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Chris LoCurto


July 26, 2012

What Would You Like?

Today’s post is simple. I would like to know the top three people you would like me to interview on the EntreLeadership Podcast.

Please answer in the comment section.

  • Tamas Csikos

    +1 for Andy Stanley

  • JudMackrill

    I think its always great to hear from the business owners who have implemented EntreLeadership principles into their organization and to see the impact it has had on their team after a couple years. 

  • Robert Jacobs

    Hello Chirs, I would be interested in hearing from Russ Caroll. He was with Dave from the beginning; it would be very interesting to hear what he has observed over the years.

  • MichelleCain

    Just one new one I haven’t heard on the show yet: Larry Julian, author of God is my CEO

  • zkessin

    Also Tim O’Reilly CEO of O’Reilly Media (they publish the books with the animals on the cover). Amazing company amazing people very proud to have written two books with them

  • http://LouiseThaxton.Net/ LouiseThaxton

    Truett Cathey, Dan Miller, Henry Cloud

  • CabinetDoork

    Thanks for asking.  How about three in three categories?
    Leadership:  Andy Stanley, John Maxwell, or Ken Blanchard
    Starting: Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, or Chris Guillebeau
    Career / Success: Brian Tracy, Sean Covey, Michael E. Gerber

  • Darrel built one

    Chris Hogan

  • JenMcDonough

    1. Meg Meeker
    2. Bill Gates
    3. The average person who was working for someone who is now running their own small business and loving it. I want to learn from their as far as how they remained resilient, what mistakes they made, what advice do they have for what has not only worked but what they would advise to someone starting out. Also what great resources can they share and what their timelines have been as well as their future and past goals.
    Thanks Chris!
    Live Beyond Awesome!
    Twitter: @TheJenMcDonough

  • selfemployedbob

     @lilykreitinger  @JoshuaWRivers I really wanted to click the like button five or six times, but it wouldn’t let me. ;)

  • selfemployedbob

     @lilykreitinger  @JoshuaWRivers I really wanted to click the like button five or six times, but it wouldn’t let me. ;)

  • Jonathan Wood

    Sarah Blakely – Spanx CEO – Engaging speaker – success story relates to all 
    Jim Sinegal – CostCo retired CEO – Best store ever – enough said 
    David Novak – Yum! Brands CEO – State school graduate to CEO $12B+
    Cpt D. Michael Abrashoff – Author “It’s Your Ship” – Read his books, you will see

  • Jonathan Wood

    Sarah Blakely – Spanx CEO – Engaging speaker – success story relates to all 
    Jim Sinegal – CostCo retired CEO – Best store ever – enough said 
    David Novak – Yum! Brands CEO – State school graduate to CEO $12B+
    Cpt D. Michael Abrashoff – Author “It’s Your Ship” – Read his books, you will see

  • Rob Grimm

    You….Not just commenting on the interview..which is good
    I would like to hear from a Medical person who started thier own practice..thanks

  • Anonymous

    Chairman of the Joint Staff, General Martin Dempsey Former Secretary of State Colin Powell
    General Charles C Campbell (Retired)

  • Scott

    Rick Warren
    Dave Ramsey (more than 5 minutes)
    Michael Hyatt
    Seth Godin
    Andy Stanley
    Bob Goff

  • Anonymous

    Darren Hardy, Carlos Slim, Zig Ziglar (or his son Tom)

  • Joel Grizzle

    Simon Sinek
    Seth Godin
    Andy Stanley

  • Jeremy Carver

    Thanks for asking. How about three in three categories?
    Leadership: Andy Stanley, John Maxwell, or Ken Blanchard
    Starting: Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, or Chris Guillebeau
    Career / Success: Brian Tracy, Sean Covey, Michael E. Gerber

  • Ken

    Quint Studer, Studer Group
    Barry Black, Chaplain US Senate, Adm US Navy

  • Merritt

    Chris I would like to hear you interview Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Seth Godin, and Joyce Meyer

  • Joshua

    Andy Stanley

  • Anonymous

    Top three choices:
    Mitt Romney
    Bill Gates
    Donald Trump

  • Carol Dublin

    Lots of great suggestions already. Mine would be Todd Duncan (Time Traps), Rudy Guiliani, and I love the idea of EL alums. what better way to learn than from people who have been through the class and excelled. Thanks for asking, Chris.

  • Adam Faughn

    I saw several people mention Sharon Ramsey. Whether it is she or not, I would like to hear from leader’s wives (or husbands, as the case may be) to get more of the “behind the scenes,” and to learn about leadership at home.

  • Peter

    Anthony Robbins. Tim Teebow.

  • John Parker

    Benjamin Zander. He’s a conductor that 20 years ago (at 17) taught me more about the impact of true leadership in 2 hours of incredible orchestral playing than I have ever found anywhere.

  • Marianna

    Let’s go with a lot of foodies:
    – CEO of Publix (customer service, team + customer loyalty)
    – Any of the Food Network stars: Rachael Ray, Guy Fieti, Paula Dean, Giada(your fave!): building their brand, overcoming obstacles, importance of the team, basically any EL topic!

  • selfemployedbob

    John Maxwell
    Seth Godin
    Jack Welch
    Chris Locurto
    Also, love the idea of interviewing the unknowns; the silent Entreleaders.  We know that so many of you exist!!  If Chris doesn’t start doing this, I think I will!

  • Katie Branch

    1.David Green founder of Hobby Lobby
    2. Truett Cathy founder of Chick-fil-a
    As the wife of a business owner I would also enjoy hearing from the wife of any of the individuals that you may speak with. 

  • Brad Fish

    Sharon Ramsey, Seth Godin, John Maxwell

    • JoshuaWRivers

       @Brad Fish It would be nice to hear from Sharon. “So, what is it really like…”

      • Anonymous

        that would be a great line up

  • meetmicah

    Andy Stanley, Lee Cockerell and honestly? I’d like you to interview Chris Mefford.

  • skottydog

    Seth Godin (thought you said he may be on at some point?)
    Dave Ramsey (for full podcast)
    Tom Ziglar (been on DRS, but would be great to have you interview him)

  • JoshuaWRivers

    How about interviewing some that run very small businesses. Maybe some that attended EntreLeadership and haven’t “arrived” yet.

    • lilykreitinger

       @JoshuaWRivers  Some EntreLeadership Master Series alumni would be great!

    • Skropp

      @JoshuaWRivers Ya!! Like Lily, or Joel!! Oh, or Matt, he’s got TONS of stories he could tell!!

      • Matt McWilliams (@MattMcWilliams2)

        @JoshuaWRivers Yeah I vote for myself. LOL.

        Actually I was going to suggest the same thing – not necessarily famous EntreLeaders.

        Hearing from the “greats” like Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, Dave Ramsey, and others is wonderful but hearing from Joe the entreleader who 6 years ago was just about bankrupt and today runs a 113 person $40 million debt-free business is more relevant to the audience. More inspiring to me for sure.

        I have to imagine that one of the purposes of the podcast is to drive people to EntreLeadership 1-day, Nashville or Masters. I think this would be a great way.

        I know that I simply cannot imagine my career or life for that matter without learning what I learned from Dave (and others) at EL 1-day and from all that he shared in staff meetings that was passed on to me through the years. I know there are literally hundreds of leaders in the same boat. Let’s hear from them!

        • Matt McWilliams (@MattMcWilliams2)

          One more thing. This reminds me of a strategy I developed running the marketing for an educational DVD company.

          We used celebrities to get people in the door but it was the average Joe student testimonial video that converted them. Most 45 year old men (our target demographic) never expected to become the next James Taylor but if a guy their age who looked like them could learn enough to play in a band at the Holiday Inn on weekends, they were sold.

          I think the same could be true of the podcast. Not only will it drive people to sign up for EL but it will also inspire people. An entreleader who is 64 will inspire people to think “it’s not too late.” An 20 or 30-something entreleader will inspire others to think “I’m not too young.” All types fit the mold.

  • Jon Henry

    I just have one: Paul Rusesabagina.
    You may know him as Don Cheadle in Hotel Rwanda. The things he did in 1994 to shelter and save the lives of 1268 people as his country was falling apart are a remarkable testament to the power of intentional leadership. He had to battle some of his own employees (since he was technically just a temporary manager) to keep the hotel running, and then battle violence and an outside world that turned a blind eye to the genocide in Rwanda. He exemplifies compassion, connections, and action in a leader. Paul is a leader like no other you have interviewed.
    I’m pretty sure he still lives in Brussels now, but he has a foundation based out of Chicago. I believe his story has such an significant impact I’d be willing to do all I can to help pay for his travel expenses. Please let me know if you can arrange this too, as I’d like to drive out to Nashville to stalk… err meet Paul too.
    That is all. 

