Discover a vision for your life, how to be your strongest self, and break through what's holding you back.



Success in life hinges on the quality of your decisions. The goal of Next-Level Life is to gain as much perspective as possible while discovering how and why you make decisions the way you do. So many of us make decisions that are based in fear, feeling unworthy, wanting to feel in control, or that are influenced by family. Transformation happens when you see why you make decisions the way you do. We blow past the surface level responses and decisions and get to what we call The Root System. Understanding your individual Root System will equip you to make the best decisions for your life, and get unstuck.


In two days, with God's guidance, you will discover how to break through what is holding you back in every area of the Wheel of Life. People are held back by unhealthy relationships, self doubt, repeating the same mistakes, fearing failure, not feeling good enough, and the list goes on. You will learn how to break through what's on your list, and get to where you want to be.


You will leave your Next-Level Life experience armed with a personalized plan for every area of the Wheel of Life. With a vision for your life, and these action steps, you will be set up for success in achieving your strongest life. 

The top word attendees use to describe their Next-Level Life 

experience is “FREEING.”

"I went in with a ton of expectations, and I came out with incredibly more than I could have imagined."

"My Next-Level Life was what I would describe as 'truth being unleashed in every part of my life' so that I can more efficiently live life, grow as a father and husband, and serve others in a more healthy way through my professional life." 

 Brent Carpenter

"I left Next-Level Life a more healthy, whole, secure, and free person."

"Next-Level Life helped me see what is in my Root System that has held me back, which has changed/increased the trajectory in every area of my life. I left Next-Level Life a more healthy, whole, secure, and free person."

 Keeley Kaveolook

"I recommend this life-changing event for anyone!"

"I don't know what I expected from Next-Level Life, but my expectations were exceeded. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but my perspective on life has completely changed. I believe and know that I'll look back on those two days as pivotal days in my life."

 Neil Kanning

"Attending Next-Level Life allowed me to get past the “stuck point."

"Investing the time and money to attend Next-Level Life was completely worth it. It allowed me to get past the “stuck point” I’d been at for several years. I emerged more motivated to make much-needed progress in my life. We covered more area in two days (and at much greater depth) than I could have covered in months of counseling. But it’s not just counseling – you will go through a specific process which positions you to know how to take every area of your life to the next level."

 Andrea Ramsey

"Given me a road map to create a life of my choosing."

"Next-Level Life has lifted a weight from my shoulders --- a weight I was placing there based on my Root System. I feel in control of my life now rather than giving it away to others, and it has given me a road map to create a life of my choosing, and the ability to dump the junk that is holding me back!"

Jesse Harvey

"It's like 20 years of counseling packed into 2 very full and intense days."

"My experience was the most amazing and life-changing time of my life. I’ve been to counselors off and on throughout my adult life, and I have more freedom and confidence in my identity in Christ than I have ever had before! God used this event to snap all the puzzle pieces together and now it feels like I'm truly "firing on all cylinders," and can live the life God has always desired for me to live. Never before have I had such clarity and confidence of what I am on this earth for, not to mention a sense of incredible freedom!"

 Julia Chapman


Our clients range in age from 16 - 65, and find themselves:


Do you struggle to see a future that's better than your past?  

This two-day experience will help you learn why you lack hope or feel lost, lift a weight from your shoulders, and give you back control of your life.  


Have you ever asked yourself, "Is this it? Is this all life has to offer?" Or, do you feel stuck and can't find a fix no matter what you try? 

Next-Level Life will accelerate every area of your life, putting the pedal down in the right direction. If you desire this clarity and momentum, Next-Level Life is for you.  


Are you the kind of person who's constantly pursuing personal growth? Life is good, you may even say great...but you're the person who knows there is always another level. 

If you want to elevate your life to the next level, but need the vision, tools and action plan to get there, Next-Level Life will equip you. 


Two days of one-on-one discovery as a Next-Level Life Leader guides you through your event with a tailored approach according to your personality style, an environment our clients describe as "feeling like home," plus fantastic food.


STEP 1: Life Status

To get to where you want to go, you must first fully understand where you are today. We utilize the Wheel of Life to discover what's positive, negative, and desired in each life area: family, career, social, intellectual, financial, physical and spiritual. This is the beginning of our journey to finding incredible perspective.  

STEP 2: Root System

We believe people are the sum of what has happened in their past and what they've allowed to influence them; this is what we call the Root System. This is where people base their decision making, from small everyday decisions, to life-altering ones. We discover your strongest life influencers, good or bad (i.e. relationships, leaders, teachers, events), and how they've impacted your life. You will understand why you make decisions the way you do, empowering you to make stronger, quality decisons now and in your future. 

STEP 3: Your Life Story

In this step you will see the connection between all the puzzle pieces floating around in your life, the tapestry God has woven. You will see your life story mapped out in front of you. If you're worried and thinking, "Oh, I don't want to relive that stuff." It's not a reliving, it's an understanding and a perspective. Together, we will discover the root of what has caused you to be successful or what is making you feel stuck and held back, so you can walk in freedom.

STEP 4: The Lies

Most people have either been told lies or have told themselves lies that they believe to be truths. These thought patterns create broken belief systems even for healthy people. The amount of lies you're telling your self directly impacts the decisions you do make, or creates an inability to make decisions. We discover these lies so you can break through them and have the freedom to make the strongest decisions and choose the best direction for your life.


We close out the day with a phenomenal bison steak dinner, optionally paired with red wine, and great discussion. 


STEP 5: Relationship Evaluation

Who we surround ourselves with, matters. When you gain perspective on the people you spend the most time with, you discover the type of influence surrounding you.The health and quality of your decisions are greatly influenced by your relationships. We help you see what healthy and toxic relationships look like, and how they're influencing your decision making process. We'll walk through how to strengthen healthy relationships, and help you to develop healthy boundaries in toxic relationships. 

STEP 6: Your Authentic Self 

God created us all uniquely, and for a purpose. There is a great person inside of every one of us that is held back in some way from living out our true potential. We discover who God created you to be - Your Authentic Self - so you can set your sights and energy on living intentionally every day going forward. 

STEP 7: Your Wellness

Utilizing the Wheel of Life, we help you to see what builds you up, as well as the very things that wear you down. This step is powerful in discovering how to direct your time and energy away from what drains you, toward what rejuvenates you for a stronger life.

STEP 8: The Truths

The most powerful way to avoid the destruction of the Lies in Step Four is to battle them with the Truths. Our clients tell us, "I don't feel good enough." It is a Lie they are believing. The Truth is not, "I am good enough," it is "I should not get my worth from man's approval." We help you to see past this "opposite" of the lie, to the truth behind the lie. We teach you how to battle the Lies you have been trained to believe so you can break free and live authentically. 

STEP 9: Next-Level Life 

You have now experienced two of the most powerful days of your life. You've learned how you got to where you are in life today, why you make decisions the way you do, how to spot healthy relationships and strengthen them, what holds you back and how to overcome it, and what energizes and propels you forward. We now take everything you have learned and show you the specific actions you must take to get to next level in all seven areas on the Wheel of Life. At the end of Day Two, you will be equipped with a vision for your life and the action steps to achieve it.

Next-Level Life Leaders

Joel Fortner

Chris LoCurto

Deb Miller


We're absolutely passionate about helping people discover their strongest life.

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