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Chris LoCurto


February 4, 2014

Celebrate Achievement on Your Team [Podcast]

February 4, 2014 | By | 8 Comments">8 Comments

Last month, I taught about celebrating achievement on CLo.TV and today I’m digging deeper into celebrating your team and how each personality style wants to be recognized for their achievements.

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I’ve been teaching and coaching entrepreneurs for over a decade and we struggle to celebrate. In our entrepreneurial minds, we think, “people should celebrate when I give them a paycheck.” But we’re emotion beings. We want other people to know we did something right. Understanding how to celebrate with your team members in their personality style will not only help them to feel appreciated but motivate them to keep succeeding.

High D’s or I’s want to celebrate in a big way. They want everyone to know about it. They want everyone to hear about it. High S or C people are all about one-on-one affirmation. They want to know, “Did I do a good job?” “Did I take care of people well?”

As a leader or an entrepreneur, you have to understand that your people are starved for celebration. They want to know that they’re doing a good job. They need to know that they’ve actually accomplished something. If you’re not getting out there and talking about them or bragging about them to others, they stuff it down inside and think, “Well, I guess that didn’t mean too much.”

If you want to see a more productive team, get out there and start celebrating them! Celebrate what they’ve accomplished and I can promise you, you’ll start seeing people work harder around your place.

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Question: How have you celebrated achievement with your team?