  • JoshuaWRivers

    Some of these may have been suggested already (haven’t read down yet): Chris LoCurto (obviously you shouldn’t interview yourself – that might be a little, ah, weird), Chris Medford, and Becky (I forget her last name). Maybe even interview some of the commentators here :)

  • RyanWeissmueller

    A few on my list have already been interviewed.  Mike Krzyzewski – multi-generational leader.  Rudy Giuliani – leadership under fire and Marcus Buckingham – great author. 

  • RyanWeissmueller

    So Mike Krzyzewski

  • tkstaxlady

    Stephen Covey’s son, John Maxwell, and Andy Stanley…Please and thank you!

    • Skropp

      @tkstaxlady Stephen Covey’s son was already interviewed, Well, he has like 5 but Stephen M. R. Covey was….

  • TroyD

    I know that several people in your “tribe” also follow Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, Jon Acuff and others.  I would love to hear some success stories of common people who applied the teachings of Dan or Jon with amazing Debt Free result.  At church last night they spoke about the price of your life.  That you sell a chunk of your life to a company for a negotiated price, and your tithe is you giving back a chunk of your life to God.  I would love to increase the price of my working life so I have more of my life available to donate to my family.  I love both of my jobs; however they have become my life.  I read all these blogs and listen to podcast, but have a hard time figuring out how I could break away and successfully schedule my own life, not have it scheduled for me attempting to keep up.  I would love to hear from people who took the leap and landed on solid ground. People who took leadership of their own lives, if you can’t lead your own family how do you effectively lead anything else?   Just an idea.

    • Kathleen

      Sometimes choosing what works for your family doesn’t “jive” with what society deems successful. Its not more money, it is more happiness.  (having things doesn’t equal happiness, loving what you have does) God doesn’t need you to give him money, but to fulfill your role of bringing your unique joy to the world.  Do what brings joy to the world, not what will bring you money or fame.  It is about priorities, stepping outside expectations and truly listening to your heart then you have the strength to lead your family and run your life.  Meshing the two comes with acceptance and peace that you are on your own path. 

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for your thoughts Kathleen. I agree with your approach on how God views my life, however I am not trying to collect more stuff to be happy, I am in survival mode right now financially, and wishing I had more time with family. I would like to hear inspirational stories of people successfully leading themselves out of society’s norm. Maybe I am off base for this Blog/Podcast, I was just presenting a different angle from interviewing CEO’s of huge companies. Chris came close to this approach when he did some before and after stories from his live event….
        Anyway, I like the names that are being submitted and look forward to anything LoCurto, Medford and their Goddess of Greatness put together, they always do an amazing job.

        • Anonymous

          Not sure why this came up anonymous. I especially didn’t intend to have an angry Avatar image. Sorry Kathleen!!

  • KevinSchumm

    Donald Trump and what would happen if he used your approach?  Lolly Daskal and the person you admire most and wish was your mentor.

  • lilykreitinger

    Coach Larry Gelwix, David Morris from Dillano’s, Bob Goff, Chip & Dan Heath.

    • Skropp

      @lilykreitinger Ooooh I whole heartedly agree with Larry Gelwix!!!! He’s got an AMAZING story

      • lilykreitinger

         @Skropp  @lilykreitinger  Love the Forever Strong movie!

        • Skropp

          @lilykreitinger Uhh yeah!!! Fantastic

  • Shoobey

    I would like to recommend Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Ken Blanchard and Seth Godin

  • Bret

    Joseph Grenny, Eric Ries, and Chris Guillebeau.
    Seth Godin for bonus points.

  • Kentlapp

    Rory Vaden on self-discipline, Meg Meeker on relationships & chrismefford on lessons in  Marketing! :)

  • JoelFortner

    I’d like to hear from Dave again. Also, I recommend awesome marketer, Dan Kennedy and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. I’ve read his books and he would be a great interview for an entrepreneur audience.

    • Skropp

      @JoelFortner Dave again would be great!!

  • zkessin

    Shai Agasi CEO of Better Place would be my first choice. the second would be Felicia Day who has been creating a whole new mechanism for TV over the web starting with her show “The Guild” . I don’t have a 3rd right now. 

  • tbric1

    Samuel R. Allen CEO of John Deere  Since the beginning in 1837 there have only been 9 CEO’s.  How amazing is that?  How do they keep up selecting leaders that prosper?

