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Chris LoCurto


May 16, 2017

Behind The Scenes With The Poimen Team: Live Events, Culture, and Masterminds

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Today I gave the team the podcast microphones, and I asked them for their thoughts…

I am SO excited to bring some of the team on the show this week. This episode is a special feature behind the scenes episode with a few team members of the Poimen Group! You’ll get to hear their perspective, favorite moments at Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event, and what they have to say about culture.

Welcome to the show Joel, our Head Client Coach, Heather, our Director of Operations, Event Coordinator, and Podcast Producer, and Savannah, our Social Media Marketing Manager and Podcast Production Assistant.

On this episode you’ll discover:

  • What it’s really like to work at The Poimen Group
  • The best moments inside of Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event 2018
  • The team’s favorite moments from Next-Level Leadership
  • What a “solving problems” culture looks like
  • Why culture and social movements are wrong about stay at home moms
  • New content coming your way in summer 2017!

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Highlights from Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event:



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Chris LoCurto


December 15, 2016

The 3 Keys to Scaling Your Business with Excellence

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Almost every single leader that comes in to this office, asks the question, “how do I scale?” 

You need to be growing! If you’re not growing you’re dying. If you want to grow, you need to know the how, and the why. You need more than, “I want to grow this thing.”

Learn the full lesson on how to scale your business at Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event

Successfully growing a business means looking beyond the opportunity…Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode:

  • The three keys to successfully scaling your business
  • Where to put your energy during a strategy shift
  • Why so many scaling efforts or new service lines fails
Savannah Flynn


May 2, 2016

From Next-Level Leadership Live Event 2016: Chris LoCurto on Making Stronger Decisions

Today, at the Next-Level Leadership Live Event…there was SO MUCH incredible content, I could only squeeze in highlights of the lessons Chris taught. And wow, are they powerful.

The atmosphere was unbelievable in the event space today.


I was typing furiously to not miss any content, so forgive any typos. The Chris LoCurto team is also gearing up for a really exciting new project using some of THIS Live Event content…so if I’m being brief, it’s for your own good. Check back in in a few months  :-)

Let’s do this… Here are some highlights from Day One:

“Entrepreneurs can go from sheer exhilaration to sheer terror and back in the same 24 hours.”

Opening with this statement in a room packed with entrepreneurs and leaders, Chris asked…

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

The attendees hands shot up simultaneously.

Chris made it clear that this event was not about a quick fix or a few tips that will last for a month. He focused in on perspective.

Diving into the Root System, Chris let every attendee know:

“This will lay the ground work and impact everything we do and talk about for the next 3 days.”


This content was a deep dive in understanding controlling and submissive people, knowing WHO these people are in your business and life and WHY and HOW to deal with it. This impacts your team every day.

Heads nodded and questions popped up left and right.


This event is completely full and sold out, to get notified when seats open for our next live event, get more info!

KEEP ME UPDATED!  The comments kept coming as Chris talked on self-worth and productivity.  

Most people get their self-worth from one of two places:

  1. What others think of them


  • Their productivity




People who get their self-worth from these places will work night and day, while creating no margin, so their work is significant. Chris made it very clear: 

“Don’t be surprised, if this is you gaining worth and identify from your business and letting it  become who you are…if in a few year you don’t have a great relationship with your spouse or children, and a lack of community around you.”

Chris coached the attendees… “Go look at your Root System!” What has happened in your past> What have you allowed to influence you? Where are you truly getting your worth? 

Your Root System is the lens in which you see the world. It determines your thoughts, your decisions, and how you live every day.

and guess what…  You bring your Root System with you to work with you every day.  This content on day one alone had entrepreneurs and leaders lined up for Q&A during the VIP lunch.IMG_7072 2 After three POWERFUL pieces of content, a fantastic lunch, Q&A with Chris, a word from our Mastermind Clients and a catered Gala event with live music, we brought an incredible first day to a close.  With two more days left of the Next-Level Leadership Live Event, we already have the gears turning for our next live event! Get notified as we open registration for our next live event! KEEP ME UPDATED!