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Chris LoCurto


November 6, 2012

Me Answering Your Questions

November 6, 2012 | By | 23 Comments">23 Comments

This week on the EntreLeadership Podcast we did one of our more popular style of podcasts, we answered your questions.

If you can’t see the graphic, click here.

Chris Hogan joined me in the studio to be the host for the day. You will love not only his incredibly powerful voice, but his phenomenal answers as well!

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  • preferred stocks

    And then gives you personalized advice. That would be a super application!Thanks, everyone, for asking superb questions; and thanks to Chris and Chris for exceedingly classy answers.

  • Jana Botkin

    As someone who has new ideas always smashing into my thoughts and no one to delegate them to, I appreciate Chris H.’s way of categorizing them: Focus, Deck, Hold, Trash. (Love a good list!)

  • Joshua Rivers

    Another great podcast! Gotta listen to it again!

    Thanks, everyone, for asking great questions; and thanks to Chris and Chris for great answers.

    I love how Chris has gotten to where he knows us enough to understand more of the situation that the question asks.

  • Carol Dublin

    Wow, thank you Chris Hogan and Chris LoCurto for answering my question – nice to get the affirmation that i’m on the right track. All of the questions and answers were awesome, as usual. My biggest takeaway (besides the answer to my own question) is the “on focus” – really burnt rice today! Thanks!

    • Aaron Nelson

      No doubt! I’m there with ya!

  • Lily Kreitinger

    My greatest takeaway from the episode is that EVERY member of an organization needs to act like they own it. THAT is what will start turn businesses and companies around.

  • Matt McWilliams

    Wow, thanks for the awesome answer to my question guys. I needed that.

    You didn’t say it but ultimately an owner “selling” his company to a prospective hire comes down to insecurity. Insecurity is a strong word…and the right one.

    “My company can’t compete with a Fortune 500 company.”

    “My company will never be as awesome as Lampo.”

    “My company can’t offer this and that.”


    Tell them the basics about what you can offer and the benefits and go from there…but not on the first date :)

  • Matt McWilliams

    There should be an app called “Chris Hogan Reads Your Email.” I’m going to tweet that.

    • Lily Kreitinger

      There should be a way to bottle his voice and rent it for a fee. HA!

      • Aaron Nelson

        LOL – that’s hilarious.

    • Aaron Nelson

      And then gives you personalized advice. That would be a great app!

    • Lily Kreitinger

      We could probably also get him to record the greeting on your voicemail

      • Matt McWilliams

        That would be a good prize actually like on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me (NPR show) where one of the announcers will record your voicemail as a prize.

        I hope Chris is listening :)

    • Joshua Rivers

      Move over James Earl Jones!

  • Aaron Nelson

    I LOVED THIS! All Entreleadership podcasts are burnt rice for me, but the Q and A’s are serious burnt rice. The kind of burnt rice where you have to work for hours to get it scraped off the pan! (But I don’t want it scraped off my pan…I want it to be stickin.)

    I always find myself learning something new especially in these sessions.

    Today I have a question for you : when you’re talking about the first or second hire, Chris, you mention that a salesperson should be your first choice because they are costless until they produce income. Then Chris Hogan adds: if they are set up with the right compensation plan.

    Question: how do you set up the right compensation plan for your sales person in that way?

    Thanks for all you do – you guys are such a blessing to me, and I’m sure other business leaders.

  • Todd Liles

    PS – Where is the link for the extended podcast? I’m not where any of those are. Thanks.

    • Matt McWilliams

      Usually he posts those the following week. EL podcasts are every other week with the extended part in between.

      • Todd Liles

        Good to know. Thanks.

  • Todd Liles

    Thanks as always. Great answers today! I just wish we could really hear how deep Hogan’s voice really is. The recording doesn’t capture it.

  • PaulSidwell

    Awesome podcast!! When do questions open up/ where do we post new questions for the next Q&A? Thanks for your leadership.

    • Joshua Rivers

      Subscribe to this blog by e-mail, and you’ll get notified when they come up. Sometimes there is a day or two notice, but sometimes Chris says “I’m on my way in now…”

  • Lily Kreitinger

    Great questions and powerful answers. Chris+Chris= Awesome episode!!