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Dave Ramsey

Chris LoCurto


September 24, 2013

Why I Left Dave Ramsey’s Organization

September 24, 2013 | By | 80 Comments">80 Comments

Why did Chris LoCurto leave Dave Ramsey’s organization?” is the #1 question I get asked. Everybody wants to know the details of why I left. So today, I break it down for you and share my story of how I got to where I am now.

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You want to grow a business that runs smoothly as well as have confidence in how to lead your team to unity, focus, and success. You also desire to make a difference and an impact in both your team and your customers lives.

But so many leaders experience a lack of team buy-in, or have a team that doesn’t know how to execute. All the while, those same leaders are asking themselves, “do I have what it takes as a leader to lead this team or business well” and, “does business have to be this difficult to be successful”?

Now here’s the thing…The problem isn’t your leadership, the problem is that you haven’t been taught HOW to overcome these obstacles and make the changes stick. Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event  teaches a 3-part system on how to grow your business by scaling it correctly, lead your team more effectively, and fuel growth with proven marketing and sales processes.

You’ll leave the event with greater communication to get the highest productivity, greater leadership skills to lead your team more confidently, and repeatable systems to drive greater, more predictable growth.

So if you’re ready to go from stress, failure, and lack of confidence in your leadership, to team unity, focus, and successful growth in your business, register for the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event right now!

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Chris LoCurto


August 2, 2012

Dave Ramsey Answers Your Questions

August 2, 2012 | By | 69 Comments">69 Comments

Soon, I will be heading into the studio to record our next EntreLeadership Podcast, and I’m super excited about our guest. It’s someone you might be a bit familiar with. OK, a lot familiar with.

We’re welcoming Dave Ramsey. And here’s the even cooler part. He’s going to take time during the show to answer your business and leadership questions. If you would like me to ask Dave a question, include it in the comment section below.

The incredible Becky Powell and I will pick a bunch of them for both the podcast  and the extended interview for readers. It’s as simple as that, so get commenting! We can’t wait to hear from you.