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Keith Cook


May 10, 2013

The Process to Success

May 10, 2013 | By |

The Process to Success

Understanding the difference between Strategic Planning and Strategic Thinking

For three days Chris will guide your organization using his twelve plus years experience of running successful businesses and training leaders to do the same, as well as the StratOp™ process created by Tom Paterson.

The same process used by companies like OtterBox. CEO Brian Thomas said a couple of years ago, “we would be a $50 Million company without it, instead we’re $350 Million.” This year OtterBox will reach $1 Billion!

An important distinction in the process is to recognize the difference between strategic planing (or the work being done) and strategic thinking (the creative, intuitive input).

The planning element involves the data collection, goal setting, expectation definition and statement of direction. Strategic thinking includes the intuitive and creative elements. This thinking process takes into account culture of the business and external characteristics of the market.

Strategic planning can be a challenging process, particularly the first time it is undertaken in a company. With patience and perseverance as well as a strong team effort the strategic plan can be the beginning of improved and predictable results for a company.

At times when the business gets off track a strategic plan can help direct the recovery process. When strategic planning is treated as an ongoing process it becomes a competitive advantage and an offensive assurance of improved day-to-day execution of the business practices.