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Chris LoCurto


December 23, 2016

Announcing the Winner of our ‘Guess The Lessons’ Contest

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Congratulations to Candice LePorte Emden on winning the “Guess The Lessons” Facebook contest to win 50% off a Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event ticket!

candice lePorte, chris locurto, next-level leadership live event

Candice LePorte won the “Guess The Lessons” Facebook contest, and won a VIP ticket for 50% off to the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event in Nashville, Tenn., May 11-13, 2017.


Her entry (go to my Facebook page to see it) was the closest guess to the topics for an upcoming free video lesson series, and has been crowned the winner! Woot Woot!

Thanks to everyone who participated! We loved seeing your submissions!

Here’s the contest picture posted on my Facebook page. In case you’re wondering (admit it, you are) LHD stands for Love, Hate, Delegate; C stands for Culture; D stands for Delegation; and PS stands for Personality Styles.


Be on the lookout for the free video lesson series in the near future!

If you’re interested in joining Candice, a whole bunch of other leaders, and my team and me at the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event in May, click here to register!


Chris LoCurto


December 15, 2016

Registration Now Open for Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event, Discount Ends Soon

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Chris LoCurto, leadership event, next level leadership live event

I’m so excited to announce registration is now open for our Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event!

This is our biggest leadership event of the year, and will be here in Nashville, Tenn., from Thurs., May 11th through Sat., May 13th.

Save those dates!

Go here to learn more and get your tickets!

Also, don’t miss out on getting the lowest ticket prices possible, and save $200 off a full price ticket until Dec. 31. Our gift to you!

Here’s the awesome lineup of lessons you’ll learn to take your leadership and team performance to the next level:

  • How To Lead Each Team Member to Greater Productivity and Performance
  • Understanding How Personality Styles Contribute To Conflict
  • How To Intrinsically Motivate Your Team
  • How High Performing Leaders Accomplish Their Highest Priorities
  • How Healthy Leaders Maintain Mental Strength
  • Scaling Your Business With Excellence
  • Creating a Healthy, High-Converting Sales Culture
  • A Sales Team’s Dream Framework
  • How To Discover, and Market To Your Top Converting Clients

CLICK HERE for all the details.

Imagine this…


3 days full of teaching/break out session/Q&A time …


Connecting with other leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs…


Enjoying the top floor of Sheraton Nashville Downtown Hotel where the Next-Level Leader’s Gala will be held…


Chowing down on some fantastic food…


Enjoying the Next-Level Leader’s Dinner and Live Coaching session with me and Joel Fortner…


Session breaks…


Learning from some of our amazing clients about how they’re putting to practice what you’re going to learn.

Get your tickets here.

And be sure to spread the word to anyone you want to come with you. There are a limited number of tickets available, so make it happen ASAP.

CLICK HERE for all details, FAQs, and hotel info.

I’m going to unpack more than 25 years of leadership and business experience growing and running multi-million dollar businesses from scratch.

These are the same strategies and processes I’ve taught to THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs and leaders over the years and to my high-end mastermind clients today.

The Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event won’t be another live event where you’re given a blank notebook and a pen and the host wings it for 3 days.

I’ve broken down the core methods and strategies I’ve used for over two decades to build unified, loyal, and highly productive teams.

I want to share the wisdom God has blessed me with with as many people as possible because this stuff really works!

If you want to take your leadership to the next level, then I invite you to join me at our upcoming Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event May 11-13, 2017 in Nashville, Tenn.

Reserve your seat now, and once you’ve moved forward with that decision behind you, you can check out your bonuses, and start planning your trip in May!

If you have any questions, feel free to email my team at

Thanks, and I can’t wait to see you in May!

Go here to learn all about and register for the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event!

Chris LoCurto


April 4, 2016

Last Call To Get Best Price For Next-Level Leadership Live Event

Next-Level Leadership Live Event

All good things must come to an end, and Early Bird pricing ends for the Next-Level Leadership Live Event Tuesday, April 5 at 11:59pm PST.

Don’t miss out on saving hundreds off ticket pricing!

This is an in-depth training with me, Chris LoCurto, teaching you how to dramatically grow your leadership in 3 days and transform you and your team, opening your eyes to entirely new ways of leading.

This event isn’t about short-term fixes, it’s about giving you long-term processes and strategies you’ll continue to use to guide your leadership.

You’ll learn the core elements of how I’ve built multiple multi-million dollar businesses. It’s going to be detailed, practical, and loaded with “how-to’s.”

If that doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, this event isn’t or you. BUT if it does, you need to be at this event!

Here’s what you need to know:
Register: Register by midnight (Pacific) Tuesday, April 5, so that you can save hundreds of dollars!
Event Dates: Monday, May 2 – Wednesday, May 4, 2016.
Location: Embassy Suites Cool Springs, Franklin, TN

Click here for all event details and to register.

What you’ll learn at the event:

Day 1:
– How your root system impacts your leadership and business
– How a root system develops
– How your root system can hold you back in life and business
– How to overcome any aspect of your root system and make stronger decisions
– How to close out each day to set up tomorrow for success
– How to prioritize the most important work and block off time
– Hold quick, effective team meetings to keep work moving
– How to set healthy boundaries with team members
– How to teach your team to solve their own problems
– How to create a culture of ownership, loyalty, open communication, and productivity
– How to remove complaining, backstabbing, and fear of failure

We’ll end the first day with the Next-Level Leadership Gala!

