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Chris LoCurto


September 23, 2014

Q&A – Your Questions Answered [Podcast]

September 23, 2014 | By | 3 Comments">3 Comments

On today’s show we have a special guest – YOU!

We receive a lot of questions each week and I thought it was about time we answered some of them.
The questions in todays show are amazing!
Here’s some of the topics we address:

  • How to find people to grow your business and where to start
  • How to incorporate your skills and passion into a business
  • How to overcome people’s negative opinions of you (especially when they are justified)
  • How to repair your reputation

Your Questions Answered

Here’s how to get your questions answered:

Find the “Send Voicemail” tab on the right hand side of (See screenshot below)
Do it now!
Leave us a message



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Question: What question jumped out at you? What advice do you have?

  • K Golden

    Chris for some reason all the links for soundcloud are a mess except for today’s podcast… I’m thinking something happened.

  • James Roberson

    Great! The Q&A format is terrific.

  • Ken Trupke

    Good job, Chris!
    Q&A format breaks up the podcast (in a good way).
    Like hearing the questions, but the 2nd caller was hard to hear.
    Maybe restate the question before you answer?