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Chris LoCurto


December 10, 2013

Why Your Meetings Suck [Podcast]

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Meetings. Suck. At least most of the time. Why? I’ll tell you!

Today’s podcast is dedicated to the topic of making your meetings more productive! Check it out!

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Chris LoCurto


December 9, 2013

Get My New Book Tomorrow for Free!

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I’m excited to announce that my first book, Why Your Meetings Suck, will be released tomorrow for FREE! Here’s a short teaser from the introduction to explain what the book’s about and why I wrote it. Be sure to listen to the podcast tomorrow and sign up for emails by subscribing to get your copy of my new eBook!

It’s funny how many people have told me they are excited about the release of this book. Why would anyone look forward to a book about meetings? Simple. People spend a lot of time in meetings, and they want them to be…better. Or, maybe they just want to rid their lives of them altogether.

We all know our work lives will never be meeting-free, but we can eliminate the bad ones while making the ones we do have more effective. All it takes is a little thought and planning, and it’s my goal to show you exactly how to make it happen!

Sucky Meetings

For years I’ve taught leaders how to lead their teams, entrepreneurs how to run their businesses, and team members how to be excellent in the ordinary. They all have one common gripe – meetings that suck. They find themselves stuck in these rambling, unorganized time-wasters that take them away from work they actually need to do.

Sucky meetings give all meetings a bad reputation. Most people would rather take care of the mountain of work they already have – you know, actually get something done.

That’s why I wanted to write this book. To show you you’re not doomed to a career of sucky meetings. You truly can have productive meetings. Meetings that change the way you do business, and ultimately allow you to accomplish more every day.

The Cost of Wasted Time 

The ideas in this book aren’t just for you. As you read, think about how you can share them with your team. If you’re in leadership, share them with other leaders in your company. If you’re a team member, share them with your company’s leadership to try and get them on board as well.

If your company eliminates its sucky meetings, you’ll save time and money, not just through increased productivity, but through improved morale as well.

Think about it: When you walk out of a bad meeting, you’re frustrated. You’re asking yourself (and maybe others), “Why in the world did we just have that meeting? That was an absolute waste of time.”

Your team is no different. Sucky meetings are a morale-buster for everyone. And I truly believe when morale is low, your team is only half as productive.

For those of you focused on the bottom line, take a minute to calculate the time your team spends each week on meetings, and then calculate the payroll you spend during those meetings. The amount in an average business is stunning!

For all these reasons, you have to ask yourself, “Why do I put up with sucky meetings?”

Many years ago, I was at a nonprofit board meeting. The committee chair and co-chair ARGUED about the color of copy paper for over 45 minutes! No one else had an input opportunity.  Much time was wasted. Morale plummeted. Maybe most importantly, the color didn’t matter at all.

Too bad there’s not a Ph.D. for meetings! 

– Rebecca Henderson from the #CLoTribe

Question: What’s the worst meeting you’ve ever had?