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Nathaniel Schweinberg


June 4, 2013

Coaching – How I can help

June 4, 2013 | By |

Here’s how I can help you. Clarity, growth, and increased revenue

For years I have successfully worked to “tear apart and put back together” companies, leaders, small businesses, processes and team members in a way to create clarity, growth and increased business revenue and profits. While vice president of Dave Ramsey’s company, I helped hundreds of businesses and corporations build that all-important foundation. Not only do I bring the ability to drill down into a business to see the trouble spots, missed opportunities and, most importantly, potential growth, but I also have almost two decades experience understanding, working with and teaching about personality styles and communication.

This experience gives me a unique ability to see what the vital business needs are, as well as the growth needs of the team. I will help you see, think and process in a way that wasn’t previously possible. And the result is the growth of you, your team and your revenue.