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Every week, Chris releases a new podcast episode and shares vital information to help you grow your leadership, your business, and your life. Each episode is packed with tools that cause you to look at leadership and life in a different way, and focus on what really matters: people.

Chris teaches practical, easy insights that will help you improve your communication, enhance your culture and expand your productivity. There are two formats to the podcast:

  • The Chris LoCurto Show is 20 – 30 minutes of incredible interviews with top leadership experts and entrepreneurs, business and life lessons, and discovering your business is what you do, not who you are.
  • Coffee with Chris is brought to you by Dillanos Coffee Roasters and is a quick lesson that’s sure to give a buzz from the coffee and the advice.

On both podcasts, Chris will cover topics within strategic planning, team building, communication, life planning, personality styles, goal setting, business coaching, servant leadership, marketing, finances, focus, strengths, teaching, success, entrepreneurism, influence, motivation, profit, and customer service.

There are several ways to listen to the podcast. If you’re a subscriber, you’ll receive an email every week with the podcast post. If you’re an avid podcast listener, you can also add Chris’s podcast to your existing feed through iTunes, Stitcher Radio or SoundCloud.

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Past Podcasts

Chris previously hosted the EntreLeadership podcast and has been a featured guest on several top business podcasts. To listen to past podcasts Chris has hosted or been featured on, check out: