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Chris LoCurto


February 11, 2014

Don’t Kill Your Wounded [Podcast]

February 11, 2014 | By | 9 Comments">9 Comments

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Grace. It’s something we all need. Oddly enough, it’s not something that we give very freely. Every single one of us has junk in our lives. Instead of judgement or ridicule, we need to give grace and receive grace.

All too often we kill our wounded. At the very point a family member, friend or co-worker needs our love and grace, we turn our back. We roll our eyes at their failure. We walk away. Why? Maybe it’s our own shame. All the failure and imperfection in our life-being is reflected in that moment. Maybe we’re so overwhelmed with baggage from our past, or problems in the present, that we can’t possibly think about extending help to someone else.

Folks, don’t kill your wounded. It’s very possible that someone on your team or in your family or church desperately needs you to come behind them and offer support. Maybe they did something bad. Hate the sin, not the sinner.

Question: Has there been a time in your life when someone extended grace to you?