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Understanding Personality Styles

Chris LoCurto


October 9, 2013

Start Communicating Better Today

October 9, 2013 | By | 11 Comments">11 Comments

Almost two decades ago I began realizing just how important understanding personality styles was to me and my business. Even though I thought I knew personality styles well, I really didn’t.  Many times I was failing with team members because I didn’t understand how to guide and direct them according to their own personality style. Instead, I communicated with mine. Why is bad communication so destructive?

Check out the trailer below and then click the Instant Access! button for the full Personality Styles training video!

Chris LoCurto, Leadership, Business, Strategic Planning, LifePlan, #CLoTribe

Most people take a personality profile, find out what they are, and that’s the end of it. That’s why I have created an in-depth video and workbook to help your whole team understand how to communicate effectively with each other, which causes your entire organization to win!  

  • The DISC test is designed to help each member of your team understand their unique personality style. If you’ve already taken the DISC test, great! You’re ready to use the video lesson to better understand how to communicate. If you haven’t taken a DISC test, this is a vital tool for you, your team and family. The online test is quick and simple. You answer a series of questions and a detailed explanation of your unique personality style is delivered in a PDF report. There are four personality types and each of us is a combination of: product_disc_test(D) Dominance: Results Oriented, Drive, Competitive (I) Influencing: Persuasive, Inspiring, Enthusiastic (S) Stabilizing: Amiable, Democratic, Patient (C) Cautious: Analytical, Detail Oriented, Systematic  
  • With a DISC test, you’ve got just enough information to be dangerous. The 45 minute video lesson on Understand Personality Styles is an in-depth coaching session on how to not just understand your personality style, but others as well. The goal is to “lean in” to the personality style of the team or family member you’re communicating with. So many times, we learn our style and expect everyone to communicate to us in our style. Great communication doesn’t work that way. In the video lesson, I’ll teach you:

    • How to read your DISC test and understand the Natural and Adaptive graphs
    • The differences between mature and immature D, I, S, and C personalities
    • How to be a great leader or team member as a D, I, S, and C
    • How to determine the personality of your customer and make the sale
    • How to prevent conflicts through great communication
    • How to understand personalities styles in their environments
    • How to implement great communication at work and at homeBlog Image

  • The workbook will guide you through the video lesson and give you the opportunity to participate in the lesson through fill-in-the-blanks as well as take notes. The workbook will become a quick reference guide for you in future communication – look through your completed workbook from time to time and freshen up on the information from the video.

Chris LoCurto, Leadership, Business, Strategic Planning, LifePlan, #CLoTribe