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Product Description

Membership Includes:

Monthly Mastermind Roundtable:

  • 15-Minute Training Session
  • 15-Minute Participant Q+A
  • Participant Spotlight

Tickets to 2 Live Events Per Year

Monthly Mastermind Roundtable

  • 15-Minute Training Session
  • 45-Minute Participant Q&A

I have no problem bragging about our Mastermind Groups. Simply put, they freakin’ rock! The power of the Mastermind Group is it causes people to grow in their leadership, scale their businesses, and create extraordinary lives. Through the strength of the group, you gain perspective on problems you want to solve, and learn how to take advantage of your greatest opportunities. All and all, it creates in you DNA of next-level thinking. Each month, Chris leads your Mastermind Group via GoToMeeting, kicking off with a 15-minute lesson and then opens up to the “virtual floor.” Each session, three members will bring opportunities and issues to the group to discuss and for outside perspective. This is where you bring your wisdom and expertise to the table. This is absolutely where iron sharpens iron. Peers solving problems and feeding expertise to one another grows each group member immensely in the process. Your Mastermind Group is who you will spend time with every month, and come together with as a group at two Live Events every year.

Tickets to Two Live Events Per Year

Picture this. You’re hustling every month taking action with what you’re learning from your Coaching sessions and Mastermind Group. Then you come together at one of Chris’s live events with his team, your Mastermind Group members and other entrepreneurs and leaders to surge your growth.

Twice a year (yes, you read that right!) you have a ticket to a live event with Chris, powerful teaching on leadership business and life, an incredible lineup of guest speakers, as well as time in a roundtable session with your Mastermind Group.

If you’ve followed Chris for a while, you know that running high-level live events is his sweet-spot.

These events will grow and fulfill you personally and professionally, underpinned by Chris’s years of running multi-million dollar businesses and putting on top-rate events. From powerful leadership, business and life lessons on proven techniques to grow and explode your business to discovering new ways to live a better, happier, and longer life, you will leave smarter, stronger and more confident about your future.

BONUS! 25% off LifePlan

What is LifePlan?

Chris believes you are the sum of your past and influencers. Most people understand their family has had an influence on their life but they have no clue just how much it’s impacted every decision – good or bad – they make.

The power of Chris’s LifePlan is it discovers the elements of your root system, why you believe what you do, how you make decisions and why you are where you are in life.

Jump into the time machine and look at your life one year from now. If it could be dramatically different, would you want it to be? If so, LifePlan is for you.

For two days, Chris will guide you to discover what God has called you to do – your purpose on earth. Through this intense two-day, one-on-one with Chris, you will clearly define your life purpose, and learn to organize and balance around the life mission God has for you. It’s literally a process of discovery.

To get there, Chris uses nearly 20 years of experience of coaching and counseling, as well as a proven process that’s helped people find freedom in life they’ve never had, clarity on the future and a plan to live intentionally.

A key reason why this process is so powerful is gaining as much perspective as possible. Chris will spend a great amount of time helping you discover the most vital information about your life to date so you can make the absolute best decisions going forward.

Gaining perspective is a huge part of what you’ll do together over the 2 days, and what will lead you to discovering the most important things you should focus on.

With God’s help, you and Chris will create a personalized LifePlan organized around the five domains of your life.

  • Personal
  • Family
  • Vocation
  • God
  • Community

It is a planning process that relies on God’s presence to bring out an individual’s insight and wisdom, which is crucial for personal perspective and decision.

You take a deep look at your life and identify the main events that have shaped who you are today. You identify how those events have affected one or more of the five domains in your life.

You discover lies you have believed and how your belief system and your root system influence every decision you make, and then contrast it with a set of truths.

You pinpoint the people, situations and messages that stop you in your tracks and those that move you forward.

You discover the people, situations and messages that help you feel strong and happy.

At the end, you are able to answer the question “Why do I exist?”

We begin by gaining perspective on you and discovering how you process information and make decisions. This is the beginning of gaining perspective that helps Chris help you discover the greatest opportunities you have in your life.

Then you dive into major turning points in life, which is when life went in a different direction. These may be moves, things that happened to you, things you did, parents separating, successes, etc. It’s totally unique to your life. We then gain perspective on why those turns happened and the impact they had on you.

Next, we continue gaining perspective by discovering what’s right, wrong, confused and missing in life. Ultimately, we want to amplify what’s right, fix what’s wrong, clarify what’s confused, and add what’s missing, and perspective gained here will help us do exactly that by the end of the process.

Our goal here is to get to the last 10% of truth. This process is not about judging or blaming; rather, we do this to gain as much perspective as possible.

From there, we discover what makes you the strongest person you can be and what causes you to slam on the brakes. This helps you anticipate internal and external challenges and helps you make better decisions. Gaining perspective on “performance drivers” helps you better understand and assess they’re status and health to help make better life decisions.

Next, you discover and create your life mission, vision, and core values to ensure long-term success. You focus first on defining exactly your mission, or why you exist. Then, we focus on vision, which is where you’re headed. You discover where you stand today, where you’re headed based on what you’ve learned throughout the process, and exactly how you’ll get there.

At this point in the process, you have a massive amount of perspective and information and you use it to determine the most important things you should work on in the short and long term. Then you plan how to tackle them.

For each goal, you determine what needs to take place and by when and it’s status today.

By this time, after 2 days of gaining enormous perspective, you walk away with an action Playbook.

As your Playbook is implemented and as you work the plan, the process becomes central to how you manage and lead life.

This process breaks down life silos and centers you around common goals to achieve your life vision and fulfill your life purpose.

Many people devise plans for life and they end up never seeing the light of day once they’re written, but the difference with this process is you’re armed with a Playbook you can consistently monitor and evaluate to ensure you are following the direction established during the LifePlan process. A bonus of the Playbook is you can continue to learn a great deal more about yourself and other people in your life and improve how you lead yourself to growth, maturity and success.