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  • Finding the Life & Business You Really Want

    Finding the Life & Business You Really Want

Brace Yourself…Family Is Coming

  First off… Before you carve the turkey this Thanksgiving you must download the Avoiding Conflict Guide. I know, I know, your family probably never has any drama. For the rest of us – HERE YA GO: Download Here (it’s FREE) This will help you get prepared before you go into battle,  see family. In this episode […]

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Company Culture Clash

  PUT. THE COFFEE. DOWN… (you’ll get it in a minute) We’ve got a fun Coffee with Chris episode for you today! Joel Fortner and Keith Cook jump on the show and we talk about Clashing Company Culture and what it means to be passionate about what you do. These two gents have some great stories […]

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Stop Worrying About Other People’s Opinions

So today we are talking about something that comes up quite a bit in our LifePlan sessions – Worrying about other people’s opinions. Are you looking to other people for affirmation and approval? Are you finding your self worth in this? A lot of folks are and it can be crippling to your life. I constantly […]

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