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Chris LoCurto


December 6, 2016

How Your Personal Life Holds You Back at Work, And What To Do About It

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We have two phenomenal questions from our podcast listeners today.

Suzanne asks, “I just left a non-profit, and wasn’t able to handle the emotions that went into it. I felt myself getting too much compassion fatigue. Do you have suggestions on how to have a healthy emotional separation at work?

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Responsibility in caring for others, philanthropic work or counseling
  • Understanding rejection
  • What happens when you don’t effect change in someone’s life
  • Your single greatest value as a human
  • What getting worth from people looks like
  • The core of getting “you” healthy
  • Difference between helping for your worth…and truly helping
  • Where to get your self worth

Keeley asks about personality styles, and solving communication issues as a leader.

We dive into:

  • How to tax the collective intelligence of the team
  • What to do when team members don’t add valuable input, or voice their opinion
  • How to communicate with different personality styles on your team
  • The right questions to ask to lead your team to higher engagement
  • How to lead your team to success in the moment
  • Exactly what to say in meetings



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Chris LoCurto


November 1, 2016

6 Critical Steps to Ensuring Your New Hire is a Perfect Fit

November 1, 2016 | By | One Comment">One Comment

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If a new hire is the wrong fit, you as a leader spend more time fixing things and solving problems than you do getting things done. You don’t have to spend time solving unnecessary problems.

For today’s Q&A we dive into this question:

“We’re hiring new full-time people, and the skill sets are equal for our applicants, so how they fit into our culture is becoming the tipping point. What should we be looking for in terms of the DISC profile and personality styles? What’s the priority: how they learn, how they communicate? What factors hold the most weight in the hiring process?” 

Here’s what you will discover in this episode:

  • The MOST important qualities to look for in a new hire
  • How to refine your hiring process
  • 6 Steps to ensuring your new hire is a perfect fit for your culture, team
  • How to effectively use Personality Profiles and Strengthsfinder in the hiring process



If you want to be on the show and have your question answered by me, it’s easy to do now. Get on the schedule here.

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Thanks for listening folks!

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