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Chris LoCurto


April 13, 2017

The Leadership Crazy Cycle

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Do you feel stuck in your leadership, and spread too thin?

Let me tell you a story about my friend Magnus.

When Magnus was promoted to Vice President of his company, he basically didn’t know what to do from 8am to 5pm.

He lacked direction in his new leadership role, and didn’t know how to lead well, so he spent every day reacting to fires, solving other people’s problems, and bogged down in an endless list of tasks.

It was pretty chaotic.

He was doing a heck of a lot of work, but it wasn’t moving the company forward. It was work for the sake of work, but without fruit.

Work came home with him, was with him every night, and consumed his weekends. And he expected his team members to do the same. It was bad for more than just him.

Magnus wasn’t just living to work, he had become his work.

And he was absolutely overwhelmed with no end in sight. Does this sound familiar?

This is an all too common story for so many leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Task Saturation Destroys Leadership and Teams

If I’m guessing right, you can relate to Magnus’ story.

Task saturation is one of the fastest ways to leadership destruction.

It leads to people drama and conflict that’s exhausting, and team members not being productive as they should be.

So you spend a ton of time doing other people’s work because you don’t trust them to do it, or do it as well as you can. It’s a vicious cycle.

The Leadership Crazy Cycle

It’s so common, I’ve given it a name, The Leadership Crazy Cycle.

It makes you frustrated and overwhelmed, keeps you from growing at the pace you want, has you working all of the time, and growing apart from your family…

Your mantra is, “It’s just easier to do it myself.”

But is it really?

If you’re being honest with yourself, you know the answer is “no.”

Where Magnus Is Today, And You Can Be, Too

You don’t have to settle for living overwhelmed, stressed out, and unhappy.

Today, Magnus spends most of his time working in his strengths as a leader, and was named President of his company in 2015.

They’re growing rapidly and on target with a growth goal of 40% this year (in previous years it was 5-10%), his team is far more focused and productive, and his leadership team has never been more unified.

And…to top it all off, he hardly ever works in the evenings and on weekends anymore so he’s spending more quality time with his wife and boys.

This type of transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but what it takes to get there can be learned in just a few hours.


Here is some coaching on how to get started killing The Leadership Crazy Cycle and balancing your life.

Complete the Love, Hate, Delegate Process:

Step 1: Make a long list of all the tasks that you perform on a daily basis.

Step 2: Separate the list into two shorter lists; things you love to do, and things you hate to do. (Or just don’t like to do)

Step 3: Go through the Hate It list and remove the things that you must do because you’re the only one who should be focused on it, or because your role requires you to do it, and add them back to the Love It list.

Step 4: On the Love It list, remove anything that you shouldn’t be doing because it’s holding you back as a leader, and add it to the Hate It list.

Step 5: When possible, properly delegate everything on the Hate It list.

Chris LoCurto


February 28, 2017

4 Examples of Everyday Leadership in Action – Part II

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“I’m here to become a better father, husband, and leader.”

Today we are continuing the conversation from 4 Examples of Everyday Leadership in Action on how leaders are dealing with setting direction, focus, task saturation and stress in business and leadership every day.  We have three VERY special guests on the show today. Our clients and friends are giving their perspective as CEOs, Presidents, and entrepreneurs on walking out next-level leadership.

This episode is all about our clients who have been with us for years, giving you the unscripted answers and stories on how they’re leading their team members to success. We dive into:

  • How they have solved task saturation in their leadership roles
  • Shot gun approach vs. focus in leadership
  • How to finish what you start as a team
  • Mental, physical, and spiritual health as a leader
  • How to manage overwhelm

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Chris LoCurto


November 29, 2016

How to Stop Surviving and Start Living

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Christmas bells are starting to ring…

Today I dive into how to deal with holiday setbacks, rant on election responses a little, and tell you how to thrive during this potentially stressfull-frenzied-in-law-overwhelmed-people-drama-filled-glorious Christmas season.

Here’s what you’ll discover on this episode:

  • Signs you’re in survival mode
  • How to start thriving
  • How to make better decisions to combat burnout
  • What the scriptures say about survival mode
  • Escape work overwhelm
  • The difference between perspective and quality perspective
  • How to deal with survival mode in the workplace
  • Get rid of negativity
You can’t grow in toxic soil, in toxic influence. Do whatever it takes to get good soil around you so you can thrive!!


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