Day 2:
– How different personality styles contribute to conflict
– How to guide a person to self-discovery of a bad choice they’ve made
– How to hold someone accountable for their choices and not worry about being the “bad guy”
– How to be more self-aware of what’s happening inside before or during a tough conversation
– The real purpose of tough conversations
– How to prepare for them so you get the results your want
– Scripts of how to have these conversations
– The 5 keys to lead yourself better
– How to keep fear from holding you back
– How to use fear to gain great perspective to make stronger decisions
– How to reframe fear of failure and learn to embrace and learn from it

We’ll close out day 2 with the Next-Level Leadership Reception and Dinner.

Day 3:
– How to be the strongest, healthiest leader for everyone in your life
– Rabbi Daniel Lapin will show you how to increase your revenue using ancient Jewish wisdom
– What’s possible for your leadership future

Click here for all event details, agenda, bonuses, and to register.

Learn how to get yourself unchained from your desk or tasks, how to have tough conversations, and how to have a profound and deliberate culture, and become the leader your team needs you be and wants you to be.

If you’re ready to dramatically alter your leadership in 3 days….learn detailed, practical strategies full of how-to’s…open your team’s eyes to a culture where champions thrive and are drawn to…learn long-term solutions and processes you’ll use to guide your leadership for years to come, then you need to register today for the Next-Level Leadership Live Event.

Click here for all event details, agenda, bonuses, and to register.


Chris LoCurto


February 1, 2016

7 Steps To Tackle A Tough Conversation

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tackle tough conversation

Tough conversations are one of those “make or break” parts of leading people. They can either empower and ignite team members, or demoralize them and tank their productivity.

The result you get absolutely depends on your ability to have high levels of quality communication with the other person.

Chances are there’s a tough conversation you need to have with a team member, vendor, or, maybe even a customer, right now that you’ve delayed for some reason.

Perhaps you’ve delayed because you’re not sure how the other person will respond, fear of hurting them, concern they’ll deny the problem, fear of upsetting them, or perhaps fear the person may even quit.

Maybe you’re struggling because tough conversations are big-time conflict for you, and it’s just “easier to not do it.”

Here are 7 steps for having tough conversations you can put into practice right now:

STEP 1: Before you call a team member out, you should always ask yourself first, “Am I the problem?”

Start thinking through:

  • Did I do something wrong here?
  • Did I not communicate clearly?
  • Did I share the wrong information?
  • Did I hold something back, or did I give the wrong impression?

STEP 2: Take responsibility and treat people with dignity.

When you take personal responsibility, you show your team member you’re not out to punish them, call them out, or make them a bad person. And you’re not just out to be the bad person yourself, and yell at someone for the sake of asserting power.

Taking personal responsibility causes them to have more respect for you. It causes them to see that you are willing to treat them with dignity. It causes them to see that you care about them.

When you do that, it also causes people to feel more loyal to you, as well as feeling safe, which gives them the freedom to take responsibility when they screw up next time.

STEP 3: Always, always, ALWAYS try hard to avoid jumping to conclusions.

Some people’s natural tendency, when something goes wrong, is to assume what happened, tell everybody what’s wrong, who’s fault it is, and how “I’m not going to stand for this.”

The major problem with this is it shuts people down, puts them on the defensive, and now they won’t talk. So you just muzzled the people who have the perspective needed to find out what happened and fix it.

That is a terrible way to lead, terrible way. As much as you possibly can, avoid jumping to conclusions. Instead do step 4.

STEP 4: Gain perspective on the situation, the person, and yourself first.

The more quality information you have, the greater decisions you can make. When it comes to tough conversations, gaining perspective is hugely important.

Instead of making assumptions, ask questions to find out what happened. Ask questions to the person or people involved, and also ask yourself if you contributed in any way.

STEP 5: Once you have as much perspective as you can get, gain even MORE by asking questions starting with, “Help me understand…”

Once you’ve asked a ton of questions, and you know what’s going on, take it a step further. Ask the question…”help me to understand…”

“Help me to understand why you chose to show up late?” “Help me to understand why you chose to gossip?” “Help me to understand why you’re feeling defensive about this?” “Help me to understand why you see it that way?”

STEP 6: Guide your team member to self-discovery.

Help your team member understand their choices by guiding them to the answers. The goal of tough conversations isn’t to be right, tell someone what they’re doing wrong, or point out their flaws.

A leader’s job is to make their team member successful, not the other way around.

When it comes to tough conversations, success is getting them to see their choice, understand why they made it, and have a plan to not repeat it, without you telling them all of these things.

On the other side of tough conversations is progress and growth…especially if guide a person to discovering answers on their own.

STEP 7: Ask the team member to clarify the situation.

When you ask the team member to clarify the situation, you A) treat them with dignity, and B) show them you are more concerned with discovery, and solving the problem then in them being in trouble.

Again, this helps them feel free to communicate openly, builds loyalty, and increases buy-in.


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