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Chris LoCurto


March 25, 2014

The Importance of Exercise [Podcast]

March 25, 2014 | By | 48 Comments">48 Comments

Exercise. It’s an eight letter word for some of us… don’t quit reading and don’t skip today’s podcast!

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During LifePlan, we always reach a point in the process where the attendee is working through what’s keeping them from being the strongest and best they can be. Almost every single time, the area of exercise is lacking. For most people, there was a period in their life where they were exercising regularly and they felt strong emotionally, physically and mentally.

I can tell you, this has been a huge gate in my life. When I exercise, my stress level is way down and I have greater balance everyday in work and life.

Many of us start up exercise programs to lose weight. We work at it for a few weeks, don’t get the immediate results and go back to our regular routine. Instead of focusing on weight, ask yourself, “How do I feel?” Is your stress level down? Are you making better decisions? Do you feel less emotional when you work out?

When your body is happy, your head is happy.

Start. Put it in your calendar and just do it. You’ll have more energy, a desire to do more and you’ll feel better!

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Question: What’s keeping you from making exercise a priority?

  • Scott

    Just like with everything else, I think it’s that “first step” that’s hardest for most. I have to say, even if I’m not seeing direct results, I still feel amazing that I’m going. It boosts my confidence. Since I’ve been between jobs and not been able to run (as I had to chuck my old shoes) and had a regimen, I can sense a major difference in my mood. What’s holding me back at the moment is all the major life changes we’re going through (just moving back from Germany, awaiting our first child, now moving to TX, full time student, etc.). However, I’ve already got a plan for TX to really kick it into gear.

    Can’t wait to get back to boots on the road before work. Just makes the day that much better!

  • justinrdr

    What holds me back? I get bored, don’t like doing it alone, and have wasted money in the last year on gym memberships. And it’s cold outside. I also want fast results, but I’m working on changing my thinking there.
    That being said, I went for a run for the first time in a couple of months the other day. It felt great. I am working to remember that health is a lifelong journey, not a destination you hit once and a while. It’s definitely a thought-changing process.
    To also note, I lost 20lbs. in the last year just due to the Lord breaking shame off my life (and healthy habits).

  • Jamie Slingerland

    Chris, I second what Gary said…For real i want to change and not bc you talked to my wife. Ok i am 37 and people don’t think im overweight but at 192 lbs and 5’11 i have a gut and just a resistance to exercise. I should lose lose around 20lbs and eat better. I realize the reason i don’t is bc I am addicted to food and comfort. Other areas in my life i have died to being lazy. This is my next one to go.

  • Gary Thomas

    Thanks for convicting me Chris. Did my wife call you? :-)

    What’s keeping me? In the engineering world I would say I’m having trouble overcoming the static coefficient of friction. Translation = If I would just start, I could probably get going (again).

    • Joel Fortner

      So very true. I’ve ebbed and flowed for years and it never fails that when I start again it’s so much easier to move forward.

  • Lily Kreitinger

    I have 52 good excuses NOT to exercise: I get up at 5 AM, get four of us ready and out the door by 6:15, commute to work for 90 minutes, work for 8 hours, commute 90 minutes to home. Take care of homeschooling, house chores, business tasks, play with the kids, bedtime stories, crash exhausted at 9 PM to get 8 hours of sleep and do it all over.

    My doctor keeps bugging me about it. My body keeps bugging me about it. I have never been athletic and exercise to me is unnecessarily painful and pointless. However, I know I need it. I think I’ll start with 15 min daily walks. That is doable and could be fit into my schedule. In my previous life, I could attend yoga twice a week and thoroughly enjoyed it. My current life allows for less time, but it’s time to start today.

    • Joel Fortner

      This may come up when you see Chris soon. :)

  • Dale Powers

    Simply put, AMEN. Not only do I feel better, but I look better, too. (Not model status, but the best me I can be!) My husband and I fit in the T25 workout every day. It kills us quickly, so it’s over and done!

  • Bruce R. Cross

    Exercise is part of my normal routine; however, over the past 5 weeks or so it has been absent due to an injury in my leg. Almost cleared to get back to it (I do spinning and cycling outdoors primarily). Talk about CANNOT WAIT. It has been an adjustment the past few weeks. Brain fog; lowered resistance, edgy, you name it… Nike….DO IT….the benefits far outweigh the supposed sacrifices!

  • Crystal Foth

    Words to live by – need to get my exercise routine back in – if effects EVERYTHING!!

  • Matt McWilliams

    Here’s another “secret” that I started applying two years ago.

    I work it into my day.

    I walk while I read.

    I use a standing desk and move around.

    I walk while I talk on the phone.

    Little things like that make HUGE differences.

    • Chris LoCurto

      I bet that makes for some interesting phone conversations for the person on the other end. :-O

      • Matt McWilliams

        I don’t think they notice :)

        I don’t do it on important calls, but I do about 90% of the time.

        • Chris LoCurto

          Yeah, the heavy breathing would…distract me

          • Matt McWilliams

            I don’t run, just walk haha :)

            Speaking of phone calls…I’d still love to talk. I even promise to stand still LOL!

  • chris_rainey

    Always great stuff Chris. I’m a competitive guy so I have taken the “gaming” approach to my exercise and health. I started gaming my fitness plan 73 days ago. I joined a citywide challenge with 1000 other people, I joined an office challenge with 200 others, started using my Fitbit device and diligently using the MyFitnessPal app. As of today I have lost 40 pounds, am working out 5-6 days each week and have seen a significant number of other positive health markers. My mental focus has increased exponentially which has led to greater engagement with my team and the things we are accomplishing. So…exercise – DO IT!

    • Joel Fortner

      Way to go Chris!!!

