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Chris LoCurto


January 18, 2013

What You Need To Do Today

January 18, 2013 | By | 11 Comments">11 Comments

In What’s Your Inspiration I asked for the obvious, and it blew up with incredible ideas. Today I am asking you to inspire at least one person. It can be with the amazing thing you shared last week, or something new. Either way, I want you to intentionally inspire someone. Then I would like you to share it here with everyone else so we can be inspired by it as well.

  • Joshua Rivers

    I’m a little late to this one, but I witnessed a man at a gas station praising and rewarding a boy for doing the right thing in a situation. I was in a hurry to get to work, but I stopped by the man’s vehicle afterwards to tell him thanks for his awesome words and actions. He was wearing his work uniform, so I know where he works – I’m going to try to touch base with him again. There’s more of the story on my blog.

  • Carol Dublin

    I am helping organize a team of runners and walkers at my church to participate in the Country Music marathon and raise money for clean water in Haiti through Team World Vision. I have committed to run the full, and that commitment (or craziness, however you want to look at it) has encouraged several people who have never run or walked very much to participate. We’re going to take this journey together!

  • Bob Winchester

    Ok, so I realize that I’m late again! Sorry, but I had to share this. Anyway, here’s what I did:

    A co-worker of mine recently got a new iPhone. Before this he had an old style Blackberry. Suffice to say he didn’t even know what a Podcast was. Knowing that he was somewhat open to new ideas, I suggested he setup itunes on his phone and listen to the latest Entreleadership podcast with Lisa Earle Mcleod.

    At first I wasn’t sure how he’d respond…

    He loved it, of course! By the end of the day, he and I were conspiring on how we could get this into the hands of the CEO!

    Who knows how many people this one simple act will affect?

    Thanks for the push Chris (and everyone else here)!!!!

  • Lily Kreitinger

    Last night I started a five month formation program with a women’s group that will facilitate a weekend retreat in the spring. I told them it was “story time” and read to them Chapter 9 of Love Does by Bob Goff. They laughed and they cried a little and then they got it when I read my favorite part “Just say yes”.

  • chris

    Just ended a team meating with a Steve Martin quote. Be so good they can’t help but notice you. One person looked up and said, that’s exactly what I needed today.

    • Bob Winchester

      Nice work! It feels cheesy sometimes to share quotes, but it only takes on person to make it worth the risk!!!

  • Jana Botkin

    After reading this, I thought, “Hmmmm, how and who. . .?” After all, I work alone!

    Then I moved on to another blog and read about an inspiring person. I found her blog and she had a wonderful list of inspirational thoughts. A depressed friend came to mind, and I emailed her the list with a note.

    Will this help her get through today more easily? Maybe. More will be revealed in the fullness of time.

    Here is the link I sent to the friend:
    Maybe it will inspire you!

    • Jana Botkin

      My depressed friend responded thus: “Had a rough day yesterday..can’t quite explain… but that’s the way it goes.

      It’s ALL in God’s hands. And maybe my way isn’t what He sees as the “right” way.

      I’m still in “the fight”. Every day that I get up…and face the day…is a day I haven’t quit.

      Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and friendship.”

      Would I have bothered to email her without the gentle push from the CLo blog? Probably not.

      Thanks for the nudge!

  • textbooks

    Great challenge I will have to make the effort and report back.

  • MrTravisScott

    I love this challenge. I will be back with an update!

  • Jon Stolpe

    Over at, Rob posted today about trying to help a church plant in Boise. In response to his post, I shared about an experience I had last year raising financial support through my blog for a ministry related endeavor. I’m hoping my story will inspire him to keep going with helping his friends in Boise, Idaho.

    Here’s the link to Rob’s post: