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Chris LoCurto


February 13, 2014

How to Execute as a Leader [Video]

February 13, 2014 | By | 8 Comments">8 Comments

Years ago, I took over an area that had a leader in place and my job was to make that area successful. Because the existing leader had a rapport with the team, I trusted what was happening and what I heard about the progress. When we got to the end of the project, it had failed miserably.

When I look back, it failed because I did not do a good job executing with the team and teaching them how to execute. Instead, I just got information, believed it and went on.

Great leadership is not delegation. You have to make sure you’re helping your team execute. How do you do that? You get in there!

I’m not saying to go all crazy and micro manage. It’s your job as a leader to make your team successful. Make sure they have every single thing necessary to succeed. Are their questions being answered? Are they reporting to you in a proper and concise way? Are the numbers real? “I feel like we can do this” or “It looks like we’re going to hit these numbers” wont cut it. Instead, ask “What are we doing?” “What are our projections and what are the numbers we’ve done so far?”

If you don’t get in there and follow up and check what you expect, then guess what? You’re not going to get what you expect. Instead, you’ll probably be severely disappointed. As a leader, it’s your job to make sure your team has everything they need to execute each project.

Question: How do you make your team successful?