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Chris LoCurto


April 3, 2012

Top 10 Posts And Commenters Of March

Here are my Top 10 March 2012 posts, according to your clicks and forwards. Each of the commenters below will receive a free copy of the recently released book, The Advantage, by Pat Lencioni. I went through two highlighters in this book!

Of the top posts, one is a guest post, and the Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life was posted in May of last year. It continues to be in the top 10 most months. As does my About page. If you would like to guest post, click here to find out how. Special thanks to Michael Hyatt for his continued support, and all of those who help spread the word!

  1. 4 Great Time Management Tips
  2. 4 Ways To Motivate Team Members
  3. New iPad – Sometimes Turning Away Business Means Getting Even More
  4. Stop Pressuring Your Marketing by Joel Fortner
  5. Be Remarkable
  6. Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life
  7. The Importance Of Letting Go
  8. Outstanding Customer Service From A Restaurant!
  9. Dude!!! You Gotta Be Kidding?!?!
  10. Leadership Lessons From A Southwest Boarding Line

Here are my top 10 commenters. As always, your wisdom and enthusiasm helps so many!!

  1.  Joel Fortner
  2.  Louise Thaxton
  3.  Misty Gilbert
  4.  Lily_Kreitinger
  5.  Uma Maheswaran
  6.  skottydog
  7.  ginasmom
  8.  Loren Pinilis
  9.  cabinart
  10.  Aaron Nelson

If you are enjoying the posts, please let others know.

  • Uma Maheswaran S

    Chris! Thanks for the great work you are doing. After I started to follow this blog, I am able to learn new things for my betterment. That keeps me sticking. And, many thanks for your generosity.

    • Chris LoCurto

      My pleasure Uma!! Thanks for all of your comments!

  • Jana Botkin

    Laura, it won’t let me post as a reply to your reply! And for the past month, it won’t let me post unless I log out and log back in. Sometimes it just freezes on the “Just A Moment” message, so I have to log out and then log back in under Google in order to post.

    (This is my fourth attempt to post this reply to you!)

    What’s it doing to you?

    • Bob Winchester

      I can’t post at all from my Android phone; have to actually open my computer to comment. That only happens on the “Disqus” blogs. Weird.

      Are you using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome?

      • Chris LoCurto

        Ugh!! I think I may just unplug Discus and use the WP commenting system. Does that sound best folks?

        • Laura Johnson

          What is the advantage to Disqus? It’s a genuine question–I’m curious.
          And you know, Chris, I guess all this just goes to show how awesome you are…. people just keep trying to comment no matter the difficulty ;)

          • Chris LoCurto

            Ok folks, I deactivated Disqus. Let me know if you can comment now.

      • Laura Johnson

        I type my comment in, hit “Post as…”, and nothing happens. I tried logging in under Google and it let me comment, once. Tried clearing my cache, nothin’
        That was using Safari….
        It seems to work fine when I use Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.
        Hoping these other options don’t poop out too :)
        Oh yeah, I can’t post from my iphone either.

  • ginasmom

    I’ve always enjoyed your blog, but with my job change into management, it’s become critical!. Thank you, thank you, and to my fellow rockstars as my little one likes to say, you are the bestest!. Thank you for book!

    • Chris LoCurto

      Wow!! Thanks Jane!! That’s awesome to hear.

  • Laura Johnson

    And I broke my “running streak” :(
    I hope to be on the next top ten!! :)

  • Jon Stolpe

    Great stuff! Thanks for continuing to put great info here and on the podcast.

    • Chris LoCurto

      My pleasure Jon!!

  • skottydog

    Wow! Thank you, Chris! I love the content and insight I get from this site every day from you and your readers! I’m honored to be a part of it. Thanks for the book…I can’t wait to read it!

    But, I just realized something. Doesn’t making this list mean that we all talk too much? lol

    • Chris LoCurto

      Not at all…it means you write too much. The truth is, you guys taking your time blesses and educates others. It’s an honor that you would do that.

  • Jana Botkin

    Wow, Chris, can’t believe I made it in the top 10 with all the trouble I’ve had with Disqus. Obviously your blog is important to me, or I might have just quit commenting. The posts and the comments are both insightful and fun and educational and just dang good.

    Thank you for your generosity – will our books be highlighted for us too? 8-)

    • Chris LoCurto

      Hahaha…I don’t have enough highlighters.

    • Laura Johnson

      You’ve had troubles with Disqus too!?

  • Loren Pinilis

    Sweet. Thanks, Chris!

  • Lily Kreitinger

    Do you mean we get to have lots of fun, be inspired by the posts and the fellow comentators, get awesome advice on leadership, business and life and on top of everything receive a great book? Wow! Thanks! I look forward to reading The Advantage.

    • Chris LoCurto

      Yes you do!!! That’s the price you pay for being awesome.

  • Aaron Nelson

    Seriously!! Amazing! Thank you so much for including me in your list again Chris. I get so much from reading this blog, and enjoying the ideas and thoughts of the other wonderful people who share here too. Made my day! :) Have a great one!

    • Chris LoCurto

      Thank YOU Aaron for giving of your time and your wisdom!!

  • Bob

    That’s a great list of work! We need to send some more traffic to that Cafe Positano post….love that story! ;)

    • Chris LoCurto

      Thanks Bob!! That story was difficult to have to experience. :-D

    • Lily Kreitinger

      It’s ugly work, but someone has to do it and Chris has graciously volunteered :)