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  • Finding the Life & Business You Really Want

    Finding the Life & Business You Really Want

How To Have A Transparent Team

Subscribe to the podcast:   Do you want to create champions on your team? It starts with you and it starts with honesty and transparency. Most folks either think their team is very transparent of not transparent at all. I unpack some of the truth around having open and honest teams and why this is […]

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Leading Your Former Boss

Subscribe to the podcast:   It’s time for another AskChris episode and we have 2 great questions. Brian’s question is unique, how do you lead your former boss? Leadership is not managing people. The goal of leadership is to lead others in the direction of the vision of the company. And you do this by […]

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What Brian Williams Can Teach You About Leadership

Today we are diving into the Brian Williams…situation. Joel jumps in on this episode and walks us through some valuable PR lessons and I talk about the leadership (or lack thereof) of NBC and how best to handle a crisis in your business. And be sure to download the “Rebuilding Your Trust” checklist that I […]

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