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Chris LoCurto


June 3, 2014

Personal Accountability with John Miller [Podcast]

John G. Miller, the best-selling author of QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, Outstanding! and Flipping the Switch, joins me on the podcast to talk about personal accountability and responsible parenting. QBQ has been a huge part everything I’ve done and I firmly believe in the message of personal accountability in business and in life.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • The QBQ message and how it applies to your business, team and life.
  • How to have personality accountability and the questions we must ask ourselves.
  • How “why” questions take us to victim thinking, “when” questions take us to procrastination, “who” questions take us to blame and how to turn them into questions behind the question.
  • How to hire people with the QBQ mindset and bring the concept to your team.
  • Understanding entitlement and how to overcome the entitled mindset.
  • Parenting the QBQ way and why our children are a product of our parenting.
  • Strong parenting vs. weak parenting and how bullying starts at home.
  • The different between parenting children and relating to adult children.

The biggest takeaway of the QBQ message can be answered by asking yourself this question: “Who have I been trying to fix?” Every single one of us has someone in our lives that’s disappointed or frustrated us. When we can let it go and “work on me,” our entire perspective changes.

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Question:  How has the QBQ message changed your business and life?

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Chris LoCurto


January 24, 2013

Required Reading For Team Members

January 24, 2013 | By | 78 Comments">78 Comments

Here is a great question that came in from the incredible community that thrives on this blog:

Books to read

I work at a medical clinic.  like many doctors, I have not always wanted to pay attention to the business side. That obviously was a mistake.

We are coming out of a phase of replacing team members who were “legacies”. That is, they were long term employees, before I came.  However, they were not capable of filling their roles. It took too long to let them go, but we knew we made the right choice within two weeks.

Now I am feeding myself on leadership and your podcast. I want to start required reading as a part of our team building.  What is the very first book you would recommend my whole staff to read?

Thanks so much for your time,

– Jon

Wow. Great question Jon. There are a ton of books that I think every team member should read. But since you are asking for the very first book, I would have to say QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, by John G. Miller.

The reason is, it’s about personal responsibility. If you’ve ever heard people say things like:

  • Why do we have to go through all this change?
  • Why can’t we find good people?
  • When will that department do its job right?
  • Who dropped the ball?

Then you know exactly how much of a pain in the back side these people are to deal with. Why? Because they never had a good leader to begin with. Therefore, they have what I call, force-of-habit-thinking!

QBQ gets them asking questions like:

  • What can I do to fix this problem?
  • How can I be a solution?
  • What are the steps necessary for me to…

In a new role like yours, with people who have been there with the last leader, I would focus on getting my team thinking about how we go forward, not pointing fingers about the things that are wrong.  I hope that answers your question Jon.

Question: What would you recommend as a first book for a leader in Jon’s position?