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Chris LoCurto


April 2, 2013

Quality Living Made Simple

Today I want to share with you the interview that I did on Joshua Rivers podcast Quality Living Made Simple.

Chris LoCurto, Leadership, Business, Strategic Planning, Entrepreneur

Josh is preparing to attend the EntreLeadership 1 Day event in Oklahoma City, and he wanted to ask me a few key questions like:

  • Do you prepare yourself for attending an event? If so, how?
  • How can someone get the most out of an event like EntreLeadership 1 Day?
  • How do you network when going to an event?

Those are just a few of the questions I answered in this interview. To hear the interview click here.

  • And very proactive of Joshua to ask these questions!

  • Usually I do some research of the speakers – if it is a big event with multiple speakers. I always take extra cards to exchange – and if it is an industry event i try to plan lunches or dinners for mastermind opportunities. If I know who is attending from my company (we have branches across the nation) we usually take that opportunity to network as well.

  • How do I access extended interviews after Lisa Earle? All others not on iTunes!

  • Laura Johnson

    Shoot, you’re going about this whole preparedness thing in such a smart way, Josh–wish I had thought of it ;)
    And I had to laugh when you guys mentioned being like a stalker. Isn’t that kind of how a lot of us approached Chris at some point: hey, Chris. I’m going to this event. We should get together.
    Enjoyed listening in :)

    • I’m only doing this in a smart way because I’ve gotten around more smart people.

      Newbie networkers tend of be stalkers – but hopefully I don’t come across that way!

      • Stalking & dedication are really not that different. A spoonful of selfawareness helps keep the balance for me.

  • Love to see how this Tribe intersects. I look forward to listening to the podcast!

  • Great topic!! Nice work Josh!

    For several years I was an organizer of an annual event for around 100 people. It seemed to me, the people that got the most out of it were the ones who looked at the networking as important as the sessions themselves.

    Here’s some ideas:

    1.) Take advantage of your lunches, breaks, and dinners for networking (just don’t plan too far ahead; leave some wiggle room).

    2.) If you see someone that looks lonely, go talk to them.

    3.) If you are having a great meeting with someone, it’s ok to be late (just don’t make a habit of it).

    Hope you have a great time Josh!!!

    • Thanks, Bob. I hope to be able to make some new connections. I just need to break out of my shell more. All of this support and advice makes it a little easier to do that.

    • Awesome suggestions Bob! Networking is defintely too often overlooked!

    • Love your suggestions – especially about reaching to the ones who might be lonely ! You can connect with some great like-minded individuals that way!

  • Definitely like many things in live, you get out of it what you put into it. I posted this on Josh’s blog as well. I have been blown away by the organization, the content and the awesome, welcoming atmosphere at EntreLeadership. This is not just another business event. I’ve been to a few and you will not find yourself thinking you’re in the “typical” business atmosphere. However, I did see some attendees to the 1-day simulcast that were really not that excited about attending. Being remote is not the same, but definitely you get the great content as well. I experienced the same thing as Josh, I sent out a tweet trying to connect with people who had signed up for Performance series and nothing happened. However, when I got to the event, I made some great connections with people. Think of this, you are with like-minded people who value some important things you value too. Gives you a lot for conversation starters. Attending one event a year is a great way to grow yourself. I am looking forward to great new events by Chris LoCurto!

    • Thanks, again, Lily for your support and additions to the advice.

      Events by Chris LoCurto – that would be awesome! :)

      • I like the CLo Event idea too… He could juggle bowling balls, or jump through burning rings or something…

    • Laura Johnson

      Can’t wait to see a CLo calendar filled with events we can crash…um, I mean attend

      • Crash probably isn’t the best term to use with a racer…

    • So true, Lily – you get out of any conference what you put into it!!

  • Oooh! Looking forward to this podcast! I’ll probably get to listen to it after work today! Can’t wait!


    That Joshua Rivers sure is doing it the right way. You don’t go to top notch events without preparing for it! Too much good stuff to miss. Waiting to hear when EL Team will do a quick 1 day event back here in O’town! Thanks guys for the great interview. It’s a blessing to many!

    • Thanks for sharing your own insights. I was glad to be able to share those!

  • I beginning to believe that Chris doesn’t do bad interviews. Great stuff!

    • Amen to that!

      Maybe no one else has seen it, but on How I Met Your Mother, I remember an episode where Barney never had a bad photo – no matter how much the others tried to make him mess up. Not that I was trying to mess Chris up or anything – that’s Skropp’s job.

      • I don’t believe I have EVER messed up Chris. If I did, that would take away from the time I had to mess up Matt’s stuff, and we can’t have that! ;)

      • Exactly.

      • Graphical illustration of Chris’ awesomeness.

        • KTEWSON

          Now THAT really sums it up. Brilliant!

        • Ok love it

    • Agreed.

  • Laura Johnson

    Have not received an e-mail for this post yet, 6:43 CST
    And when I click on the link, to listen to the podcast, Error 404

    Sad am I :(

    • I received the email at 7:04 cst. The link is broken here also.

      • Thanks for taking the time and effort to find and sharing the direct link.

    • Link fixed now. All my fault, not Chris’. My apologies.

      • You sure S-kropp had nothing to do with it?

        • Well, he’s gets around, so I can’t dismiss the possibility. I’ll do the right thing and leave him innocent until proven guilty (but, he’s still a suspect :)

          • I’m gonna go ahead and not dignify this thread with a response (of course, I realize the irony that my statement that I would not respond was in and of itself, a response…)

        • You beat me to it. #SkroppBrokeIt

      • Laura Johnson

        Nice! Awesome that you owned it–makes both you and Chris look even more like rock stars! :)
        Btw, do you give discounts through Dillanos? JK! Jk! ;)

    • You know, if you subscribe to it through iTunes you wouldn’t have a problem listening to it ;)

      • Or through Stitcher.

      • Laura Johnson

        Now isn’t that an idea!