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Chris LoCurto


March 14, 2017

How To Sell To Different Personality Styles And Close More Sales

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Here’s a great guest post by Joel Fortner, one of my key leaders, and fellow presenter at the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event May 11-13. 

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When it comes to sales, it’s not about you; it’s about them.

The more you understand the personality style of the person you’re communicating with, the better you can to guide them to a decision that’s right for them.

Now, before I go on, let me quickly explain what I mean by “right for them”.

Zig Ziglar said it best when he said, “Selling is not something you do to someone, it’s something you do for someone.”

I couldn’t agree more. And the better I get at “servant selling,” the more enjoyable leading the sales process is, and the more people say “yes” to doing business with us.

A key to selling as something “you do for someone” is understanding personality styles.

And of all of the personality style tools out there, DISC is the best tool.

Why is DISC the best personality styles tool?

“Complexity is your enemy,” said Sir Richard Branson said. “Any fool can make something complicated. It’s hard to make something simple.”

We can’t implement what we don’t understand. DISC is easy to understand, remember, apply, and get your team onboard with.

For example, when you know someone is dominantly a High I (Interactive) and the attributes of a High I, you can lean in the their direction, and understand their needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

This helps you lead them in the sales process. If you can’t even remember their personality style, you can’t do this.

Here’s a short, 3-minute video from Chris on using DISC to improve communication if you want to learn a little more.

When you know the personality style you are selling to, you can change the way you give information to best serve the other person.

Here’s how to sell using DISC, by personality profile.

First off, here’s a 30,000 foot view description of each personality style.

It’s important to remember that everyone has all 4 levels, but normally, people have 1 or 2 “high” levels, such as a “high D”.

Also, people’s personality fluctuate between their “natural” and “adaptive.”

A simple way to think about this is people tend to be in their “natural” when their at time, and “adaptive” at work or when they know people are watching them.

understanding personality styles, selling to different personalities

Here’s a breakdown of what to factor in to selling to each personality type.

Selling to High Ds:

  • Give them info in sound bites. Short and sweet.
  • If written, give it in bullet points
  • Once a high D has bought…STOP SELLING THEM. STOP TALKING. Transition to the close.

Selling to High Is:

  • They are all about people.
  • Don’t go into the meeting giving them information right off the bat. Ask them how they are doing?
  • But don’t be fake! Be genuinely interested in them.
  • They won’t hear a ton of details so follow up with them in a more detailed email.
  • Keep the meeting fun and energetic.

Selling to High Ss:

  • This is the most difficult style to sell to because change is conflict for them. Most people give up on them because they take a looooong time to make a decision.
  • They’re always asking themselves, “how is this going to impact the team?”
  • Give them information. Teach them how your product, service will help the company AND team.
  • Understand it will take a lot of follow up. But the effort is worth it!

Selling to High Cs:

  • You have to have A LOT OF DETAIL to sell to high Cs. They don’t want salesmanship or hype.
  • They just want the facts. It doesn’t need to be exciting.
  • If they disagree with your facts…you lost the sale.
  • Be prepared.
  • Ask them, “Are there any questions?” This allows them to give information back to you so you can fill in more information.
  • And remember…DETAIL DETAIL DETAIL!!!

Learning to master selling to different personalities, and servant selling overall, takes years of practice and diligence.

If you study top performing sales people, they take immediate action when they learn new, useful information. That’s what I encourage you to do with this information! Take action today!

The next step is committing to mastery.

If you want to take the next step, and take your sales ability to the next level, check out the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event May 11-13 in Nashville, Tenn.

Growing a business isn’t as hard when you have a proven plan to get the vision, systems (including sales and marketing), and a united team in place and performing with more focus.

Early bird ticket pricing ends March 28, so don’t wait too long!

Go here to learn more about the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event and register today. 

Question: How do you think selling according to personality style can help you? 


Chris LoCurto


March 14, 2017

The Powerful, Repeatable Sales Process Critical To Your Leadership

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Listen Now:

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“When your business is who you are, every bit of you is tied up in the emotional decision-making process. It affects every part of your life.”

TODAY we are talking about sales and leadership. We’re talking about the fear of, “can I trust someone else with the revenue responsibility of this business?” I’ve been SO looking forward to this episode, and we’re going to cover what you can do right now in your business and role.

In this episode we walk through high-level sales strategy, and the nitty gritty details. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The #1 reason customers leave
  • How to build relationships and conquer objections in sales
  • What emotional buy lines in sales are, and how to use them
  • How to ask the right questions, and know when to close
  • How to determine if you have the right mindset for sales
  • Why selling doesn’t have to produce anxiety and stress
  • The fears holding back your business growth
  • What holds businesses back in sales, that has little to do with sales
  • Why 85% of business owners are stuck in their job

Thanks for listening folks!

