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Chris LoCurto


May 13, 2014

Is Bitterness Holding You Back? [Podcast]

This is a topic that’s been heavy on my mind lately. I see so much of it in every aspect of our world. Many people have a lot of hurt and reasons to be bitter but if you’re spending time being bitter, you’re holding on to poison. You’re destroying yourself from the inside out.

Bitterness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.

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Ask yourself, is being bitter helping you or making your life better?

If there is somebody who has hurt you or something you’re struggling with, let it go. You’ve got to work to get over it. One way to do this is to gain perspective on your past. I covered this topic in the Understanding Your Root System podcast and spend a lot of time in our LifePlan events gaining perspective with the attendee so we can build a better future.

For those of you that are leaders, entrepreneurs or owners, be aware that you’ve probably hurt people. You’re so focused on the business or what you’ve got going on that sometimes you forget people are involved. Feelings are involved. If you’re somebody that’s hurt somebody else, you can’t just say “Pull up your bootstraps and move on.” Take responsibility. Responsibility is, “Lets talk about how I’ve hurt you” and “Help me to understand how much I hurt you.” From there, you need to do everything you can to help heal that person and move forward.

If you’re a leader who knows you’re going to hurt somebody, by letting them go or making changes, please do yourself a favor and realize they’re a person with feelings and emotions. Whatever you’re about to do is probably going to impact them considerably more than it’s going to impact you. Think through the process. If you’re going to let somebody go (read this post first The 5 W’s of Firing and Expert Advice from Fellow Entrepreneurs), understand there’s a chance they will be hurt or bitter. Spend time thinking through it so you can be as thoughtful and pragmatic as possible. How you would want to be treated in that situation?

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Question: What advice do you have to help people get over bitterness?