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Andrea Waltz

Chris LoCurto


May 6, 2014

Overcoming the Fear of Failure, Rejection, and “No” [Podcast]

On this episode I’m joined by Andrea Waltz, author of Go for No!: Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There, to talk about fear, rejection and overcoming the word “no.” Andrea has made it her mission to liberate people from the fear of failure and share an entirely new mindset about the word “no.”

The book starts out with a saying:

If you’re not succeeding fast enough, you’re probably not failing fast enough and you can’t have one without the other. So, if you’re going to avoid one, you’re going to avoid both.

Authors Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton launched their company in 1996 speaking and training retail organizations. The Go for No message was a small part of those seminars but quickly became the main focus of their teaching. The book has been a top seller on Amazon for the past three years.

In the Skype interview, we talk about:

  • Failure and it’s relationship to success
  • The 5 failure levels – the ability to fail, willingness to fail, wanting to fail, failing bigger and failing faster, and failing exponentially
  • Not caring about what people think about you failing
  • Feeling free to fail and embracing our past failures
  • Setting “no” goals
  • Persistance statistics and the odds of “no” and not giving up
  • Why getting a “no” gives you a chance to respond
  • Why we should reward people for failure

We’re giving away several copies of this fantastic book! For your chance to win, go to iTunes and give a review of our podcast. We’ll go through and pick a few winners randomly – be sure to link to your review in the comments section of this post so we know how to contact you!

Question: What’s keeping you from going for “no?”