    • Chris LoCurto

      WOW CHRIS!!!! That’s crazy awesome!! Well done sir!!

  • Zechariah Newman

    Great podcast Chris. Nothing is keeping me from this. I use to not exercise… I had high blood pressure and stress was killing me. Now I am running my second marathon in June. It has helped my health, stress, and given me higher confidence. Though I used the time excuse I know work harder and have higher focus. Blessings CLo.

    • Joel Fortner

      Which one are you running?

      • Zechariah Newman

        Joel I am running the Seattle Rock and Roll.

        • Joel Fortner

          Sweet. I’ve done the Virginia Beach and Nashville Rock n Roll halves but never that one. I need to change that!

          • Zechariah Newman

            Cool…I will tell you how it is:) Portland’s Marathon was fun.

            • Matt Ham

              We need to put a race on the radar and get a bunch of folks in on it!

              • Zechariah Newman

                That would be fun…I am in:)

              • Joel Fortner

                That would be amazing

    • Chris LoCurto

      That’s awesome Zechariah! I’m proud of you for doing fulls. I’ve done 4 Rock n Roll halves. I’ve tried to imagine a full, and changed my imagination. :)

  • Brad hov

    thanks for this post – recently had a doctor appointment at which they told me to get back at it exercise wise. Besides the health benefits, i looked back to last year when I did exercise regularly and realized that I was a better employee, a better manager, and in a better health position to manage the stresses of leadership in ministry. unfortunately, it is an area that I had too easily pushed aside as unimportant.

    • Chris LoCurto

      haha…if only the rest of our country could discover this!! Excellent perspective Brad!

  • Robby Robbins


    There is no doubt that exercise is an essential part of our
    overall well-being. We live in an office environment that, in most cases, is not conducive for movement. Think about this. We sleep laying down, commute to work sitting, sit at a desk all day, commute back home sitting down, sit when we get home and start the cycle over again. As a Triathlon Coach, Personal Trainer,
    Spin and Row instructor I would like to offer some advice to your listeners and readers that will help them.
    1. Start today – Just going for a walk will be huge

    2. Find a fitness coach – this will save you time and
    help dispel the bazillion fitness myths out there

    3. Focus on these area, Frequency (how often), duration
    (how long) and Intensity (how hard) –

    starting guidelines

    a. Frequency: 3-5 days a week

    b. Duration: 15-30 min – to start

    c. Intensity: don’t go breathless

    The goal is long term health and wellbeing – consistence is key.

    • Joel Fortner

      This is awesome

    • Chris LoCurto

      Great stuff Robby!!

  • Matt McWilliams


    I stopped going to the gym. It’s 24 minutes roundtrip, so if I only have 30 minutes, it’s impractical.

    So I started working out at home and running.

    A 3-mile run is a good workout if you only have 30-35 minutes.

    Or I’ll spend 30 minutes running in place, doing jumping jacks, doing pushups etc. I spent maybe $75 on equipment and most of that is optional.

    Excuses for not exercising are dumb.

    • Matt Ham

      Are you calling me dumb? :)

      • Lily Kreitinger

        I have very smart excuses why I don’t have time to exercise

    • Joel Fortner

      In 30 minutes, I could easily knock out like 7 miles. And then I’d spend the remaining 5 minutes dying. Is that too intense?

      • Matt McWilliams

        I think that, by definition, dying would be too intense :)

        • Joel Fortner

          Okay. Good point. I’ll consider that.

    • Chris LoCurto

      Amen! The feeling after working out is worth squashing the excuses no matter how tough.

  • Matt Ham

    Dude MY LIFE is a testament to this. In 2009 when my world was crashing, I was in the WORST shape of my life. I needed something…outside of a reintroduction to Jesus, I found it in the sport of triathlon.

    So I’m training for a Half Ironman now and exercise is a priority, but I find myself battling for time between running a business and building a new one. There’s always this tension to exercise, but at the expense of what.

    So, what I’ve tried to do is recite my speeches while I run, read while I’m on the bike, etc. Now – I do fully unplug sometimes, but I can’t give up the exercise.

    Thanks brother!

    • Robby Robbins

      Good for you Matt – Have fun PS don’t change anything on race day, anything.

      • Matt Ham

        Thanks Robby – first Half was in 2011 – had to take 2 years off (identical twin boys). Race day was rocking then until a 20knot headwind on the first 30 miles of the bike – blew up at mile 9 on the run. Actually have a post coming out about in on Wednesday. Do you race??

        • Robby Robbins

          My first race was in 2002. I have 4) 70.3 races under my belt and lots of shorter races, Children have slowed me down also. Hard to train lots of miles with three children 6 and under and a wife that needs a break. I also started and ran a cycling ministry from my church for 12 years, we helped raise over 200K for MS.

          • Joel Fortner

            That’s incredible Robby. Good on you. Is the ministry still happening?

            • Robby Robbins


              Thanks for asking, the ministry is in a holding pattern while someone else
              learns the ropes. Stepping down was one the hardest things I have ever done but
              it was the right thing to do in retrospect. It was a great training ground for learning
              how to lead and organize. I have been
              able to mentor two other organizations of how to do the same thing. That was a blessing.

              • Joel Fortner

                So cool.

    • Chris LoCurto

      I’ve found that if I don’t exercise, I just can’t sustain what it is I’m trying to accomplish. Knowing exactly where you are, It’s vital to your success. Otherwise, it’ll get pushed to the side, and soon after so will other things.

      I’m proud of you for keeping on. The endorphins will help you juggle. :D

      • Matt Ham

        It’s interesting that if you start pushing good habits to the side, other good habits follow – if you push bad habits aside, bad habits follow.

        Endorphin Juggling – sounds exciting!