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Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life

Chris LoCurto


May 11, 2011

Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life


I am a fan of Zig Ziglar! I think he is a great man. And his kids are pretty amazing as well. The reason I believe Zig is great, is due to him dedicating his life to helping others.

I would love to know the number of hours he has spent in making sure that my life can be better than it is.

One of the ways he has done that is with the Wheel of Life.

Click here to download the Wheel of Life.

The Wheel of Life is a way of showing us how we need to distribute our time, our focus, and where we need to set goals.

Most of us can focus heavily in one or a few areas. The issue with that is we leave the others unattended.

When we do that, we miss out on important areas of life. If we spend too much time in a certain area, our wheel is out of round. If we don’t spend anytime in some areas, our wheel is flat.

As you look at the wheel, note what areas you’re strong in, but really take a hard look at the areas where you suffer. Here is where you need to start paying attention.

If you do a great job with the career, but you suffer in the social, you’ll have a very stress filled boring life.

If you knock it out of the park intellectually, but you don’t focus on your family, there won’t be much of one some day.

For me, financial is not an area where I struggle in focus or goals. (Well, duh! You worked for Dave Ramsey.) But there is an area that has caused me to take a second…ok, thirtieth look, and that’s physical.

You see, I was a very physical kid. I was a ski racer, football player, and joined in with what ever was available between those seasons.

At twenty-one I got behind a desk and it was all downhill from there. Literally, in fact I contracted Dunlap disease. That’s where my belly dun lapped over my pants.

As I was approaching forty, I decided I needed to do something about the extra weight that I had been carrying around for so long. I figured I would just run. Surely that would take it off quickly.

I quickly found out, running at forty is painful! Especially since I had not run in like twenty years. I tried many times to just get out there and run.

Needless to say, it didn’t work. I realized that I had to set goals to get this done. As I wrote in Dang This Hurts!, I had to follow a plan. (I kinda accelerated it. Not smart.)

As I set goals and actually work the plan, I was able to start getting the weight off. Because of that, I’ve now run two half marathons in one month, and I can’t wait to get ready for my next one.

So simply put, as you see the areas in the wheel that are lacking your attention, spend some quality time setting goals on what it will take to get your wheel more round. As you do, you will feel more balance in your life.


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