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Chris LoCurto


May 13, 2013

Developing the Strategic Plan

May 13, 2013 | By |

Developing the Strategic Plan

For all your hard work during the strategic planning workshop, you get to walk away with a ‘plan on a page’ and an action playbook.

As your Plan-On-A-Page and Playbook are installed and as your team works the plan,this process becomes the planning and management system through which vital business functions stay seamlessly aligned, unified, focused, accountable, innovative, productive, and competitive. Our strategic planning workshop goes beyond plans, beyond goal setting, beyond leadership and training; it’s a practical workshop the drives real actions and accountability in your business.

This plan releases your team to manage your organization as a whole, not as a collection of parts, seamlessly improving business functions. Each step logically and systematically building on the next, blending together the strategic, operational and financial aspects of your organization.

Too many “strategic plans” end up collecting dust on the shelf. Consistent monitoring and evaluating against the PlayBook is just as important as identifying strategic issues and goals.

One of the advantages of using specific focused activities defined in a PlayBook is to monitor and evaluate to ensure that the organization is following the direction established during the strategic planning workshop. The advantage is obvious, however, Leadership can learn a great deal about the organization and the people who make up the teams as well as how effectively lead by continuing to monitor and evaluate the PlayBook activities and the status of the implementation of the plan.