.

  • “It takes you doing something to gain the leadership wisdom needed to lead people.” This is a theme that continues to resonate with me. I attended all of Jon Acuff’s Quitter conference and his recent Start Night in Nashville. While it is great to fill ourselves up with helpful and inspiring information, we have to Start something. I love conferences and learning, but right now my focus is on actually doing the work and starting to change my life instead of dreaming about doing it. Great post.

    • Laura Johnson

      ” right now my focus is on actually doing the work and starting to change my life instead of dreaming about doing it.” Ditto! :)

  • Steve Pate

    Our National CCCA (Christian Camping Conference Association) Conference! Last year I got sooo much out of it I decided, if possible, not to miss another. I got to chance to meet and listen to a great speaker name Dr. Tim Elmore. That one class was worth the price of the whole week!

    Also our sectional conferences, it great to see and get together with people in your field, share what works with each other and what is a waste of time.

    Have fun Chris

  • Dale Powers

    I’m a reader, so I read, read, read. I have a commitment to reading 1 book every month for my professional development and another for my spiritual development. With Kindle, it’s a piece of cake! I can carry multiple books in my purse without breaking my back OR my bank!

    • I love my Nook for the very same reason…cheaper books, and easier to take with me…either on my Nook, or on the Nook app on my phone :)

      • Laura Johnson

        Do you really read books on your phone??

        • at times… why? Is that taboo?? :) And only when I’m driving ;)

          • I like the convenience of reading on my phone, but it’s not as easy. I still trying to get the pen and highlighter marks off.

          • HA!

  • There’s really no excuse not to do this, given all the thing we’re blessed with from the internet, podcasts, communities like the one here, and the various other events that anyone can attend in person or remotely.

    I read books like there’s no tomorrow, but I think the real power in reading books comes from being able to share a book with someone who really needs to read it — just ask Lily how many times I told her to read the book “Tribal Leadership.” Sharing what one does to learn actually improves the process of learning.

    By the same token, Dave and Chris and all those involved in the Entreleadership part of Dave’s company have become better leaders precisely because they made a commitment to share what helped them lead well to begin with.

    So I think for me, the main challenge in improving the quality of how I can lead starts with improving how well I share the experience of leadership with others.

    • Steve Pate

      so true on the podcast. Zig my say, Automobile University, my is on On foot In Shop University! Podcast have been a huge source of education. Also these blog post from great bloggers like you self!

  • So true Chris. This is something that I’m looking to do more of, now that I’m not working 70+ hours a week :)
    Interacting with the #CLoTribe is one huge way I’m growing my leadership. The other thing that has been a HUGE benefit has been blogging. I guess that’s a form of brain dump. It has helped me so much in clarifying my thoughts and working things out in my mind!
    I do need to look for some events to attend though, for sure!

    • Great point Mark!

      I totally agree about the blogging thing. I’ve been really surprised at how writing out my thoughts has forced me to re-think some things.

      Also, having others read them and debate me always forces me to be on point…

      • Absolutely. It has clarified my thoughts in ways I didnt think possible…and probably ways I didnt realize were necessary!

  • Glen Evans

    I am listening to Entreleadership and practicing those skills on my small unit…my wife, my kids and my friends. They seem to love me, so I think it’s working!

  • Going to EntreLeadership 1-day next month! It’s the first conference I’ve been too, and hopefully the first of many!

    Doing a brain dump is vital! I’m actually preparing a podcast episode that’ll cover this. It’s part of my preparation for the EL event.

    Sharing with others is a great part of a brain dump (if you can get it recorded somehow – either audio, video, on paper, computer, etc).

    • Steve Pate

      I love the brain dump time/practice. I can get so ticked at my self when i forget what I learned.

      • Laura Johnson

        Guess you’ll have to go attend those events again :)

  • Wade_Thorson

    I agree Evernote has been great for this. Along with using it as a brain dump during the training, I also use it while reading books to take notes. And then I have access to them anywhere anytime.

    When I attended the Entreleadership performance series and at the end of each session we did the brain dump it was nice to record the key points. But now I realize the real importance as I am going back through those very items.

    • My thoughts exactly!!! The knowledge I gain from the books I read lives on instead of fading away into the sunset.

  • Enjoy the Rockies. I miss them every day.

    • Steve Pate

      Hey Bret, for what ever it worth, I checked out your blog and I love the post on social media, I too can find my self surfing comments. Thanks for sharing that.-what drew me to check it out-I was wondering what was on your shoulder in your picture.

      • Well, you’ve heard of lap cats? This one likes shoulders. Glad you liked the blog — I need to kick it up again; I’m considering rebranding it as part of my pen company.

  • This is why I love Evernote! I’m not one of those people who can remember everything. I’ve got to write it down!! I’ve also got to be able to find it when I need it!

    What are you doing to grow your leadership?

    I’m a big fan of conferences for self-improvement / growth. I’m personally really looking forward to the Chick-fil-A Leadercast!!!

    • I went last year Bob. It’s awesome!

      • Cool! Did you go to a local simulcast or the “in-person” event?

        • Simulcast. It’s still great.

          • I’ve been planning on hosting a simulcast event here in my town, but the response has been limited; only sold a few tickets. I’ve been considering cancelling it and heading down to Altanta for the real-deal instead. So, was just curious. Thanks!! ;)

    • I’m with Bob. I carry a journal everywhere I go. Full of ideas. Then I review it periodically (usually two times a week). I transfer action items elsewhere and long-term ideas still have a record.

    • I am such a fan of Evernote – LOVE that I can sync across all my devices and even take notes when I’m not on wifi. And yes, next to EntreLeadership, the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast is always top notch. Also, the Global Leadership Summit put on by Willow Creek Church – always great speakers and motivation.

  • I did that exact thing–an outside my company conference–last weekend. I attended the Spontaneous Combustion Atlanta improv festival. Between performances, workshops, and hanging out with the improvisers, my soul was lifted and restored. As you suggested, I wrote down some, but not nearly enough, of what inspired and connected with me.

  • I think I have a good idea on a good event I can attend to help me grow my leadership skills :o)

    • Just like when you bring special sweets to the workplace, “Do you have enough to share?” Tee hee, I’m so happy for you, Lily.
      This post was a call to action for me.

      • You will have to let us know what “action” you take Kathy! ;)

      • Kathy, look up Jamie The Very Worst Missionary. Her latest post is about that very thing – actually, NOT having enough to share!

    • Jealous…I’ll at least get the appetizer version next month! After my business starts to take off, I’ll get to the BIG one!

    • rub. it. in.

    • I went to the Entre 1-day last September that happened to be on the same day Acuff’s Quitter Conference started. I went to both, and they were both amazing.

      Dave ended the Entreleadership event with Winston Churchill’s “never give up… never quit” speech, right before some of us went off to the start of Quitter….

      • Laura Johnson

        What a way for Dave to promote Acuff ;)

    • Laura Johnson


    • AWWWWWW Lily! we are ALL jealous!

    • Wade_Thorson

      I attended the performance series last June, it was an awesome experience. I still have the book we went through during the event on my desk and reference it often.