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Chris LoCurto


January 22, 2015

The Coaching Leadership Style

January 22, 2015 | By | 5 Comments">5 Comments

The Coaching Leadership Style

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Dan Rockwell, Leadership Freak, is on the podcast today. Dan drops a few leadership bombs on us during our chat on coaching and creating a coaching culture.

In this show you will learn:

  •  How Dan “fell into” coaching.
  • Why  hire a coach?
  • The “aha” moments of coaching.
  • Why the best coaches focus on the person.
  • Dan’s goals for coaching
  • The coaching style of leadership and it’s challenges.
  • How you move leaders to a coaching culture.
  • Micro Coaching Sessions

The bottom line is if you are looking to grow…hire a coach. It doesn’t matter if it’s business, golf, fitness or fashion. Get a coach and you instantly get the knowledge that comes with it.
The goal is to move the ball down the field and a coach makes sure that happens.

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