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Chris LoCurto


July 29, 2014

Sales Techniques using DISC [Podcast]

Everyone is in sales!

The way to sell properly is to understand who you are selling to.

When you know the personality style you are selling to then you can change the way you give information.

Use these sales techniques to gain the advantage.


Show Notes:

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Selling with DISC

Click here to download the “Bonus – Sales Techniques using DISC” mentioned in the Podcast.


Selling to High D’s:

  • Give them info in soudbites. Short and sweet.
  • What is it you are trying to sell? Give it to them in bullet points.
  • Don’t give them a ton of info not in bullets.
  • Once a high D has bought…STOP SELLING THEM. STOP TALKING.

Selling to High I’s:

  • Remember they are all about people.
  • Don’t go into the meeting giving them information right off the bat. Ask them how they are doing?
  • But don’t be fake! Be genuinely interested in them.
  • They wont hear a ton of details so follow up with them in a more detailed email.
  • If you keep the meeting fun and energetic then you will get the sale.

Selling to High S’s:

  • This is the most difficult style to sell to. Most people give up on them.
  • They are always asking themselves “how is this going to impact the team?”.
  • It takes them a long time to make the decision.
  • Give them information. Teach them how your product, service will help the company, team.
  • If you communicate to them how the organization will benefit, understand it will take a lot of follow up. But the effort is worth it!

Selling to High C’s:

  • You have to have A LOT OF DETAIL to sell to high C’s. They don’t want salesmanship or hype.
  • They just want the facts. It doesn’t need to be exciting.
  • If they disagree with your facts…you lost the sale.
  • Be prepared.
  • Ask them, “Are there any questions?”.
  • This allows them to give information back to you so you can fill in more information.
  • And remember…DETAIL DETAIL DETAIL!!!

Click here to download the “Bonus – Sales Techniques using DISC” mentioned in the Podcast.


  • Lily Kreitinger

    The coffee recipe is very close to the “spicy mocha” we tried at my LP session. I will have to try it with turmeric and maca!

  • Wesley Wiley

    I’m a high “S” – I wish my wife would have known when we were dating that it takes me a long time to make a decision….that two years probably felt like forever to her. :)

    • Chris LoCurto

      HAHAHA!!! Hey if she made it that long, I think you’re in the clear. :)

  • Joshua Rivers

    Love this, Chris! Maybe you can cover the opposite: how sell based on your profile.

    • Chris LoCurto

      I’m thinking of doing an in-depth product. Thoughts?

      • Joshua Rivers

        I know that I am both a high C and an introvert. I know I have had a hard time grasping sales. My past view of sales has been of a pushy salesman (the used-car dealer gets a lot of attention, so I’m thinking of a furniture store salesman). Because of you and other podcasts, I know that sales is not like that and that there are different types of sales.

      • Mitch

        I would buy it. There have been a lot of folks that “dance around” using DiSC to sell but no one that does anything in-depth.

        Look forward to seeing it.

  • Ken Trupke

    Great show as always!
    Is it somewhat ironic that you’re “selling” the idea of DISC as a way to connect with different personalities, yet you took a very hit-the-highlights, short-and-sweet [High D!] approach? ;)
    I didn’t notice it at first since, as a High D, you were pitching me the way I like to be pitched!
    Maybe you need 4 different podcasts this week. LOL!

    • Chris LoCurto

      HAHAHA…that’s why there’s the follow up download. :-O

    • Wesley Wiley

      Lol….great point Ken!