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Chris LoCurto


February 24, 2015

Leading Your Former Boss

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It’s time for another AskChris episode and we have 2 great questions.

Brian’s question is unique, how do you lead your former boss?

Leadership is not managing people. The goal of leadership is to lead others in the direction of the vision of the company. And you do this by first understanding, “who am I trying to lead?”.

When it’s your former boss,  you need to understand that you may also be dealing with some emotions. Understanding how she acts, reacts, responds, receives info, gives info, etc.  will give you a HUGE advantage.  You know what will shut her down and motivate her. This is crucial.

Secondly, you need to earn her respect. You’ve heard me say, it’s your job to make your team successful, not the other way around. If you will make sure she is set up for success and has everything she needs…she will allow you to lead her. She’ll see that you are for her.

You shouldn’t be guarded! Being guarded means you are putting up walls and not healthy boundaries. Being guarded is never beneficial. You need to attack the thing that leads you to feel the need to be guarded.

If there’s an issue…call it out. LEAD!

Megan’s questions is about Root Systems. She is wondering if I have any more resources that I would recommend.

Well, assuming you have listened to this episode:, I’ve got a few more ideas for you too so jump in!

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