    • Skropp

      @tbric1 I’m a farmboy and I didn’t know that!!! That’s way cool. I think that would be a great question to ask!

  • TroyD

    Chris, I don’t have a name to give you but, Target is an amazingly successful corporation based here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  They seem to hire a lot of young people and lead/promote them successfully within the company.  There also seems to be an amazing culture, everyone loves working there and loves the people they work with.  As a result they are opening 113 stores in Canada next year!

  • cricketmae

    The guests so far have been great and its tempting to just say, bring them all back again. :)  News ones that have books that have help me are: (1) Dr. Henry Cloud (specifically the book “One Life Solution,” (2) Susan Scott (I’ve only read her “Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time”, and know I need to reread it. I found she was able to flesh out many of the listening concepts that all sound really good and then we all ignore when we have something really important to say to a team member. (3) As a small business that does a lot of work internationally, with team members spread throughout the world, I’m always interested in hearing another talk about ways to spread company culture across national cultures and language differences. A large part is, of course, finding the right people, but there are still other issues that have to be addressed after that. 

  • Aaron Nelson

    Wow, some great possibilities already listed. I don’t think I have that many…but
    1. I echo @erikjfisher ‘s request for more Q&A casts. 
    2. How about an interview about you- Chris LoCurto – but interview questions come from blog readers. (Weird?)

    • marcpekny

      @Aaron Nelson
      You stole my thunder there, Aaron. Perhaps Chris’ trusty sidekick Mefford (sp) could give the interview :)

    • Skropp

      @Aaron Nelson @erikjfisher Rockin’ idea Aaron!!!

    • JoshuaWRivers

       @Aaron Nelson  @erikjfisher Q&A would be good

  • Kathleen

    I will offer two since Skropp did four in seeking
    Tony Hsieh of Zappos- WOW… need I say more?
    Troy Polamalu- awesome man who takes personal involvement for community to new level for his team.

    • Skropp

      @Kathleen In the spirit of harmony you can pick one more Kathleen. Tony Hsieh was like the first or second podcast interview….

      • Skropp


      • Kathleen

         @Skropp  @Kathleen oops- I JUST got speakers, I have to work my way through…sorry!!!

        • Skropp

          @Kathleen Haha. No worries. Just thought since you wanted that interview I thought I’d let you know you could listen to it TODAY!!

      • JoshuaWRivers

         @Skropp  @Kathleen Trying to balance Mark…difficult task! :)

        • Skropp

          @JoshuaWRivers @Kathleen I’d say it’s nigh’ on impossible!!! Haha

  • Ken Copeland

    Chris, Thanks for asking.
    Joe Gibbs, awesome story to tell. David Green with Hobby Lobby.. 

  • pmh

    Hi Chris, big fan of the EntreLeadership podcast.

    I would enjoy hearing interviews of the following people:
    Jack Welch (on becoming an EntreLeader on a big scale at a large company), Danny Meyer (on amazing customer service), and Tom Peters (on excellence and the big little things).

    • Aaron Nelson

       @pmh Wow – great ideas! 

  • mkokc

    Hmm. First a couple of OKC Superstars: David Green of Hobby Lobby and Craig Groeschel of
    Big dogs: Howard Schultz of Starbucks; Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn; Jeff Bezos. 

  • jcatfishn

    Doug DeVos. Steve Van Andel. Dexter Yager.

    • Skropp

      @jcatfishn I almost said Doug DeVos. He and Steve would be excellent interviews!!!

  • erikjfisher

    As always, more Q&A shows! Also, Jeremie Kubicek from Giant Impact, David Green from Hobby Lobby.

  • Skropp

    Hmmmm. Does it have to be only 3???
    Let’s see.
    1. J.W. Marriott Jr. – heard a talk by him, sounds like Marriott Hotels have an amazing company culture
    2. Rudy Guilliani – leadership in tough situations
    3. Cameron Herold – Entrepreneur, look up his TED talk on raising kids to think like Entrepreneurs
    4. Clayton Christensen – Dean of Harvard Business School, new book about balancing life and work.

    I know, that’s 4, but I couldn’t narrow it down! :)
    Thanks for asking!!

  • erikjfisher

    As always, more Q&A shows! Also, Jeremie Kubicek from Giant Impact, David Green from Hobby Lobby.

  • Chad Miller

    Peyton Manning, John Maxwell, & Andy Stanley.

    • Skropp

      @Chad Miller I’m totally down with John Maxwell!!!