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Chris LoCurto


May 20, 2014

The LifePlan Episode [Podcast]

Recently I asked who you would like to hear on the podcast and so many of you asked to hear from past LifePlan attendees, so today is the day! Stephen Scoggins and April Browning are joining me on the podcast to talk about their LifePlan experiences.

They unpack what it means to go through a LifePlan, and give you the ins and outs of this phenomenal 2-day process.

“LifePlan for me was putting things in proper perspective. Putting things in a perspective to take your past, your present, your future – blend them together, have a clear path…” – Stephen Scoggins


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In this episode, Stephen and April will talk about:

  • What made them decide to go through LifePlan
  • The most powerful part of the process
  • Who LifePlan is for and who they’d recommend going through the process
  • How it’s impacted their relationships with family, friends and team members
  • Why Stephen is sending his team through LifePlan
  • How understanding personality styles factors into the LifePlan
  • The toughest, best and worst part of LifePlan
  • Life post LifePlan – weeks and months after the event

“If you have any questions within yourself, any doubts, if you’re not 100% certain on the direction your life is headed, I think LifePlan is for you.” – April Browning

If you’re interested in learning more about the process or to schedule a LifePlan, fill out the contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Question: What else do you want to know about LifePlan?

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  • Camilla

    It was great hearing others talk about their experience. Despite having a “rough life plan” written out I know I need to really sit down and go into more detail. I’m curious as to how it is to go through a session like this for someone who is stuck and never even thought of a life plan vs. someone who has a “rough life plan.” Do you normally recommend some reading materials or prep-work before sitting down?

  • Joshua Rivers

    Loved hearing the testimonies, Chris! Thanks for sharing them.

  • Norma Maxwell

    I was already excited about LIfePlan and this just seals the deal. Thanks so much for sharing a podcast on people who have experienced it first-hand!

    • Chris LoCurto

      Absolutely Norma! It’s a big step that needs a little testimony. :)

      • Norma Maxwell

        Yes, Chris! We need to get you a few here on your website :)

    • Joel Fortner


    • Lily Kreitinger

      Norma, it’s really hard to explain it, but what April said is true. It’s so much better than you expect and it will change your life radically, in ways you’ve never imagined.

      • Norma Maxwell

        Thank you, Lily! It makes a difference to hear from people who have been through the experience!

        • Lily Kreitinger

          Additionally to talking to Chris and Joel about it, please feel free to contact me as well as a very happy past attendee willing to share more. :)

  • Wes

    Great topic. When is the podcast from past strat plan attendees coming out?

    • Chris LoCurto

      Hopefully soon Wes. Are you interested in doing StratPlan? If so, I can connect you with some folks who’ve done it.

      • Wes

        Yes possibly, With the size of the investment it would be helpful to hear real life examples of the impact this has had on other business. You know ground level, in-the-trenches type of examples.

        • Chris LoCurto

          Can you email Joel at He will get you connected right away!