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Chris LoCurto


April 11, 2017

How Good Leaders Deal with Gossip, Conflict, and Accountability on Their Teams

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What to do when your leadership team and colleagues…

…gossip, create conflict, play the blame game, struggle with accountability, or just don’t communicate well.

When you’re dealing with gossip…

The leader must recognize it, and know it’s happening. That’s step one. When it comes to dealing with your team members, always try as best as possible to be the greatest example I can to everyone else. That means that I will also not participate in gossip. Gossip is a cancer in your culture.

If the person you’re talking to about something negative cannot solve the problem, then you’re gossiping.

So many team members will gossip when they don’t feel like they have a leader who listens. It does not JUSTIFY the gossip, but it helps you understand why people are doing what they’re doing.

Here’s what you can do if you’re dealing with conflict, gossip, lack of accountability, or the blame game on a leadership team, or with your colleagues. Listen here:

  • Why your team gossips [7:47]
  • The two different styles of gossip [8:17]
  • What Personality Styles have to do with gossip [14:00]
  • How to communicate with leaders about gossip, make it their realization [18:10]
  • What to say to shut down gossip in the moment [21:53]
  • Biblical perspective on gossip [30:05]
  • Doing your work as unto the Lord [31:40]
  • How to communicate about accountability and expectation [34:46]
  • How to get results with your communication [38:18]
  • How to “force” culture [45:35]
  • Creating buy-in [47:10]

Question: How have you dealt with gossip in your culture, or with your team members?




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Chris LoCurto


February 16, 2016

Using “The Force” With Culture

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Culture, for me, is summed up in 2 things: actions and attitudes. It’s the actions of your team, it’s the actions of your leadership, it’s the actions of your clients.

It’s the attitudes of your team, your leadership, your clients.

If you’re a leader and you’re overloaded and you’re finding that you can’t spend time with your team members then I can promise you this: culture is sneaking in your back door.


People are sneaking in bad leadership, like not taking ownership, like possibly gossip, like not having buy-in in the direction or vision that we’re going in, or silently sabotaging the vision in the process.

For you to have great culture you have to understand the starting place is to force it. You have to literally force the culture that you want in your business, period.

Sometimes it’s very confrontational because you have to show people that, “This is going to be our culture.” “What is our culture? We are going to take care of the client.

We are going to take care of the team members inside. We are not going to show up late. We’re not going to gossip about team members or leadership.

We’re not going to think that we are entitled to something. We’re not going to sit back and sabotage the vision, the direction that we’re going in.”

Now let’s look at the other side of this. I have to, as a leader, be willing to fight for you guys in my own culture.

If I had somebody who came in who was just a gossip and a backstabber and somebody who was sabotaging processes and just that, “ugh” person, if I don’t do something about it, if I allow that to happen in my own business then what does that tell you guys?

It says, “I don’t care enough about you in the culture to stop this one person.” It is up to me as a leader to make sure that I also protect you, that I protect the culture, that I protect the team.

It’s your job as a leader to do exactly the same, to take and protect your team. We’re all one, but every leader has that role. If you’re not willing to fight for your team’s culture then, guess what?

Nobody else will. Nobody will stand up and do anything about it as well.

For those of you who know that you don’t have the culture you want, this is about digging in and learning what is it about me that I don’t have the culture that I want, what is it about me, and owning this.

That’s what culture is about. You have to own what happens in your business, from the smallest things to the biggest.

Those are things you can put in place this week to start forcing your culture. It’s a small portion of what you need to do to have a highly successful culture.

I can tell you this: it is the absolute best start. It is the absolute best direction.

If you want to go deeper in this area, and other areas, like making stronger decisions and eliminating task saturation to get more time back, check out all of the details about the event!

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Chris LoCurto


December 17, 2013

Creating High Quality Culture

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Culture is kind of a big deal around here. I spend a great deal of time teaching entrepreneurs and guiding teams on how to create high quality culture in their organizations. It’s a major component of every business, and it has the power to destroy your company or make you successful.

INC Magazine invited me to do a talk on culture and those lessons have been available in chapters to blog subscribers. Today, I’m featuring three of the lessons in the podcast.

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Question: How Do You Create High Quality Culture?