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Vision Casting

Chris LoCurto


December 20, 2016

Vision Casting, Strategy, and Your Calling

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On today’s episode we dive into high-level leadership strategy, and walk through what purpose is in life and work. Steve calls in and asks about how to discover your purpose in a new role and job situation, leadership strategies, and working with leaders and entrepreneurs.

Here’s what we walk through in this episode:

  • What God says about your core purpose in life, AND work
  • How to find a clear path to dollars as a leader
  • The right mindset for strategic planning
  • How to have effective leadership retreats
  • Vision casting
  • How to find and set company direction


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Chris LoCurto


March 19, 2012

4 Ways To Motivate Team Members

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How do you motivate team members is always a question asked by good leaders. Leaders who care. The inverse of that is leaders who don’t care…don’t motivate. Their belief is team members get a paycheck, that should be motivation enough.

Having taught and coached thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs, I understand this line of thinking, but it will only get you the productivity the team member thinks they are getting paid for. It’s possible their opinion and yours differ.

At our EntreLeadership 1 Day event in Orlando, we answered some of the questions we received on Facebook. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get to all of them. Therefore I pulled one of the unanswered questions from Celeste Owens to discuss with you here:

I am a practice manager for a wonderful and generous employer! How do you keep employee’s motivated besides throwing more money at them? How do you get employee’s to realize how fortunate/blessed we are?

This is a great question with many answers. Here are just a few:

  • RecognitionThe most important part of motivation is understanding that people will duplicate what they are rewarded for. If I see you genuinely complimenting me on something I’ve done well, I’ll keep doing it in hopes to get another compliment. And while telling me is amazing, recognizing me in front of my peers, or better yet my family, goes a very long way in motivating me.
  • Vision Casting – Team members need to be motivated with vision and direction. If I have no clue where I’m going, I get in a rut. As I begin to see that there’s something exciting on the horizon, I become more inspired to keep working towards it. This is an ongoing process, by the way. Recast vision every 21 days or the vision is dying.
  • Big Picture – It’s considerably easier for an entrepreneur to be more motivated than a team member. Entrepreneurs have the risk/reward thing going on of growing a business that belongs to them. Team members, not so much. One of the biggest motivators is working for something that is bigger than me. Don’t let a car mechanic think that all they do is turn a wrench. Let them know they have the opportunity to change the life of someone who is currently not happy. Make sure customer service reps understand how they are bettering lives by helping them with their problems.
  • Reminders – Some team members also need to be remind of just how good they have it. It is perfectly fine to share with the team what separates your company from the rest. However, if you do the other motivators correctly, they will come to realize how fortunate they are on their own. Understand that it is a process that will take some time, sooooo keep telling them until they get it.

These are just a few ways of getting and keeping team members motivated. Add to the mix the things that would have motivated you when you were in their shoes.

Question: What ways do you motivate your team besides just compensation?