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Chris LoCurto


July 5, 2016

4 Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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“It’s not a matter of how big your marketing budget is…”

If you have questions that you want answered, solutions you need, things that are holding you back…Let’s talk! I will give you the best solution I possibly can. It’s really easy to sign up. Get on the schedule here.

TODAY we are talking about how to get more sales with a limited marketing budget.

Business owners miss the mark on marketing everyday. It’s not a matter of how big your marketing budget is…One of the most important questions you can ask in your marketing process is:

How do I serve you with my product?

That’s the first step…Here’s what we cover on the show:

  • How to get more sales and get more people coming to you
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Advertising on a limited budget
  • Segmenting to get paying customers
  • Video Marketing for Your Business
  • How to get people to “purchase like crazy”


If you want to be on the show and have your question answered by me, it’s easy to do now. Get on the schedule here.



Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketer


Thanks for listening folks!

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Question: What guerrilla marketing techniques have been most successful in your business?


Chris LoCurto


June 14, 2016

Dealing with Burnout, Surviving a Lousy Leader and Growth

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“Tuck your cape back in your pants, you’re not superman.”

We’re PUMPED about starting Live Call-in Q&A for #AskChris on the podcast! Welcome to the first episode. We have a great episode for you today folks…

We have three fantastic podcast listeners that bring questions I get asked all the time. We get straight to the answers and cover:

  • How to survive a lousy leader
  • How to overcome burnout in every area of your life
  • Are you really supposed to “follow your passion?”
  • What I look for in a new hire
  • Marketing and Sales to get results

We opened more spots for Q&A call-ins! We will walk through whatever questions you’ve got. Get on the schedule here.


Michael Hyatt (Platform)

Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketer


Thanks for listening folks!

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If you enjoyed the podcast, please share it! Check out the social media buttons at the bottom of the post.

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Reviews are insanely helpful. I read each and every one of them! Please leave an honest review for Chris LoCurto Show Podcast.


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Joel Fortner


December 2, 2013

A Proven 2-Step Method To Turn Dead Leads Into Customers

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This is a guest post by Joel Fortner. He is a Small Business Marketing Coach and the creator behind Get Serve Keep.

Just because someone inquires about your product or service and then disappears doesn’t mean they’re not still interested.

It’s very common to mistaken a quiet lead for a dead one.

Selling, sales, email marketing

Don’t mistaken a quiet lead as a dead lead. Sometimes you just need to revive and bring it back to the surface.

The thing is people often inquire when they’re most interested and have time to think about what you offer and how it may help them.

So they email or call and then life happens. They get busy with stuff or distracted or even forget they ever inquired.

The worst thing you can do is write them off and say things like this. “They just must not be interested anymore,” or “If they really want it, they’ll inquire again.”

These statements come from not wanting to be salesy or pushy, or even a fear of rejection.

Don’t do this and instead take the lead.

Here are 2 tested and proven ways to revive leads:

1. The “tiny” email

It goes like this.

Keith – Are you still interested in ferrets?


That’s it. No more. No less. Send.

Now the tendency is to send a sleek-looking, well-crafted and well-intentioned email, pitching your product or service. Don’t do it. Why?

It comes across as salesy, like an ad, and impersonal.

Instead, send a plain text, tiny email in the form of a question.

2. Propose a specific day/time to chat

If your sales process involves talking with people, this tip is good for any lead, not just quiet ones.

That said, leads who have gone quiet may need a little more nurturing. So when they reply to your tiny email and say they’re still interested, propose a specific day and time to talk.

It looks like this.

Hi, Keith! Good to hear from you! Are you available to chat Monday at 3 pm ET? If you are, what’s a good number to reach you at?



This is superior to this alternative.

Hi, Keith! Good to hear from you! Let me know when you’re available to talk about the ferrets!



Leaving it up to them is not as effective because you’re putting work on them and asking them to figure it out. You want to make this as easy as possible at the time they open the email. That’s when they’re most likely to act.

So offer up a specific day and time. Then, all they have to do is check to see if they can do it or not. If they are, great! If they’re not, they’re more likely to see when they are available and respond to you because at that point they’re engaged in the process. That’s key.

I have used this 2-step method numerous times to revive leads and nurture the relationship to conversion. You can, too!

You can go deeper with marketing by downloading Joel’s free eBook, Small Business Guide to Marketing: Ideas You Must Know & Mistakes You Must Avoid, by subscribing to his marketing blog

Question: How do you keep leads alive? Share below!